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Everyone uses hundreds of gadgets every day these days. They are sitting in our bags, sitting on tables, and even being used in the bathroom! Your fingers continuously touch your Smartphone. In addition to that, we feel keys, coins, bills with loads of bacteria. It ensures that computers have continuous exposure to germs, bacteria, and particulate matter such as dust settling on them. The Keys contain 20 times as many bacteria as a public toilet.

GermCide X is the first UV-ray-sanitizer in the world, and this little device helps to make everyday household items simple, quick, and thoroughly clean. GermCide X covers you and everyone you love.

GermCide X will help you ensure that household products are cleaned and healthy, particularly nowadays, because viruses and bacteria are all around us. On the same note, we have to remember these viruses are so small and can cause mass destruction. We are undergoing the COVID-19 phase on Earth now, and people are dying in their thousands, bringing the planet to a complete standstill.

germcidex review

What is GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light?

GermCide X is their most innovative product. This groundbreaking sanitizing system will keep your home safe and bacteria-free and virus free. The innovation employed by GermCide X guarantees that the DNA of the germ is wholly lost, and there is no replication. Using an ultraviolet light flash, it destroys nearly all bacteria and viruses like fungi, viruses, and other pollutants. This precision-engineered UV light only takes 1 second to create a safe atmosphere. You don’t need to use chemicals or liquids. Just “swipe off light bacteria” and sterilize all your appliances!

Parts of a GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light

The components of a GermCide X germs killer are mentioned below, with a brief note on their function.

1. Germcidal UltraViolet:

A lamp, if Germicidal, can produce Ultraviolet type of light. It could be a shortwave and the DNA pairing stands disrupted, which leads to pyrimidine dimers formation.

2. Mercury lamps vapor

There are two types of Mercury lamps, which are vapor. The first one is the low-pressure lamps, ultraviolet, which emit very high efficiencies. They have power, which is very low. The other type is the Amalgam ultraviolet. Which regulates the pressure of the mercury.  They permit the operation at a higher heat, and the density of the energy is also high.

In the case of high temperature, the service life can go up quickly to 16000 hours.

3. Diodes Light-emitting:

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the field of LED. It has brought on UV-C, marketable now quickly.

The product emits light in the range of 255nm to 280 nm with the aid of semiconductors. Once the semiconductor is changed, the wavelengths emission can be changed too.

Now, the small scale can make more use of them as it engages reactors. The medical equipment field can also benefit in the same way.

How does GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light work?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is a type of disinfection. It uses ultraviolet light at a short wavelength to kill or inactivate microorganisms. By killing nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, the germs are unable to perform essential cellular activities.

GermCide X

Benefits of a GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light

Many advantages can be attributed to GermCide X, as found below:

  1. Not difficult to use

There is no specialized training required for learning how to use this product. It is, in fact, effortless to use it even the first time.

  1. Multi-Surface

The GermCide x can be used anywhere and on any surface. It does not matter whether it is your briefcase or a table or a doorknob even. Just make a scanning motion to destroy all the gems hidden within.

  1. Very light and compact

It is a tiny and light piece of equipment that can be transported anywhere for use.

  1. Special prices

Time and again, the company offers excellent discounts for the customer to save money.

  1. Success at 99% range

The GermCide has every chance of killing the germs in one swipe and at least an assured rate of 99 %.

  1. Battery Usage

GermCide works on batteries too. They reqi=uire only three AAA batteries, and the consumption is not high at all, thus making it long-lasting.

  1. Economical in Use

The generally accepted medium to clean surfaces is the hand sanitizers or some other form of that. These are expensive products and warrants purchase time and again. The same is not the case with the GermCide, which is a one time buy and would work life long.

  1. Preventive measures

The GermCide X has powerful Ultraviolet rays emitting from them, but it has a technology in it, which protects our eyes through a unique sensor.

  1. Auto-Off

The GermCide X would switch itself off if the light faces upwards.

  1. Foldable

The product can fold into two, and thus become extremely compact for you to place it inside the cupboard.

  1. USB

The GermCide can be charged very quickly through a standard USB cable.

How much does GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light cost?

The company sells GermCide X through its official website. They have step offers on this product now.

  • Purchase one unit of GermCide X and pay $59. (Save 50% ).
  • Purchase two units of GermCide X and pay only $109 (save 70% and get one group free).
  • Buy Three Units of GermCideX and pay only $149 (save $75%. and get two units free).


GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light Money back guarantee

There are strict guidelines that may apply to the product that you purchased via the website of Hyper Sls Limited. From now on, this item is ‘product”.

In case you have received a product ordered by you, arrive with defects, or in a damaged condition, we request you to ask for a reimbursement. We invite you to send the product to us within thirty days. Before you send the product, please inform us by telephone or mail, you find below this passage.

You can request us for an RMA number (returned material authorization). You should note the name on all delivery notices, where the returns are more than one product. Kindly make a note that if the product arrives back to us, without the RMA number, and even though it is within thirty days, we will return it to you in the same condition. We also like to advise you to return the package by using registered post services since this is much faster than the regular post.

We would examine the content of your return package to check whether the original box has the original seal. And if so, the refund process does not get activated. In case products have been damaged along the way from your point of origin; also, the refund is not possible. In short, try to secure the packet in the best manner possible, to avoid further damage. In the case of the postal charges that have not unpaid, we would not accept the package. We also state herewith that any delivery charges connected to the return, would not be borne by us.

Wherein goods purchased through gift vouchers, the refund would be via gift vouchers only. The guidelines above include neither memberships nor registrations, which could be subscribers to our services online.

Email us at [email protected]. (or) call us at International: +044 20 3808 9234(twenty-four hours)

GermCide X Germs Killer UV Light Side effects

Every product on this Earth comes with pros and Cons. But there are exceptions too. One of them is GermCide X. There are no side effects or demerits associated with this product. It may get damaged due to consistently dropping it down, but that is not the fault of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will germicide X lights kill viruses?

Yes – GermCide X destroys up to 99.9 percent of most viruses, bacteria in the air, and spores in the mold. If appropriately scanned, there is no doubt it leads to complete extermination. If studied meticulously, the results would be better, and it is up to the person to do it so.

  1. Do germicidal flashlights kill viruses despite continuous use?

Germicidal UVC lamps from GermCide X are suitable for continuous use for roughly two years, with just a 20 percent decrease in production over the two years.

  1. How much force of the GermCide X does it take to kill specific organisms?

    Ultraviolet germicidal exposure is the result of time and intensity. In terms of lethal action on bacteria, high concentrations for a short duration, and low levels for an extended period are practically equivalent.

The inverse square law applies to the germicidal ultraviolet just as it does to light: as the distance from the lamps increases, the killing power decreases. The common bacterium will face destruction at a length of six inches in ten seconds.

  1. What Is the process through which GermCide X kills the viruses?

Ultraviolet light in the spectrum of the germicide-185-254 nanometres makes the cells sterile. When species can’t replicate anymore, they die.

Customer Reviews

By Chatman Slope

For one month, I’ve been using the same sanitizer, and I’m pleased with the product because it keeps me in a good mood. It is fair to say that I don’t like believing in the brand and it’s potential at the initial level. My every device has a blanket cover from germs, and I’m free from infections and infected viruses. ‘says a famous Canadian filmmaker

By Dany Moses

It’s so user friendly. It is not hard at all. You can also hang on to that for a long time. I think the best thing I have bought. It will help me clean up all my filthy tools, no doubt. If cleaning is so easy this way, why not use this product?

By Victoria

I wanted to disinfect everything in my house now that Corona is considered a pandemic. But when it came to cleaning away items like AC’ screen, screen television, our smartphones, etc. I didn’t know how to vacuum them all in a limited amount of time. That is when I saw this computer online. I asked my partner about this, and he said he wanted to buy it. We have our order issued, and we are pleased.

By Rina White

I’d rather waste my money on a gadget, instead of suffering from some illness.

So here’s what I did. When I saw it at my friend’s place, I ordered this UV sterilizer. It worked so well and so I also decided to purchase this for my house. And frankly, this machine works perfectly. As it is, I am a hygiene freak, and now that I have this gadget, I guess I would be a delighted person.

The final verdict

Now, the pandemic virus has spread across the globe. Staying hygienic is recommended. Yet if you keep handling dirty things, self-hygiene is of no use. Every day, we keep touching our already, very dirty computers, cameras, remotes, etc. As of now, cleaning certain items is of utmost importance.

That’s why we suggest using this UV cleaner to our readers, which can clean items without making it dirty. Keep yourself safe and healthy, keeping things clean around you. The benefits which arrive with it are now double given the phase of the time we are undergoing. Hence, hygiene is emphasized everywhere and armed with this beautiful gadget; the chances of one getting affected are almost nil.

GermCide x price

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