Drone Max 100 Review

I am a professional photographer. I earn money by selling beautiful pictures at exhibitions. I started facing one issue, though. While I have the eye for photography and know how to click a good picture that will create history, I could not figure out how I could click pictures of mountains and hills at high …

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Xtra-PC Review

If you have a computer that runs too slow, you might be thinking about replacing it with a new one. But what if you could increase the speed of your computer? There won’t be any need to buy a new computer if your old computer works well, right? Xtra-PC is a USB device that will …

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eWatch Review

What is a Smartwatch? Do you often look at your wrist and feel something is missing? Something that helps you keep track of time? Now imagine, what if the same device can also calculate your movement, heart rate, BMI, and be your assistant? Yes, that’s right, you can have all of that in just a …

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Drone X Pro Review

A drone is a type of aircraft that is operated without a human pilot. Drones are popularly known as unmanned aerial vehicles. Typically, drones are equipped with various types of equipment, such as cameras, navigation systems, sensors, etc. Drones are available in different shapes and sizes — most of the drones present in the market …

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FIXD Review

Our cars are one of our most prized possessions ever. We never want our cars to get any problem. But no matter what you do, sometimes your check engines light up and gives you alert about something that is not ok with your car. If you are someone who loves his/her car like a baby, …

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