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Do you remember when wired headphones were the only way to listen to music privately? And how uncomfortable the earlier ones used to be? You couldn’t wear them for more than an hour without pain in your ears. And then, there was the issue of taking hours to untangle the wires to your headphones. These are all fond memories now only because we have better alternatives.

One of the most satisfying gadget inventions of the last few years has been wireless headphones and earphones. One no longer has to take care to not get tangled up with wires. You can just pop in your earbuds and walk around the house cleaning or doing laundry while still listening to music. When the wireless tech was launched for the first time, it truly revolutionized the way we enjoy music forever.

Even with such a brilliant new invention, earlier versions were full of issues. Bluetooth wireless headphones and earbuds would drain the battery, be low on comfort, and often didn’t have the best sound quality. But in the field of technology, existing gadgets are always being improved upon so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and utility. Wireless earbuds have had many improved versions too. The PlayBeatz earbuds are one such major improvement in this market.


About PlayBeatz

PlayBeatz is a Hong Kong-based company that designs audio gadgets for those on the go. Their earbuds have been created to meet two core needs – to give fast and long-lasting charging, and deliver sound quality rivaling bug companies for half the price. PlayBeatz earbuds have been tested by several experts and individual users. They are high on high on comfort level and can be worn for hours. You can use these earbuds at the gym, to watch movies, while talking on the phone, basically anything.

Features of PlayBeatz

  • Durable – These earphones are not only easy to use and portable, but they are also made of durable material. They are very affordable but never compromise on the quality, which means that when you buy these earbuds you will be investing in a product that will last you a long, long time.
  • Stylish – You might think that because these earbuds are very affordable, they will compromise on style and not look as cool as say, an airpod. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. These earbuds are both sleek and stylish, can rival bigger brand names with their looks. In fact, no one will be able to tell with just a look that you are not wearing earbuds from a high-end brand.
  • Fast-charging – These earbuds have been designed for those who are always on the move, and fast-charging is one of its biggest selling factors. In just 40-ish minutes of charging once, these earbuds can last you all day. The battery is very high quality and can be charged using a USB port.
  • Amazing Sound Quality This is, of course, the most important feature of any earbuds. You can buy a product with a long list of features but if it does not offer great sound, what is the point? These earbuds offer amazing sound quality. Bass-lovers will especially love this product.
  • Comfortable – Comfort level was one of the biggest design priorities when these earbuds were being designed. And true to their word, they deliver on this front. These earbuds can be worn for hours and hours without you feeling the slightest discomfort. They are also extremely lightweight and do not weigh heavily on people who have smaller ears and have trouble with in-ears.
  • Works With Many Devices – These Bluetooth earbuds can connect to any device – from both Android and iOS phones and tablets to laptops and desktops. They are quite easy to pair with new devices and offer you trouble-free connectivity. All you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth settings in your device and sync it with the earbuds.
  • Long Bluetooth Range – These Bluetooth earbuds have a range of about 33 feet in the absence of any obstacles in the way. You do not need to worry about leaving your phone or laptop behind while you go to the kitchen to make tea or go outside to answer the door. They adapt to distances and environments quite well.
  • Carrying Case – These earbuds come with a sturdy carrying case so that you never misplace your earbuds. The case is both big enough to fit the earbuds and small enough that you can just toss it in your pockets while leaving home. You will never scratch or dent your earbuds every again and they will last longer too.
  • Buttons For Multiple Functions – The small buttons on these earphones can help you receive or hang-up calls with the touch of a single button. Isn’t it convenient? What’s more, you can even redial a call the same way and save up on time as well as show off this amazing feature of your new earbuds. You can also play, pause, and skip music using these handy buttons.
  • Noise Cancellation – These earbuds come with a noise-cancellation feature that is in-built and delivers what it promises. They don’t allow a single intrusive sound to interfere with your music listening experience.

PlayBeatz review


  • Version of Bluetooth – V5
  • Mode – A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11
  • Frequency – 2.4 GHz
  • Range – 10 meters or 33 feet minus any obstacles
  • Battery details – 50 mAh rechargeable Li-on battery
  • Frequency – 20-20000 Hz

Purchase And Price

Playbeatz earbuds can only be purchased from the official website of the manufacturers. No matter how attractive a deal you see, avoid buying this product from third-party websites. There is no guarantee of quality when you buy from unverified third-parties and you run the risk of being scammed.

