A success story for Cultural Diplomacy

A number of high ranking states officials from across Africa recently received the distinguished Philanthropy Award of ‘Together We Can’ from the World Academy of Art, Literature and Media (WAALM). The award was conferred on the dignitaries at what is the 1st Annual International ‘Empower Africa’ Conference organized by WAALM.

Accordingly, these officials have not only been selfless contributors to their respective communities, but they are credited for assisting the development of international education as well as making it possible for delegates to fly over and attend the ‘Empower Africa’ conference in England.
“Education is power and increase of power is in sharing,’’ said Prof. Mosi Dorbayani, Founder of IFSI Institute and WAALM Academy, ‘‘Let us share our knowledge to get EMPOWERED.”

Prior to signing the memorandum of the event, Prof Dorbayani told delegates:

“The moment that I put on the traditional African gown, I felt that our Cultural Diplomacy has prevailed.”
WAALM is a non-for-profit organization focusing on traditions and cultural history, arts and literature in humanities, public relations and media, among other culturally relevant issues.

Chaired by Marjan A. Dorbayani, PhD, co-founder of WAALM and wife of Prof. Mosi Dorbayani, the award ceremony saw the Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian Parliament, Hon. Usman Nafada, becoming the first recipient of the award.

“This conference empowered us and served our strength, therefore rest assured that WAALM and its co-organizer, Impact Africa Network will have our full support for the future conferences,’’ stated an elated Hon. Nafada.

And he went on: ‘‘Now that you have given this award to us, it means you have joined our family and for sure if you need our help we will not hesitate to support you in any ways we can. And I wish to welcome the organizers to Nigeria and to conduct similar conferences as this is what Africa needs”.
The award ceremony was complimented with 3 Dance performances by Italia Conti Dance School, which is the oldest Dance School in the UK and the only one that offers secondary, further and higher education.