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You might have a glue product at your home to fix your items if they break or damage accidentally. But is it capable of repairing any items irrespective of their material? Most of the glue products will only help fix specific normal things. Also, most of them take a long time to dry. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative to such glue products. Bondic will prove to be an excellent liquid plastic to fix items at your home.


What is Bondic?

There are different kits of Bondic available on its official website, where every kit has various tools and products. Some of the packages also include cleaning cloths and sandpaper. The most basic kit is the starter kit which consists of the following products:

  1. Bondic Bottle

The Bondic bottle is the essential product in the starter kit. The content in the bottle is adequate for multiple applications.

  1. Applicator Tip

The applicator tip comes along with the starter kit, and it looks like the tip you find on ballpoint pens. This tip enables you to apply a thin layer of the Bondic to any surface without wasting it.

  1. UV Light Tool

The UV light tool is quite a necessary product as Bondic will not work without it. Not all Bondic kits have this tool. If you order a Bondic kit that doesn’t have a UV light tool, you need to purchase it separately.

  1. Carrying Case

The metal carrying case of the basic starter kit has a bright silver finish. This case has more than enough space for holding your Bondic and other supplies. It also has enough space for the UV light tool. This carrying case allows you to store both the bottle and UV light device together.

Bondic review

How does Bondic work?

Bondic can be used as a filler material. When Bondic dries up, it develops a grad consistency. If you want to use Bondic as a filler material for a specific item, then you need to clean and sand the item in advance. To give the thing a rough texture, use a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper and water. You should use the UV light for drying the Bondic. The further step depends on how you want the end-product to look. You can partially cure the Bondic by using the light for 1-2 seconds. At this stage, it will be soft to touch and so, you can mold and shape it to the exact shape and size that you wish. If you want to use Bondic as a traditional filler, then it is necessary to add it in small amounts to the item and let it cure completely. After it dries, you can remove its extra quantity with a new piece of sandpaper.

You can also use Bondic with coloured powders. First of all, you have to pour a small amount of Bondic into a paper cup and then add a pinch of the coloured powder into it. You have to keep on adding the powder until you get the desired shade of the colour. But remember that when it dries out, it will look slightly darker than its wet form. You can also create custom colours by mixing and matching with other shades.

Most of the glues turn into a darker black/brown colour or a bright white colour after drying. However, Bondic looks completely clear once it dries and cures. That’s a good reason to use Bondic for doing a craft project for automotive work. The dried colour won’t interfere with your project or car design. You can also add acrylic colour while making new shades with the Bondic.

In case you want to remove Bondic quickly, make sure that you remove it will it is still wet as it will become harder to remove when it dries. Use a damp cloth for removing any of the extra liquid on your item before it dries. If it dries up, you should use a fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding cloth to sand down the liquid till you reach the surface beneath. To pry the Bondic away from an item’s surface, you should insert a thin and flexible tool like a chisel. If any dried Bondic remains clinging to the item’s surface, use some water to remove it.

If Bondic accidentally gets applied on your skin, place that area of skin beneath running tap water and wash it with soap. If there’s no running water available at that moment, you can use any type of liquid for removing Bondic. While applying the liquid to the affected area, ensure that you apply enough friction and pressure for breaking the bond between your skin and Bondic.

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Benefits of Bondic

You might be thinking about why you should use Bondic when you already have glue products from popular brands. Well, you need to keep in mind that Bondic is not a glue. We agree that it functions in the same way that other liquids do, but Bondic creates a tighter bond that lasts longer. Bondic has several benefits over different types of glues. If you use Bondic as a filler, you can even replace the missing pieces of an item. If you use Bondic is a liquid plastic, it will form tighter bonds. Bondic can help you to create both temporary and permanent bonds. You can use Bondic in moulds for creating custom parts. With Bondic, you can be sure that no residue sticks to the shape. Most of the glues use toxic ingredients in their formulae, but Bondic doesn’t use the same formula. You can store Bondic in your toolbox, garage shelves, kitchen cabinets, craft cabinets/boxes, bathroom drawers or under the kitchen or bathroom sink. As Bondic works on most of the materials, you won’t need separate types of glues for each item.