Currently, the PlayBeatz has a sale going on wherein these earbuds are being offered at a discount of 50%. You can choose from any of the sets listed below:

  • 1 set of PlayBeatz – A single set of these earbuds will cost you $39.99, with an additional shipping fee of $8.95.
  • 2 sets of PlayBeatz Two sets of these earbuds will cost you $73.99, with an additional $9.95 shipping fee.
  • 3 sets of PlayBeatz – Three sets of these earbuds will cost you $99.99, with an additional $10.95 shipping fee.
  • 4 sets of PlayBeatz – Four sets of these earbuds will cost you $127.99, with an additional $11.95 shipping fee.
  • 5 sets of PlayBeatz – Five sets of these earbuds will cost you $149.99, with an additional $12.95 shipping fee.

The website accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal. After selecting the number of sets you want to buy, all you need to do is enter your contact and payment details, make the payment, and wait for your order to be delivered.

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Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The makers of the product offer a 30 days money-back guarantee. This means that you can return an unused, sealed product with original packing within 30 days from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, refunds are offered on unsealed products only. Just drop them an email with your concern and the team will get back to you. Even though they are based in Hong Kong, they have several customer care numbers American, English, Irish, Canadian, and New Zealand-based customers.


What is PlayBeatz?

They are wireless, Bluetooth earbuds created by a company called PlayBeatz.

How does PlayBeatz work?

These earbuds contain a Bluetooth chip that can connect to other Bluetooth devices like phones and laptops without the need for wires. With these, You can have a truly wireless audio listening experience.

How can I connect PlayBeatz to my device?

It’s very simple. Just take out the earbuds from the carrying case and switch them on by pressing the button on each earbud for around 5 seconds. Then, go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and pair them together. You can start listening to music now!

Where can I buy PlayBeatz?

You can only purchase a PlayBeatz set from the official website of the manufacturer.

Which devices support PlayBeatz?

Playbeatz is supported by all kinds of devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers, both Android and iOS versions.

How long do PlayBeatz earbuds take to charge?

Not long at all! You can get them fully charged in just 40 to 50 minutes

Will PlayBeatz drain my phone’s battery?

Not really. When Bluetooth in smartphones was still new, it would drain the battery. But in recent years, manufacturers have begun developing models that use low energy for Bluetooth to improve battery performance.

PlayBeatz Wireless EarBuds


  • Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Charges in under an hour
  • Great sound output
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Can be worn for hours without discomfort
  • Can receive, hang up, and redial calls using buttons
  • Can move pause, stop, and skip songs using buttons
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Does not drain the battery
  • Great bass output
  • Very affordable and can be purchased in sets of 2, 3 4, and 5
  • Specifications can rival earbuds from leading companies


  • No discounts for bulk buying
  • Can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website
  • The official website is clunky and difficult to navigate
  • Refunds are only offered on sealed products

Customer Testimonials

Taylor – I have never used better earbuds, seriously. When I bought these I did not have high expectations because they are very affordable. I expected average sound quality and battery life. But they last for hours on a single charge! I think I can go for at least 5 hours after just charging them once. I wear these for hours without discomfort. Even my wife loves them a lot. She keeps borrowing them so I might have to buy another pair soon!

Mark – These earbuds are a steal deal! My friend who is an audiophile told me they are great so I bought 3 pairs. And he wasn’t lying. For half the price of earbuds from famous companies, you get these ones. And they are just as good! My sister and I wear them all the time for hours and the experience has only gotten better. They are comfortable and deliver amazing sound quality. These are the only earbuds I will recommend to friends now.

Lex – I normally don’t leave reviews at all. But I’ve had PlayBeatz for a month now and I just had to get on here and leave my review. These are one of the best earbuds I have ever used. They were a gift from a friend and I wasn’t even gonna use them because I have Apple earbuds. One day I forgot mine at home and used these ones instead, and I was blown away. There is almost no difference in sound quality. These are beats in a tiny box. Go for them!


If you are someone who loves music but hates the effort and care that wired headphones require, this is the product for you. It is especially perfect for those on a budget – like students – who spend long hours in commute listening to lectures. For about half the price of other high-end audio brands in the market, you can get a product that gives the same sound quality without compromising on any of the features. It is a total win-win situation.

There are few earbud launches in the market right now with as many positive reviews as this product. If you take a look at the long list of features offered by this product, you will know why. From durability and comfort to functionality and sound output, it fares great in all areas. The stylish looking carry case that comes with these earbuds is a great added bonus. Sure, as with every new brand in the market, there are some issues with this also – like inflexible refund policy, lack of transparency of the official website, lack of availability in stores like Amazon. However, if you like the list of features this product offers and find the reviews helpful, just go ahead and order it.

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