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What is a Smartwatch?

Do you often look at your wrist and feel something is missing? Something that helps you keep track of time? Now imagine, what if the same device can also calculate your movement, heart rate, BMI, and be your assistant? Yes, that’s right, you can have all of that in just a watch. Hence, the term, SmartWatch.

The Hamilton Watch Company introduced its digital watch back in 1972, which lead to the inception of digitalization or a smart system in watches. However, as time progressed, the difference in watch dials started being referred to as Digital or Analogue, and the word Smart started being associated with watches that offered health assistance using Artificial Intelligence.


In today’s world, most of us are always on the move. We are often occupied to a level where it is very difficult for us to use our phone and check our notifications. This may lead to us missing an important message, a call from home, or an email from work. Smartwatches eliminate the possibility of you missing out on anything.

Smartwatches are an all in one package that contains multiple functionalities to assist you in your day to day activities and help you keep fit. While many of us debate that smartwatches were invented to provide technology at your wrist, the actual purpose was to promote a healthier lifestyle by providing a virtual health assistant in your watch. It is often said that these watches are for the younger generation but that is a myth. Technology is for all and everyone who wants to take advantage of it can do so.

If you step into the market, you will be able to find multiple names for a smartwatch. Some of them are bands or gears. Some companies are charging extremely high prices just because of their brand name. However, if you compare the performance of their watch with any other cheaper brand, the results might shock you.

How is eWatch different from others?

eWatch is a leading smartwatch that offers its users a unique and user-friendly experience. It is one of the few watches that are easily compatible with both iOS and Android, so you do not have to look at your phone before deciding to go with the watch. Whatever you have, you can easily connect E-Watch with it.

To set up your E-Watch with your phone, all you need to do is pair your watch with your phone. The watch would automatically sync all the data such as contacts, reminders, pictures, and settings from your phone. This saves the trouble of you having to set up everything manually and saves a lot of your time.

Elegant Design: The watch is made of premium quality and has double-sided hard glass coating to protect its aluminum body. The body is a classic rectangular shape, with a shiny surface, a multicolored tone, and is extremely light in weight. The band attached is easily adjustable to any wrist size so that everyone can wear it.

If you wear the watch on your left wrist, you will find a round knob on the right side of your watch. This lets you navigate through the options. Just below the roller, you can find a switch that lets you power and lock/unlock your watch.

Matchless Speed: In addition to its body type, the software installed is highly efficient and does not lag at all. This means that all the loading speed is extremely fast and you do not have to keep on waiting for your notifications or anything else to open for you to use. It pops up immediately!

The best screen in the market: The watch comes with an easily visible screen size and an HD retina touch screen to offer its users an incredible experience when they navigate or view any multimedia on their watch. This makes the screen easily visible from a normal eye distance and the brightness control lets it be visible in less lightening conditions. You may find a lot of watches with an eye-catching screen, but not all that glitters is gold.

The touch screen recognizes the tap of each finger and accepts multi-touch for the users to scroll using more than one finger. It is also efficient enough to understand accidental touch and restricts the watch from taking any action if such happens. Imagine accidentally deleting something important by mistake.

Always on the go: With the help of E-Watch, you can easily receive notifications from your most used applications, track your physical activities, blood pressure, heart rate, and monitor your sleep efficiency. This helps you keep track of your physical health and take necessary actions if need be.

Chop Chop Work: Since E-Watch is compatible with tracking your physical activities, it has been developed considering how athletes would take advantage of it. For example: If you’re a runner, you can wear E-Watch to track your physical activity. Since the watch is waterproof to a certain level, you can easily take advantage of it and not worry about your sweat affecting the watch.

One of the most important features is that in comparison to other watches in the market, E-Watch offers a long battery life. This keeps the watch going for a longer time in comparison to any other watch available in the market. Shorter battery life is the most frustrating issue that a user complains about. This is often a reason why users decide to switch from one product to another. However, with the extended battery timing, E-Watch lets you stay on the go at all times.

Top-notch applications: The weather option on the watch allows you to be prepared at all times. Since the watch is connected to a wifi, it can pick up weather reports or weather predictions just like how your phone would. You can plan on a road trip relying just on your watch. It can help you predict the weather for you so that you know what to expect when you reach there and pack your stuff accordingly.

