Senegal government seeks to avoid the Tunisian scenario

JollofNews – As Tunisians await the outcome of their rather rewarding protests, after weeks of demonstrations that ended the rule of their authoritarian leadership, the government of Senegal is searching for a suitable way of avoiding a similar situation.

President Abdoulaye Wade has reportedly tasked his government to figure out proposals to lower prices of basic commodities. This announcement was done Friday, as the Tunisian protest on similar grounds approached its climax.

Wade, according to a statement released by the cabinet, “expressed great concern about the high prices of essential commodities.” The statement said he had therefore instructed his prime minister, Souleymane Ndene Ndiaye and the ministers of finance and commerce “to promptly submit possible proposals suitable to lower prices to relieve households.”

Amid threats of action by the authorities, opposition politicians have since been nursing the idea of taking to the streets in protest of the rising prices of basic food stuffs in the country. The latest date for that protest has now been put at Tuesday.

Rise in prices of foodstuff and gas, which is mainly used for cooking, coupled with the country’s prevalent electricity problem, could be a perfect recipe for unrest in a country that is already engulfed in a messy political situation.