The Third Universal Theory – a quantum leap into a new era of Enlightenment

The Third Universal Theory with its ever increasing activity and its vast impact upon us is finally being recognized by the international community. Scholars and scientists are convinced it will open the door to a new era.
There is overwhelming statistical evidence that the increase of consciousness enlightenment promoted in the Third Universal Theory has given a significant boost to human consciousness and Universal evolution.

In the last decade human consciousness has undergone a fundamental change as we reach a pinnacle in the process of human development that has taken thousands of years. For the first time in recent history, billions of people will be able to identify with the Third Universal Theory and expand the foundation of this new consciousness shift into a new era of enlightenment.

Billions of people will now hear about this once neglected manuscript – and will start, or have already started doing their independent and collective research. But whatever happens in the next few years, we should try to rise up spiritually to be in a place of hope.
This is because we as human beings constantly generate energy fields around us depending on the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing. These energy fields in turn, are constantly interacting with many other positive energy fields emanating from our planet, our solar system and, more importantly, from our Universe. These positive energy fields are guiding people to investigate new social systems and the Third Universal Theory is the only known system compatible with Universal Law.

The fear-based, low frequency energies of the old social and economic structure are simply not compatible with the higher frequency energies that the Earth is now vibrating to, and at some point, they will be crippled under the pressure of their new environment. This instability could also prove to be humanity’s chance to break free from these dark and treacherous structures that have caused so much suffering throughout history. Our growth in consciousness and the mass awakening occurring around the world today proves this to be overwhelmingly accurate.
The collapse of the old social and economic structure is inevitable, and could be upon us much quicker than we think – and the time has come for us to prepare for the much larger challenge of adapting to this new era. Instead of fearing this tumultuous transition, we can see it as a unique opportunity for us to fulfil our potential and our life purpose in a relatively short period of time.

Today it may seem difficult for us to imagine the powerful structures of the global financial oligarchy being suddenly swept away with this new wave of human consciousness, supported by an unseen positive energy which is created and directed by the Universe itself. The collapse of this old social and economic structure will no doubt create upheaval and disorientation, because so many people rely on their jobs, livelihoods and world-views which are deeply embedded in these old social structures. With the expanding awareness and adoption of The Third Universal Theory, this transition may not be as daunting as we may expect it to be.
The growth in human consciousness has resulted in the true comprehension of these old insidious structures which are no longer compatible with our evolutionary path. The encroaching consciousness shift towards the old social and economic structure is of a scale that allows us to play a greater individual role to rise up and increase our own positive energy exponentially – and perhaps just in time to make it across the energy threshold which will determine which social systems survive or crumble.

Because the old social and economic structure is seeking to cling to their power and find new ways to continue to enslave humanity, a period of unrest is inevitable. With the Third Universal Theory in place a significant amount of positive energy will break through, and reconfigure our consciousness and our perception of reality to shift us into a new era of enlightenment.

Evolutionary studies have shown the connection between positive energy fields and the increase in heightened genetic mutations in human beings among other species. Presented evidence proves that energy fields regulate and steer many evolutionary processes necessary for survival. The Third Universal Theory, by promoting collective human consciousness development and awakening, proves to be a more compatible structure within this natural Universal order.

There are many parables in the Third Universal Theory which compare to the development of human consciousness and the natural process of growth on our planet: it requires a certain amount of time for the planetary human consciousness to fully develop, before we are collectively enlightened, and The Third Universal Theory nurtures this human development every step of the way.

The Third Universal Theory encourages us to explore further developments in science and nature, and focus on the bigger picture, far beyond the propaganda of climate change, false pandemics, manufactured financial crashes and illegal wars, to uncover the righteous path of Universal enlightenment that will rapidly move our consciousness forward in an adventure of unparalleled excitement and opportunity.

It is the divine purpose of humanity to be in a constant state of high positive energy and hope, to be attuned with, and vibrate in harmony with, the core energies of the Universe in other words to be one with the Universe itself. The Third Universal Theory unlocks this map for mankind to attain this level of mass enlightenment.

The author is Australian, and he is the Director of Global Affairs, Global Unification International.