Elite Tactical Headlamp Review

If you’re an adventurous person, you know there are some essentials without which you can’t continue your journey. The main item that no mountaineer or hiker forgets is a headlamp. A headlamp is a convenient device that you can carry and work your way through the pitch-dark forests.

There are many headlamps available but most of them stop functioning once discharged. With Elite Tactical Headlamp, you can use the headlamp for over 10 hours continuously. There are other benefits as well. Read the review to find out.

Elite Tactical Headlamp

About Elite Tactical Headlamp

Elite Tactical Headlamp is a comfortable and powerful headlamp. You can wear it around your head while traveling through the forests during hiking trips, and other excavations. It’s one of the most popular headlamps available in the market amongst people engaged in adventure activities. The main aspect that makes it the best is its battery backup. It works for over 10 hours continuously. It’s built-in with an 1800 mAh battery that can be recharged using a USB cable and adapter.

The lamp has a life of 100,000 hours, so it’s durable and will function properly for several years before anything happens to it. It has a regulator on its surface and you can use it to change modes, depending on the intensity of light you need. It’s a comfortable headlamp with adjustable straps, so you can tighten and loosen accordingly.

Given below are other technical specifications of the device.

Technical Specifications of Elite Tactical Headlamp

  • Battery Life: Over 10 hours
  • Rechargeable 1800 mAh battery
  • Life of Lamp: 100,000 hours
  • Adjustable straps
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Focus Beam: Adjustable 1x-2000x
  • Multiple Modes: SOS, Low, Medium, and High
  • Wide-angle: 100-degree illumination angle
  • Sturdy and Strong: Made with military-grade material

How Does Elite Tactical Headlamp Work?

This is a very sophisticated tactical headlamp that has many useful features unavailable in other such headlamps. Your Elite Tactical Headlamp is very convenient to wear as it has three-way adjusting bands, from the back, left, and right. After you fit it on your head and put on the headlamp, the beam lightens up the area in front of you. It has five convenient modes i.e. low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe that you can adjust easily according to your need. For example, in a pitch dark forest, you will need the high mode and when you are in danger you can use the SOS mode to seek help.

This tactical headlamp that can be used in your adventure trips and otherwise in darkness has an adjustable zoom so that you can focus the light on any spot or object. This zoom has levels of x1, x250, x500, x1000, and x2000 that make it so effective in difficult dark environments and why the Elite Tactical Headlamp is the most preferred tactical headlamp for the military and other security services.

Elite Tactical Headlamp Review

Benefits of Elite Tactical Headlamp

Water-Resistant and Impact-Resistant 

Elite Tactical Headlamp is designed in such a way that it can withstand adverse weather, field hazards, and challenging terrain. It also has an impact resistance of 1 meter. Most headlamps have an IPX4 rating which means that it is operational in rain. But, Elite Tactical Headlamp has an IPX6 rating which means it is water-resistant and will be operational if it is submerged in water.

Beam Distance and Luminosity

Elite Tactical Headlamp has a powerful beam of light. This uses LED bulbs which generate 900+ lumens of light. This light is powerful enough to cover a beam distance of 250+ meters.

Function and Setting 

Elite Tactical Headlamp has light modes which are beam rotation and zoomable light. You can also adjust the brightness according to your convenience. This headlamp has a strobe setting for any type of emergency.

Weight and Size 

Elite Tactical Headlamp is very light in weight. This is portable and can be strapped on your head without any irritations. You will face any difficulties wearing this headlamp. The size of the headlamp is very small and comfortable to wear onto your head. This can also be adjusted according to the size of your head.

Battery backup

Elite Tactical Headlamp has a battery backup of more than 10 hours. It works for 10 hours continuously on one single charge.

Purchase and Price

The creators of Elite Tactical Headlamp have put hearts and souls into making the most effective device for you. They want you to be satisfied with your purchase. So, they offer you a 15-day trial period. If you like the product and find it beneficial, you can go ahead and pay for the product. And, if you’re dissatisfied, you can choose to return it. Given below is the full pricing policy of the company.

First, to order the product, you’ve to pay $7.95 only. It’s the charge for shipping and handling. After the 15-day trial window, the seller deducts $49.95 which is the device’s total cost. The amount gets deducted from your credit card automatically.

You also get access to the ‘Elite Tactical Store’s VIP Program’ with your order. The first 30 days of the program are free. After the initial 30 days, the seller charges $14.95 monthly for the program. You’ll also get a $25 gift card each month which you can use to buy useful accessories.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

You’re not obligated to continue your subscription with the company. You can choose to cancel your membership whenever you want. You get a 2-week trial window initially to try the product. If you feel the device isn’t benefiting you in any way, you can cancel your order within the stipulated trial period, and get a full refund.

You can also cancel your ‘Elite Tactical VIP Program’ subscription anytime you wish. You’ve to contact the company’s customer support and ask them to initiate your refund request. You’ll also receive a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) number from the seller. You’re required to return the device to be eligible for a refund. The return package must have the RMA number on it.

The seller initiates your refund after the package arrives at the concerned address. You’re also charged a $10 restocking fee. The return policy is valid for 30 days so ensure you return the items within the stipulated time.


What’s the battery backup of the device?

The battery backup of Elite Tactical Headlamp is over 10 hours. You can use the device for prolonged hours continuously.

Is the Elite Tactical Headlamp rechargeable?

Yes, Elite Tactical Headlamp is rechargeable. It has an 1800 mAh and you can charge it to 100% in only a few hours.

Does the device work on batteries?

No, the device has an in-built 1800 mAh battery. It needs to be recharged when it gets discharged. You can charge it to 100% in 2-3 hours. It doesn’t work on batteries that need to be replaced regularly.

Is the headlamp adjustable?

Yes, Elite Tactical Headlamp is adjustable. It fits all heads and you can adjust the strap accordingly. It’s a comfortable strap and won’t hurt your head when you wear it.

What’s the total life of the lamp?

The life of the lamp is 100,000 hours. So, it’s durable and will last for years before it gets damaged or stops functioning.

Do you get a guarantee on the device?

Yes, you get a guarantee on your purchase. If the device gets damaged or is defective, you can contact the company, and they’ll replace it immediately. You also get a 15-day trial period and you can see if the device suits your requirements.

Can you change modes on the device?

Yes, there are different intensities of light- high, medium, low, and SOS. you can change and switch modes as and when you like. There’s a regulator that has to be used to switch between modes.

Can Elite Tactical Headlamp get damaged if it comes into contact with water?

No, it has an IP67 waterproof rating, which is the highest standard when it comes to water resistance. So, it’s safe against water and sweat and won’t get damaged if it comes into contact.

Customer Testimonials

I love to go to camps with my kids once each month. I can assure you that it’s the most important item that you would want to carry with yourself. I’ve tried many headlamps but found that the battery backup of most was below-par. But after trying Elite Tactical Headlamp, I can say that I’ve found the ideal headlamp. Henry, 40, Seattle.

Thank you to the creators of Elite Tactical Headlamp, I’ve got the most effective and powerful headlamp. As a hiking enthusiast, I realize the significance of headlamps, but the ones I had earlier weren’t as powerful and easy to operate as this one! Mike, 30, California. 


If you’re an adventurer, you know that headlamps are probably one of the essentials required. Elite Tactical Headlamp is the best one available in the market. With an IP67 rating and 10 hours battery backup, it’s way ahead in terms of its performance. Buy one and experience it for yourself. Get on the company’s official website and order now!

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