Mobile Phone Sterilizer Review

‘Hygiene’ is now one of the most used and followed words, especially given that the world is currently facing a dangerous pandemic. You are told to wash your hands regularly, cover your face while stepping out of your homes, and also use gloves, if possible. You might even be disinfecting the fruits and vegetables you purchase with soap-water or other methods. But what most of you might miss out on is cleaning the smaller objects which you use more often, such as your mobile phones.

Scientists have proven that mobile phones can carry and transmit several germs and harmful pathogens. If you use your phone while answering nature’s call, then chances are your phone is now home to bacteria such as E. coli. Mobile phone companies say that you can use your regular disinfectants on your phone. But the chemicals can damage your phone screens over prolonged use. A better way to ensure that your phone stays free of germs is by using the Mobile Phone Sterilizer.

You can clean and sanitize your phone with this unique technology within a few minutes and without damaging your mobile. The Mobile Phone Sterilizer developed by EcomerzPro is the need of the hour.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer

About Mobile Phone Sterilizer

Your cell phone is perhaps the most often and most roughly used device. It comes in contact with various surfaces from your office desk to tables at restaurants and so on. That is why they are one of the most unclean devices you use. Besides, they come directly in contact with your face and increase your chances of getting infected by harmful viruses or bacteria. Mobile Phone Sterilizer uses advanced UV technology to help you rid these dangerous pathogens from your phone surface.

This rectangular device cleanses your phone of germs such as bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, leaving it spotless within minutes. It is one of the most effective ways of sanitizing your phones without the use of chemicals that may adversely affect your phone. Mobile Phone Sterilizer not only kills pathogens but also ensures that they don’t settle back quickly on your phone. So, you can use this device just once a day and be sure that your mobile’s hygiene is intact.

How Does The Device Work?

Mobile Phone Sterilizer is a rectangular box that can emit UV light from top and bottom to clean your phone surfaces thoroughly. You may have previously heard of UV radiation being used to sanitize water, sewage treatment, and even your water purifiers. UV or ultraviolet light is known for its ability to destroy germs. It kills the DNA of any microorganisms on your phone and doesn’t allow it to grow or function in any manner.

So, once you have plugged in the device and closed the lid, the UV light emitted within the box kills bacteria and viruses. It ensures that your phone is perfectly safe for you to use throughout the day. You can carry this device with you everywhere you go. You can also use it to sanitize your keys, your make-up, your precious jewelry, your watches, and anything else that can fit into this sterilizing device.

How To Use Mobile Phone Sterilizer?

The Mobile Phone Sterilizer is relatively straightforward to use. You have to power up the device by connecting it to an electrical outlet. You can even plug it into your laptops if you wish to use it while traveling or are unable to find a socket outlet. Once the device is connected, you have to place your phone or any other object you wish to sterilize into the box and close the lid.

There are two buttons on the lid – one is the power button while the other is for aromatherapy. If you switch on the power button, you will see a blue light, which indicates that the UV light is now taking action on your phone. Be careful not to open the cover while the process is on as otherwise, the sanitization will not work. So, how will you know that it’s time to take your phone out? It’s simple. The blue light will switch-off automatically in 6 minutes, indicating that your phone is now ready to use.

You can use up to 6 drops of aromatherapy liquid in the small outlet provided for it and switch on the corresponding button. A green light will indicate that the aromatherapy is in session. Your phone will be sanitized, and it will smell great in 8 minutes. Mobile Phone Sterilizer has an inbuilt charging point, so you can charge your phone while sanitizing it in the box. So, just shut the protective case and leave your phone charging in there while it gets a thorough hygiene treatment.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer review

Is The Device Safe To Use?

Your safety concerns are valid since, time and again, scientists have spoken about the harmful effects of UV radiation. But in most cases, this radiation is when your skin is exposed for a prolonged period to high UV rays. Keeping this in mind, EcomerzPro has come up with a device that you need to cover, entirely, for it to work.

The UV light will only function as long as the protective case is shut. If you open it mid-way, the light will stop working automatically. The device is designed, keeping your safety concerns in mind. It will only kill the germs on your phone and not harm you in any way.

What Does The Box Include?

Mobile Phone Sterilizer package includes the following:

One rectangular sterilizing box for cleaning your phones and other small objects.

