Self Defense Siren

Self-defense siren is a siren installed in a keychain. This product approved by the police has an exceedingly loud alarm system installed. It is also furnished with LED lights of high intensity. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, this defense product is always at your service. The self-defense siren is a small, portable keychain. It can be easily put in anything that you carry like keys, backpacks, belts, or purses.

Self Defense Siren

You need not be skilled in operating the product. It is quite easy to operate. In cases of emergencies, you can take its help, and there you hear the screaming alarm system. The alarm sounds as high as 130 dB and roars as louder as the home alarm system. The high intensity LED lights flashes up simultaneously. It is a weatherproof and water-resistant product and hence is durable.

The self-defense siren is fabricated from impact-resistant mold, thereby making it unique. Aluminum carabiner of high quality is installed to ensure that the defense sirens are more comfortable to attach with items like belts, backpacks, purses, keys, etc. There is a lining of waterproof coating on the outermost layer to safeguard it from water due to rains and others.

If you have this self-defense siren with you, you will undoubtedly feel more safe and secured. This product, which is easy to use, can instill enough courage in you to step out of your home for emergencies at whatever time it is. Police recommend the usage of this product and, in most cases, can help you out effectively to come out of distress.

How do Self Defense Siren works?

The Original defense self-defense siren is manufactured with the quality materials available in the market. The working of self-defense siren is simple. There is a button, commonly referred to as a panic button. In case of emergencies where the user wants some external help, the user may press the button. It will be followed by producing a massive volume sound that resembles an alarm. It will also be associated with enormous flashes of light that beams with high intensity. In the Original defense self-defense siren, the sound produced by the bell is as high as one hundred and thirty decibels. This noise is heard even a thousand feet away. It is evident from the fact that ninety decibels are the sound produced. Thus, it ensures that the user needing help gets the required assistance.

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Benefits of using Self Defense Siren

Self-defense siren is of utmost importance in the current scenario. And its significance is bound to boost as we move along. The benefits of using Original defense self-defense siren are listed and detailed below.

  1. Exceedingly powerful alarm system installed.
  2. High intensity LED flashing lights
  3. TSA and police approved product
  4. Military-grade durability
  5. The battery life of 365 days
  6. Portable and Easy to use
  7. The emergency alarm that works 24/7

The loud alarm system

Original defense Self Defense siren is provided with a 130 dB alarm system. It must be noted here that ninety decibels are the sound level at which even a train engine whistles. So, that loud is the noise of the alarm. This way, it ensures that your calls for help reach even a thousand feet away. Thus, there are chances that you get the necessary support within a fraction of a minute.

LED lights that emit high-intensity lights

Along with the loud alarm operated in the emergency, there are this high intensity LED lights that flash up continuously. The noise and the flashes of light give the sign of an emergency. All these help you catch up with attention easily, even from a distance away. Thus, your chances of getting rescued in a short time are pretty high.

TSA and police approved

Original defense Self-defense siren is one of the few safety products that is supported by the police. It is advisable to take the help of this self-defense siren in case of any emergencies or helpless situations. If you are at medical emergencies or the danger of being kidnapped, you can call this self-defense siren for your help which can scream much louder than what could be attained even if you scream top of your lungs.

At times of these emergencies, one cannot always muster enough courage and act. It is quite usual and natural that you get awestruck and numb in these critical situations. Whatever be the case, this self-defense siren is at your service.

Military-grade durability

Original defense self-defense siren is made from high-quality materials. This makes it weatherproof and durable. You need not worry about the quality of the materials. It is long-lasting and stays with you for a long time.

The battery life of 365 days

With a battery life of 365 days, the original defense self-defense siren can safeguard you throughout a year with a single battery. You need not take the pains in replacing the batteries now and then. Also, you need not take the fears that you are likely to bear from the uncertainty of getting your battery over.

Portable and Easy to use

Original defense self-defense siren is a mobile product that you can easily attach to belts or keys or even purses. It is in the form of a keychain and hence can be easily carried along with you wherever you go. Also, you need not require any skill or specialized training to operate it.

This easy to use feature enables you to avail the service of this product, irrespective of your age.

The emergency alarm that works 24/7

Original defense self-defense siren is at your service throughout the day, throughout the week. Hence, irrespective of time, you can avail of the function of the product, whichever is the hour of emergency. This way, you can have no fears of having it inactive at any time of day or night.

