GermCide X Review


Everyone uses hundreds of gadgets every day these days. They are sitting in our bags, sitting on tables, and even being used in the bathroom! Your fingers continuously touch your Smartphone. In addition to that, we feel keys, coins, bills with loads of bacteria. It ensures that computers have continuous exposure to germs, bacteria, and …

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CleaniX Review


The things that we touch in our daily routine are the places where millions of viruses and bacteria keep lurking. We are unaware of the maximum number of times or can’t find a way out to damage them. There are several bad aspects attached to these bacteria, and the reason we don’t get affected by …

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Self Defense Siren

Self Defense Siren

Self-defense siren is a siren installed in a keychain. This product approved by the police has an exceedingly loud alarm system installed. It is also furnished with LED lights of high intensity. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, this defense product is always at your service. The self-defense siren is a small, portable …

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