  • One USB power cable which will help you power-up the sterilizer box.
  • One USB charger cable for charging any phone, whether iOS or Android.
  • One cleaning cloth so you can wipe the box clean after every use.
  • One user manual which will guide you through the entire process of using the device safely.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Sterilizer

  • Mobile Phone Sterilizer can sanitize your phones, keys, make-up, spoons, earphones, and any other item that fits into the box. The process takes up to 6 minutes, and your phone is free from germs and other microorganisms.
  • The device has an option of aromatherapy. You can not only sterilize your objects but also make them smell good. You can decide on the fragrance and just add less than 6 drops of the liquid in the diffuser space provided.
  • The device uses UV light to destroy all the harmful bacteria and viruses that settle on your phone. Not only that, but Mobile Phone Sterilizer also doesn’t allow the microorganisms to multiply or settle back comfortably on your phone.
  • The box is small, compact, and light-weight, which means that you can carry it with you wherever you go and use it at your convenience. You can also place the device anywhere from the kitchen counter to your bedside table.
  • Mobile Phone Sterilizer allows you to charge your phone while you cleanse it. You have to connect your phone in the USB charging spot provided inside the box and leave it there.
  • The box is big enough to fit-in smartphones of all sizes up to 7 inches. Mobile Phone Sterilizer will sanitize your phone without the use of any harmful chemicals. So, you can be assured that it will not harm your phone’s screen in the long-run.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase the Mobile Phone Sterilizer from its official website. The makers are presently offering a 50% discount on the product, along with free shipping anywhere in the USA. So, one Mobile Phone Sterilizer will cost you $79.

You can also opt for buying two boxes for the price of $145, which means each device will cost you $72.50. You can also buy three products for $185, which further drops the price of each box at $61.67.

The makers also offer you an extended warranty for one year at $5.95 and two years for $9.95.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer price

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The website has no information about a money-back guarantee. They do not offer refunds for products that you have used unless you have received a defective device – in this case, you have to send them an email with photographic proof of the same within 14 days of receiving the product. The company will either repair, replace, or refund you as per the situation.


  1. Does this device really work?

Yes, the device really does works. UV light is a scientifically proven method to sanitize various objects. Mobile Phone Sterilizer uses the same advanced technology in a box that can help you cleanse your phone of harmful pathogens without adversely affecting your phone.

  1. How much time will the device take to sterilize?

The time taken by Mobile Phone Sterilizer depends on what object you want to sanitize. Generally, for a phone, it takes about 6 minutes. If you also add in the aromatherapy to it, then it will take up to 8 minutes.


  • Mobile Phone Sterilizer can fit any phone up to 7 inches in length.
  • The box comes with a USB port and a cable that allows you to charge both iOS and Android devices.
  • The box has two UV lamps at either end. So, it kills germs from the top and bottom of your phone, giving it an all-round cleansing experience.
  • You can use the aromatherapy and the UV light cleansing at the same time. You will only have to wait for both the processes to be done before you remove your phone out of the box.
  • The protective lid of the Mobile Phone Sterilizer makes it safe to use. It will only clean the objects placed inside the box and not cause any harm to anything on the outside.
  • They have 24×7 online customer support to solve all your queries.


  • You can, at present, only purchase this product online and from their official website. Also, there are similar products available online, so buying from the official site might ensure that you don’t get any duplicate products.
  • The delivery time taken for this device is extended. It usually takes anywhere between 10-15 days for delivery from the time you place the order. With the pandemic on the rise, the estimated delivery time is now 21 days.
  • The website does not provide adequate information about the device and its functioning. Although it does have a video on YouTube which explains how the device works, you will have to search for it.

Customer Testimonials

I couldn’t believe the reports that I read about the bacteria that my phone has been attracting. Since then I have been looking for something that I can use to clean my phone without damaging the screen, and it is here finally. The Mobile Phone Sterilizer is the best product out there to maintain the hygiene of my phone.

– Daniel Schaffer, 28, Pennsylvania.

I love the added aromatherapy to the cleaning. My phone smells so lovely after a thorough sanitization. You can feel that it’s clean, especially because of the fragrance. I even sterilize my watches and jewelry in this box. I have been using this device for the last 3 months and have no complaints.

РClara Samuels, 33, New Hampshire 


Many chemical disinfectants are available in the market which you can use to clean your phone. But they do not work as effectively as UV lights. Besides, the chemicals will also harm your phone’s screen if you keep cleaning it every day. But with Mobile Phone Sterilizer, you can clean your phone every day without having to worry about the safety of your phone or yourself.

The Mobile Phone Sterilizer is one device that has become exceptionally important, given that bacteria and germs surround us. The box is perfectly designed to fit all the small objects which you may otherwise ignore when it comes to hygiene. The box only functions when the lid is shut, ensuring that at no point the UV light comes outside the box and causes you any harm. Mobile Phone Sterilizer is a genuinely safe product for the safety of your phone.

Mobile Phone Sterilizer price

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