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No one can expect this world without technology, and as time passes, there are some fantastic developments in the IT sector. For some people, technology is a blessing, but the old and boring ways to deal with life are more comfortable for other people. It doesn’t take much time to adopt new and better ways to deal with life, but it does take a little courage to accept the change. Similarly, there was a time when I came across watches which were nothing other than a wall clock. No matter how expensive the wristwatches are, but if it is still solving the purpose of only showing the time, where would a person find the latest technological aspect? Well, of course not. Nowadays, there are some cool watches which are getting famous as fitness bands. They are mostly there to give a wide range of different stuff in a single wristwatch. Not all brands can provide plenty of features in available fit bands, while others decrease the quality to increase the number of features. It is time to look around and find the best brand that can simultaneously offer quality and attributes. FitBeat watch is the watch that is getting popular, and unlike other brands, this brand is investing in improving the customer experience and providing features.


Why do you need this watch?

The time has come when you can move forward and get your body in shape by exercising and running. Your partner at every step in terms of fitness would be this watch. It is essential to understand how far you have come in terms of progress, and that’s how this watch is going to help. Apart from that, it is essential to stay away from your mobile phone as distractions are the biggest enemy of docs, ultimately having a link with your productivity. The self-growth and the ability to train your brain are a matter of concern nowadays, but this watch is possible. There are plenty of other reasons that one should purchase this watch.

It holds some wearers’ understanding of how their frame is operating consistently. Moreover, tracking circulatory pressure degrees or the heartbeat may be precious, almost about retaining exceedingly dangerous diseases from creating. For instance, while seeing their circulatory pressure degrees are low, FitBeat customers can sense unfastened heads for a walk to hoist them.

What is FitBeat Watch?

FitBeat smartwatch is knocking a few people’s socks off within the health tracker international. This motion band gives everything the health-enhancing highlights as big call emblem fashions at a foothold of the cost. Regardless of whether you want to tally steps or understand the amount of energy fed on each day, to dissect relaxation designs for best resting cycles and more incredible power all through the day. The FitBeat health tracker adjusts to any Android or Apple mobile smartphone and may ship or get direct messages and phone cautions consistently.

Information is force, and this equally widespread applies to knowledge records approximately the body. While anyone is going to the workout middle or works out from home, they want to recognize subtleties just like the separation that they run or how to’s time they have got spent in an oxygen ingesting state. Nonetheless, to get this information, the purchaser wishes to choose a gadget with everything, which may be quite costly. Comparable forms of records without burning through a wide variety of bucks on a device, there may be FitBeat.

fitbeat review

How does FitBeat Watch work?

FitBeat uses superior biometric improvement to split your frame and come up with continued prosperity and fitness estimations. With an innovative range, it can screen to you your heartbeat, circulatory strain.

This watch uses an extraordinary biometric advancement. The affiliation would not screen what varieties of different equipment at the device.

For Example – It tracks superior estimations like a circulatory strain. Fitbeat makes use of your phone’s GPS sensor for territory data.

Benefits of Fitbeat watch

  1. Connect within a few seconds

Usually, the watches have a drawback that it takes a long time to connect to your device, making a person feel bad. Within 5 seconds, this device will connect and start showing the notifications you have on your device. In case you switch from an iOS device to an Android device, this watch will also do wonders by making the connection within a few seconds.

  1. Take care of the calories, steps, and blood pressure

A single watch and many features like this can be nothing less than a miracle. Going on a walk would no more be difficult because you would know how many calories you need to burn. At the same time, you can take care of your family’s health by seeing their blood pressure from this watch.

  1. Rain, shower, and slash-proof

Whether you are sweating or it’s raining, you need not worry about this watch because it is durable, unlike other devices. Several tests come across before it reaches you, so do not worry about anything. No waterproof watch can be this cheap, but this watch is incredible in terms of price too.

fitbea reviews

Cost of FitBeat Watch

Four packs are available and choose between any of them. The most beneficial deal would be purchasing four watches because it will give you a 65 percent discount. There are other options also which an individual can explore. The shopping charges will be extra than the price of the watch.

Time Traveler Pack

On the purchase of this watch, you will get a 50 percent discount, and the cost of this watch would be $49.98. This pack would be beneficial for people who want to try and then want to purchase more watches.