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The following are some of the benefits of Bondic:

  1. It reduces the strain on an item
  2. It can replace a damaged or missing piece of plastic
  3. It can form a bond between two objects or materials
  4. It will help you to create bonds in spaces where you can’t use regular glue
  5. It assists in adding insulation to wires
  6. It can repair minor leaks
  7. It can be used as a filler by moulding and shaping it
  8. Usage on wood and metal can be done
  9. It can work in temperatures as high as 150°C and as low as -40°C
  10. It remains in liquid form when stored properly
  11. It is compatible with acrylic colour powders
  12. It doesn’t contain toxic ingredients

How much does Bondic cost?

We suggest you order Bondic kit only from its official website so that you get the original product as well as good discounts. You will get 1 Bondic kit for $17 on the official website. Ordering 2 Bondic kits from the official website will cost you just $34, and you will also receive 1 Bondic kit for free. If you order 3 Bondic kits from the official website, you just have to pay $51, and you will also receive 2 Bondic kits for free.

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Does Bondic offer any money-back guarantee?

The manufacturing company of Bondic offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return your Bondic kit within 30 days from the date of delivery. You need to obtain RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from the company so that your return order gets accepted. You must ensure that the kit gets returned in its original packaging.


Is Bondic safe enough to use?

– Yes, Bondic is absolutely safe to use as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. But you must ensure that children below 12 years don’t get their hands on Bondic.

Can I use Bondic to fix wet materials?

– Yes, you can use Bondic to fix wet materials as it is waterproof. When Bondic dries up, water won’t affect it at all.

Can I easily clean Bondic if I accidentally drop some amount on the floor?

– Yes, you can easily wipe off Bondic if it drops on non-absorbent surfaces. But make sure that you clean it before it dries.

What is the best method to quickly dry the Bondic?

– You should use the UV light tool of the Bondic kit for quickly drying the Bondic.

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Customer Reviews

By Harry M.

Bondic is quite easy to use, and the best thing is that it doesn’t form any yellowish or whitish later after it dries. It gives satisfying results. You don’t have to worry much if any of your items at home break accidentally as Bondic will do its work to fix them back to their original state. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, so it’s safe to use. It also retains its liquid consistency for a more extended period. Due to this property of Bondic, I have left it in my garage.

By Gwen P.

This product has helped me a lot in fixing some of my much-needed things. Compared to other brands of glue I have used before, this product has proved to be more beneficial for me. I have used Bondic for my craft projects and to fix the beads of my jewellery. You can use it to fix various items made up of metal, plastic, glass or wood. Unlike other glue, Bondic will only cure when you want. Most of the adhesive will cure when exposed to air, but that’s not the case with Bondic.

By Max S.

Through one of the articles on the internet, I came to know that a dentist created Bondic! He created the Bondic plastic welder after researching for three years. It also won the Retailers Choice Award for being the most innovative product of the adhesive market. Till now, I have used Bondic for more than a dozen times for fixing my showpieces at home. Also, I used it once to repair my broken eyeglass frames. Just when I thought that it was time to buy a new set of frames, Bondic helped me to fix my old ones. This product has turned out to be an excellent replacement for traditional glue.

By Kane W.

I was a bit sceptical about the claims of Bondic. But all the claims turned out to be true! It can be used to fix almost every item. You can also use it to repair pipes. Bondic can be used to give a temporary fix or permanent mix, depending on your choice! Most of the glue products are messy and hard to clean if you accidentally pour it on an unwanted area. But while using Bondic, you only need a wet cloth for wiping off the extra liquid.

The final verdict

It is quite uncommon to find a liquid that fixes all types of materials. Bondic repairs almost all kinds of items and it works well on metal, wood, glass, and plastic. Most of the glue will offer either a temporary fix or a permanent fix. But Bondic provides both. It will provide you with incredible assistance for craft projects.

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