The watch offers an all in one deck to its users so that you do not have to install any extra application on your phone. The watch comes with a built-in memory option that stores your information and transmits it on the screen or to your phone if need be. Being smart, saving space.

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How smart is it?

If you look at the bottom of an eWatch, you will be able to see a sensor that comes over your wrist when you wear the watch. This allows the sensor to come in contact with your veins and track information from your blood.

The sensor attached has numerous capabilities but the primary nature is to derive useful information such as monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, and track physical activity. Since each activity has a direct connection with our blood flow, any activity that causes changes in our blood level would send a direct message to the sensor attached at the bottom of our watch, which would then display a message relevant to that particular activity. For example: Going up and down the stairs is a physical activity that would increase our heart rate and have an impact on the blood circulation level in our body. A smartwatch, using its sensor, can detect any changes that have appeared in your blood flow levels, and would show a relevant message on its screen. This allows you to keep a track of your physical activities, the effects of each activity on your health, and you can make your smartwatch your assistant and set up exercise goals to help you in losing weight.

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How much does it cost?

eWatch believes in offering a quality product in a market competitive pricing. The watch’s retail price is 158 USD but you can find a special offer for early customers if you decide to buy now, and save more than 50% on your purchase.

The company believes in giving back to the people because of which their pricing model lets you save more as the quantity increases. Let’s say if you are planning to buy more than 1 watch, you can easily choose from any of the below-given price options.

  • If you buy 1 eWatch, you can get it for 79 USD
  • If you buy 2 eWatch, you can get them for 145 USD which means each would cost you 72.50 USD.
  • If you buy 3 eWatch, you can get them for 185 USD which means each would cost you 63 USD.

The offer is valid for a limited time and can be availed at the official website. You may be able to find the product at various e-commerce websites. However, there is no guarantee that you will be offered the sale price there. It’s best to visit the website and take advantage of this amazing sale before you lose the opportunity.

There are additional add-on options available via which you can get an extended warranty and a protector to keep your watch safe.

  • 2-year warranty for 10.79 USD.
  • 1-year warranty for 6.45 USD.
  • 1 E-Watch Protector for 5.37 USD.
  • 2 E-Watch Protectors for 9.71 USD which means each for 4.86 USD.
  • 3 E-Watch Protectors for 14.05 USD which means each for 4.68 USD.

Once you log in on the given link, you need to choose your desired package, put in your shipping details, make an online payment using your credit or debit card, and viola. The watch will be delivered at your doorsteps. You are not required to sign-up or make any accounts before you proceed with your purchase. Just get, set, and go.

Only if all e-commerce websites were this hassle-free!

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Customer Reviews

Josh: I gained a lot of weight recently but was not able to find enough time to go to the gym. I was told I need to burn my calories by going up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator, but I wasn’t sure how many calories I was burning or whether they were enough. E-Watch allowed me to keep track of my progress and the constant reminders I received on my watch did not let me forget my goals.

Adam: I spend most of my time in meetings and taking your phone out in one is considered bad manners. It made me miss a lot of important calls and messages. Having an E-Watch always kept me updated with whatever notifications I received. I did not have to take my phone out every time anymore.

Sally: I was looking for a suitable smartwatch for a long time. I had an eWatch but it was too slow and the battery was pathetic. After a long search, I came across E-Watch that offers the same features with amazing speed and batter timing. The best part, it cost only half the price of an eWatch. I recommend an E-Watch to anyone who’s looking to buy.


Smartwatches are slowly taking over the watch industry. Traditional watches are often very expensive and have become a fashion statement. However, smartwatches are already one step ahead of the conventional ones.

eWatch not only offers convenience to its customers but also serves the purpose of being a fashion brand. The watch’s delicate shape and style charm anyone who puts an eye on the product. the aluminum body type makes the watch lighter in weight, and the hard glass quoting makes the watch scratch-free and durable. In case you drop it from a low height, there is a very fine chance that nothing would happen to your watch.

It has a highly functional Artificial Intelligence which lets its users have an incomparable experience and makes the watch a highly competitive product in the market.

The company provides the product at a market competitive rate which gives eWatch another standout point from its competitors. What makes it even better is that the company is running a promotion to let the customers enjoy the benefit of having a smartwatch without making it a burden on their pocket.

So, let’s not waste time and avail this wonderful opportunity before time runs out.

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