2x Fitbeat Watch – Double Time pack

Two watches will cost you cheaper than one, and the percentage of the amount you will save on the purchase of this watch is 55 percent. This pack’s cost would be $85.48, where the value of each watch in this pack is $42.74.

3x Fitbeat Watch – Triple Time Pack

Three watches will cost much cheaper, and the percentage of the amount you will save from this watch is 60 percent. The cost of each watch is $39.98, and it is one of the most popular packs. You can gift watches to your near and dear ones. The cost of this pack would be $119.95.

4x Fitbeat Watch – Time for every one pack

It is the most beneficial pack where the amount you will save would be huge. The discount percentage amount is 65 percent, which is the maximum in these packs. You can order this pack for your family and give them this fantastic watch. Each watch’s cost in this pack is $34.98, and the total cost of the group would be $139.94.

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Is it beneficial to buy this watch?

The knowledge of the real benefit of a thing comes from the people who are using them. There are great reviews that this watch is getting from all across the world. The reason behind this is the presence of all the features at a reasonable cost. It is serving people in the best way possible, and that is why one should not miss this watch.

Can I connect it with my iOS and Android device?

Yes, it works for both the operating system. In this case, if you purchase a phone in the coming times, then there is no need to change the band. It is durable, so you can quickly expect a longer life from this band. It connects within a few seconds and starts showing all the notifications.

Is it worth it to purchase this watch?

There is no comparison of this watch in terms of price and features because the traditional watches cost higher than this watch. Those watches do not have a meter to tell how many steps you have walked since morning. Moreover, no feature in them can tell how many calories you have burnt in a day. There are ample reasons that this watch is the best among all its competitors.

Is this watch waterproof?

Sweat, rain, or splash of water is never in somebody’s hand, and that’s what this brand takes care of. This watch is waterproof and can save your money in the best way possible. The presence of IP6/7 waterproof features makes it unique and durable.

Is there any money-back guarantee that this brand offers?

Yes, if you are purchasing more watches, and you feel that you are not getting benefits from this watch, you can return. The condition is that there should be any usage of the watch which you are going to return. The time within which a person can claim for return is 30 days. The money would come into your account within 15 days, and to raise the claim, you need to get in touch with the brand. Moreover, if the product is in a damaged condition, there could be a replacement, and there will be no questions that a person would come across. Do not worry about anything because this watch is safe in terms of everything.

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I love fitness and was trying to figure out how to note the number of calories I burn each day. A few weeks back, I came across my friend telling me about the Fitbeat watch. I thought, why not try it once, and honestly, this is the best product. Whether I sweat, or it’s raining, this watch is durable enough to overcome everything. I am happy and soon will give one to my dad and husband. I would recommend everyone to make the purchase. There is a huge discount that is running on the website so this might be the best time to purchase.


I have no words to explain that this watch is performing. It’s been three years that I am using this watch, and still, it has the same condition as it was back then. I would recommend this to everyone because this is solving many purposes. Whenever I go cycling, I do not get to know how many calories I have burnt today. In this watch, I get to know whether my phone is ringing or not. At the same time, how many calories I have burnt. In terms of each aspect, this watch is perfect and there is no reason not to purchase this watch.


Distractions are not easy to overcome, but I am helping myself in coming out of it with the help of this watch. Watching videos all day long and honestly, all this starts from a single notification and ends in wasting lots of hours watching all the social media applications. I understand why Steve Jobs has never given a phone to his children because it is so destructive. I get all the notifications in the watch, and I have the meter to measure the number of steps I walked in the entire day.


My blood pressure goes several times in a day, and to know what my blood pressure is, I have used the problematic machine. This watch made me aware of my blood pressure in only one tap, which is a fantastic thing about this watch. Moreover, it is cheap. I can guarantee that no brand can give a wristwatch at such an affordable price. Buy it right away and start experiencing the thrill of technology that this watch holds.


There could be no other watch that can give such great features in this price range. There will be no day that you will feel that you cannot use this watch. Do not waste time on a phone full of distractive applications and switch to this watch, which can tell you about phone notifications, health information, and time. Start your day with a motive to burn a specific number of calories, and at the end of the day, treat yourself for completing the target. The most beneficial deal would be purchasing six watches, which will give you a 65 percent discount, and you can gift this unique watch to the people you know. It is the right time to increase your productivity and purchase this watch.

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