Gambia’s Jammeh Treated For Bipolar Disorder

(Opinion) – Madam Zeinab Suma Jammeh’s frequent shuttles to and from America raised a lot of suspicions and created many unanswered questions in most Gambian quarters.

Some asserted that she is ducking under diplomatic immunity to ferry President Jammeh’s cocaine to America.

Others insinuated that she is a shopaholic who only lands in the Gambia to collect millions of dollars from cocaine rich Jammeh to lavish in America on shopping sprees. Assuming that the latter holds water, the former is definitely unfathomable given America’s uncompromising position against arms and drug trafficking, especially into their own backyard.

The American intelligence would have sniffed her on her first attempt and nets put in place to trap her. The question now remains why is she frequently ferrying back and forth to America? President Yahya AJJ Jammeh is suffering from bipolar disorder and he is been treated by a specialist in America.

Since he is treated at home from afar, he needs someone to be collecting his medication for him whenever it runs low.  And Jammeh being the Jammeh he is, he does not trust anyone in collecting his medication for him from America apart from his sexy wife. He gave two reasons for not trusting anyone else but Zeinab Jammeh.Yahya and Zeinab Jammeh

On the one hand, he feared that if someone apart from Zeinab was to be entrusted with such a private errand, it will be leaked to the public and he does not want his illness to be blown out of proportion or even made public. On the other hand, he feared that his medication will be substituted with poison by his enemies to get rid of him. As a result, Zeinab is the only suitable candidate to run this errand for him; hence the main reason for her many visits to America.

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder which is at times refers to as either manic-depressive disorder or manic depression can be described as a mental illness termed as a mood disorder by psychiatrists. Persons with bipolar disorder encounter episodes of a turbulent mood branded as mania alternating with episodes of depression. It is important to note that a person suffering from this illness experiences varied levels of severity.

At the milder level, the person appears to be energetic and excitable whereas, at the severe level, he or she succumbs to erratic and impulsive behavior often making poor decisions as a result of unrealistic ideas about the future, and may also experience great difficulty in sleep. In other words, such persons can also experience much-distorted beliefs about the world known as psychosis.

A closer review of President Jammeh’s unexplained erratic behavior and incoherent ranting which lack any relevance to Gambia’s socio-economic and political need have the signs and symptoms of manic episodes all over it. Mania is generally regarded as the defining feature of bipolar disorder. It is a noticeable period of aggravated or irritable mood which can take the form of euphoria and often last a week.

When he speaks, one can clearly detect that he is exhibiting a pressured speech and racing thoughts. This is aptly manifested in the inconsistency of his thoughts when addressing any political forum particularly when he is not reading from a written speech. Ample instances of such can be traced in his recently concluded meet the people tour during which he appalled his audience by making silly utterances such as his “kabaa” been stolen by some Senegalese and most Gambian youths experiencing erectile dysfunction due to eating western produced foodstuffs. Of what relevance are any of these immature statements to the ailing Gambian economy and political decadence?