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The things that we touch in our daily routine are the places where millions of viruses and bacteria keep lurking. We are unaware of the maximum number of times or can’t find a way out to damage them. There are several bad aspects attached to these bacteria, and the reason we don’t get affected by them in some cases is the immunity. As we grow, we become immune to some of such attacks and our body fights back. What guarantee does it hold that the bacteria from which our body wasn’t able to fight is not going to harm much? Well, this is entirely unpredictable. When it comes to our collection, then nothing can surpass the willingness to stay fine then why to keep in unsafe zones? Of course not. As technology has got some wings, so when immunity fails, the intelligence takes the role and fights back.


What is CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer?

A sanitizer helps get rid of the maximum of the viruses and bacteria. The CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer is a way by which we can damage or neutralize these bacteria and viruses. According to a report, the average number of people touch their phones once every 5 minutes. The presence of bacteria on our phone is much higher than our toilet seats. Even if an individual is washing hands still there is some percentage of bacteria left. These viruses when we start accumulating in the inner part of our nails then even it becomes difficult for our soap to act efficiently. It is the area where the need for this sanitize comes around. There are the following functions attached to this UV sanitizer.

  1. Devastating microorganisms, infections, and germs
  2. Taking out poisonous particles
  3. Securing against germ presentation

Damaging or neutralizing the germs is the most challenging task, and even science claims that it is not possible at the time to kill the bacteria as they get active by time. This UV sanitizer damages the maximum of these microorganisms, infections, and germs. These viruses, microbes, and germs travel by air along with some poisonous particles. These particles don’t trap in the hair present in our nose. All this results in the allowance of such toxic particles to enter in our body. It’s always better to decide intelligence from your body that stands on the lower safe side. This UV sanitizer is not only responsible for damaging or neutralizing the germs and viruses but is also useful for preventing them. One thing that we hear from childhood that prevention is better than cure. These rays create an environment by which viruses and bacteria feel resisted—thus creating your environment free from such toxic particles and bacteria-free.

CleaniX reviews

How does CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer work?

Bright (UV) light decimates the atomic bonds that hold together the DNA of infections and microscopic organisms. UV light is an exceptionally decent choice for sanitation since it eliminates microorganisms paying little heed to medicate opposition and without poisonous synthetic substances. These UV sanitizers are also used in hotels and hospitals so that they can get rid of the maximum bacteria and viruses quickly.

Benefits of CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer

  1. UV Rays are not noxious

The most significant advantage of UV light sterilization is that it’s non-dangerous. Not at all like unforgiving synthetic concoctions that are now and then utilized in cleaning and cleansing items, UV light is naturally benevolent. UV light cleansing is a physical procedure, not a synthetic one.

UV light cleansing is ok for use on nourishment just as nourishment prep administrations and non-nourishment things.

  1. The ideal approach to sanitize

The following key advantage of sanitizing with UV light is that this technique for sterilization can be unmistakably more viable than different strategies. UV light executes a full cluster of unsafe creatures.

For instance, did you realize that UV light devastates moulds and spores? Other sanitization strategies may not – or they may leave a moist domain where organisms can flourish. Since UV purification is a dry technique, you can be confident that it will deal with existing mould and forestall its development later on.

  1. Executes pathogens

On the off chance that you have followed the report about anti-infection safe microbes, you realize that the utilization of some conventional antimicrobial specialists and disinfectants has had critical outcomes. The improvement of antimicrobial safe microscopic organisms is a crucial issue in the clinical network.

In contrast to customary cleansing strategies, UV light purification is a physical technique for eliminating microscopic organisms. In this manner, microscopic organisms being referred to as can’t assemble invulnerability to it. That is an immense plus, especially for medical clinics and helped living offices.

  1. No convertibility issues

The following advantage of UV light sanitization is that the innovations we’ve made can remain set up in visitor rooms, fit to be utilized varyingly. The excellent news is that it implies you can introduce our unit and afterward let it self-sufficiently accomplish the work.

Regardless of whether you need to have the option to sanitize rooms whenever a room is empty or during a set cycle medium-term, our items can assist you with taking care of business without you in any event, being there.

  1. It’s Safe

One of the most common queries we get about UV light sanitizing is, “Is it safe to utilize?” People will, in general, partner UV introduction with dangers, for example, burn from the sun; however, the critical thing to comprehend is that UV light shelters whenever utilized appropriately.

Our frameworks have excess wellbeing frameworks worked in to guarantee the item will possibly turn on when the room abandons. UV light is less inclined to cause hurt than the harsh synthetics in cleaning items.

CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer side effects

There are no side effects attached to this UV Sanitizer. The main thing that causes a problem for the microorganisms and bacteria is the light. This light contains UV-C rays that attack the DNA of the organisms. It kills many of the bacteria in viruses through this. While doing all these things, no harm is involved in the human body. Do some people often wonder that UV rays will be harmful to their skin then how this sanitizer would be safe? Well, the UV rays that the sun throws goes through a filter process through multiple layers. When they hit our skin, the effect is already at the much lower side. This sanitizer does the same but in a different way. The rays don’t affect the human body, but for viruses and bacteria, these many rays affect the molecular bond of DNA. There are proper guidelines that an individual needs to follow as going close to these lights and staying for longer can change you. The reason being is the prolonged exposure under the UV rays. It is essential to keep the children away from this UV sanitizer because they can accidentally do some activity which could put them in danger.

How much does CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer cost?

The maximum number of times there are some offers that keep running at their official website and by which they can provide the UV sanitizer at a much cheaper cost.

  • The cost of 1 UV sanitizer will cost you about $69.99. This price is available after doing the 50% per cent discount on their selling price.
  • When you buy 2 UV sanitizers, then you will get one more UV sanitizer free with both of them. It will cost you $139.99. There is one more option that the users are available with, and that is the most efficient deal.
  • When you purchase 3 UV sanitizers, then you will get two more UV sanitizers for free. This deal could be yours for $199.99. The third deal is running on a discount of 72% and in this case per unit will cost the user $40. During the offer then don’t even charge for the shipping charges. You need to jump on their website and then you will view a form along with the price detail. Choose the plan you want to purchase through the checkbox present in front of each deal. Once you make the selection, then you can proceed ahead with the part of the payment.

CleaniX review

CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer Money back guarantee

In maximum cases, if the user has made the purchase, then the refunds are less as the customers always stay happy with this product. CleaniX Portable UV Sanitizer lies under the policy of return for the 30 days. Within 30 days of purchase, the refund has to happen; otherwise, the product doesn’t get a refund. The amount gets credited in your account within five days. There are some steps involved for refund.

  1. First of all, you need to raise a ticket or request on [email protected], and through this, the support team will get in touch with you. You can let them know your experience related to the product and later they can generate the request for a refund.
  2. After that, you will get a return address, and you need to send the same product on that address
  3. As soon as your product gets success in the return zone, then a ticket number will be given, and this ticket number will help in proceeding ahead with the refund
  4. You need to contact on the support again with that ticket number
  5. Within 4 to 5 days you will be getting your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these UV sanitizers safe?

Yes, these sanitizers are very much safe and can help you save from several viruses and bacteria.

Can I carry it while travelling?

Yes, you can carry these sanitizers until and unless you know that you will find a separate power source for connecting this sanitizer.

Is it waterproof?

No, this UV sanitizer is not waterproof neither is splash resistant. You need to keep this sanitizer protected from water.

How long does it take to start the action on viruses and bacteria

It takes 3 minutes for this UV sanitizer to start working and by this point, maximum viruses and bacteria present are either neutralized or damaged by the effect of UV rays.

Customer Reviews

By Jacob

In the beginning, this product makes me feel the same as other products, but then my friend told me about the increase in infections due to viruses and bacteria. This product is beneficial because I work on a keyboard all day long, and the chances of bacteria become high on it. Whenever I work, I switch this UV sanitizer on, and this gives me confidence that I have protection from viruses and bacteria.

By Steve

My kids play video games all day long, and when it comes to dinner, then they don’t even wash their hands at times. When I get to know later, then I feel that it is a matter of worry. I purchased this product 3 months back, and now I have asked them to keep this UV light in your video game room. It is helping me to stay calm, and for them, it can protect them from viruses and bacteria.

By Rajvee

This UV light I have kept in my washroom and the toilet seat, which is one of the most favourite places for bacteria and viruses to lurk. It gives me a sense of calmness that yes, my washroom is almost free from viruses and bacteria.

By Sushant

This product has made me happy, and I would recommend it to all the people. As the infections are increasing the need for this UV sanitizer is rising.

The final verdict

This product is helpful at this time when the infections are increasing day by day. Our body is not immune to tolerate all the viruses, and that’s the reason we come across common cold or fever. To avoid all these problems, everyone should take these preventions which are much better than the cure. These UV sensitizers are available quickly, and you can buy for your home too.

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