Self Defense Siren Pricing

To purchase this safety product, Original defense self-defense siren, one must visit the official website of the manufacturer. There are many schemes at which one can buy the self-defense product. The most popular purchase scheme of ‘Original defense self-defense’ product is explained below.

If you buy one Original defense self-defense siren, you will get another one for free. It will cost you $ 39.90 apart from the shipping charge of $ 8.52. Instead, if you intend to buy two, you will get two of them free. And this will cost you just $79.80. You will not have to pay a penny as shipping charges.

On the other hand, on buying three original defense self-defense siren, you will get three free. For this, you will have just to invest $119.70. This will also land you on a bonus of free shipping. The most popular offer is that on the purchase of four, you will get four of them free. This will cost you $ 159.60. You will not be burdened with the shipping charges.

Money-back guaranteed and refund policy

To boost confidence in the product, the manufacturers offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Purchase the product with the belief that if ever you are not fully contented with the performance of the product, you can report to them within a reasonable period of thirty days. Just send them back the item. The refund policy says that the company is obliged to pay you the full sum back or replace the commodity, as per the requirement of the circumstances.

Self Defense Siren Review

Side effects

Self-defense sirens are indeed a powerful tool for self-defense. But they have their limitations. The users must be aware of this fact and be prepared to face the situation well in advance. The effectiveness of the output of self-defense sirens very well depends on the condition that one confronts. It works well when an old aged person has fallen and is still conscious. But during times when they faint at once, uncertainties creep in. You will not get the expected results, and this poses a dangerous situation. These are times when you have to hunt for better, capable alternatives.

There are some other instances where the self-defense sirens cannot be entirely relied upon. One must be prepared enough to experience and handle such situations. There are cases where the assailant wins you over and snatches the siren from you. The enemy can then turn off the siren at once, nullifying your chances of an escape.

There are other circumstances where you are trapped in an isolated area. When there is none to run to your help in many meters away, the ringing of the noisy alarms will not help you much. You are not likely to get external support and must discover other ways to conquer the situation.

These noisy self-defense sirens run on battery. Though the manufacturer assures a three hundred and sixty-five days battery backup, the statement may not be true always. There are times when the battery runs out of power. Therefore, to facilitate the smooth working of the siren and to rely on it on emergencies must have the needed battery power. Once this battery runs out of control, you must replace it with fresh ones to ensure proper working.

Customer reviews


I was terrified to let my parents go for morning walks, though their doctor advised it. They have become old, and the problems associated with it made me not to let them go for it. But the doctors were stubborn that they should get their daily walks. I was left with no option than accompany them every single day in the fear that they would fall somewhere and won’t be able to shout for help. As my work pressure increased, I had to choose between one. This was when my friend recommended this product. Now, I am at ease, and a lot of tensions are relieved. Thanks for this beautiful product. Now, I need not compromise one for the other.


I am a student studying far from my home. I stay at a private hostel near my college. But I come home every weekend as I had to attend tuitions near my house. Since I could start my journey only after the class ends at college, I started reaching home late. The late-night traveling was risky, and this evoked fear in me as well as my parents. I started skipping my coaching classes, and my grades started falling. I was left in a dilemma. Soon, I got to knew about this product. Thanks to the self-defense siren, which helped me out when a stranger was getting on my way. Now, I can travel in peace of mind. My parents, too, are at peace.

The final verdict

Original defense self-defense siren is a protective measure that is widely recommended by the police. It is installed with high decibel alarm systems and high-intensity flashlights, which lets the passersby understand that someone is in an emergency and is craving for help. The system is so set that your calls for help reach even thousands of feet away.

The three sixty-five days of battery life and the sleek design yields the product useful. In the modern world, where the safety of women and children is increasingly becoming a significant concern, the product has high current relevance.

The product is given a coating that yields it waterproof and durable. From the customer reviews and the content client following, it is evident that the product is worth its money and do undertakes its intended functions effectively. The issues of concern arise when you fail to carry it along with you. Also, at times when nobody is there near you for your help, or that you are trapped in an isolated area, you cannot rely on the device entirely. Another issue is regarding the running out of battery. So, it can be concluded that once you have the self-defense siren within your reach, there are high chances that you get the necessary external assistance. The product is good enough to ensure personal safety if the prevailing conditions are at your side too.

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