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Are you a music person? You love to hear music whenever you feel like when you are on your couch or driving. If yes, you must have lots of music equipment, like Bluetooth, speakers, earphones, etc. As there are several earphones available in the market, it becomes quite challenging to get the best. With advanced technology in all areas, we all know the introduction of wireless earphones. Wired earphones have some harmful effects too. While doing a workout, it becomes challenging to carry wired earphones, as it may be a hindrance in your training, or sometimes you end up listening to music because it is difficult to handle and take wired earphones. It becomes quite tough to carry your earphones during the workout and drive or roam here and there in your house. The concept of earphones comes with attaching with a phone, but when we connect it with a mobile phone or system through wires, it is hard to carry and keep your mobile phone in hand to listen to music or listen to calls. To ease this scenario, we present one of the best and unique devices for music lovers and their comfort; it is known as Play Pods. In the below review, we will explain to you all the facts about the device. Now you can even listen to music without keeping your mobile phone in hand with the help of Play Pods.


What are Play Pods?

Play Pods is a great music earbud that will give you excellent music level and sound. Play Pods are wireless earphones that anyone can easily use, and they are compatible with every smartphone. It is a fact that people in today’s world have smartphones instead of regular phones, so having earbuds is another addition to smartphones that will allow you to have better accessibility of music and other phone features without wire. Play Pods will give you higher and better audio and voice quality. The beauty of these earphones is that it is stylish and can be compatible with any phone, no matter if you have an android or apple, you can easily attach your earbuds with your phone.

Now make your life easy while driving, or walking, or doing work in the kitchen, with the help of Play Pods. It will enable you to listen to music or talk without always carrying your phone in hand. It is ultimately a safe product that does not have any harmful impact on the ears. You can quickly answer your calls and talk to your loved ones by simply putting these earbuds on your ears and don’t need to carry any wired earphones or phone in hand. It comes with a great Bluetooth connection, which allows you to connect it to any device.

It comes with a case charging station, which means you need to set the earbuds’ case to make it work for a more extended period. The manufacturer ensures that it is full of high premium quality, which makes it a durable device. It should be an add on for music lovers.

Features of Play Pods

Play Pods are great earbuds; it is full of unique features, making it a great device to be attached to a smartphone. The following are the features of PlayPods.

Rich and High Quality

Play Pods are unique because it comes with high audio and voice quality. You will not face any voice and listening issues when you are using Play Pods. It has a built-in bass and volume that gives you a perfect and loud voice of the call or music, whatever you wish to use it for.

Small and Stylish

Play Pods are compact, you can easily keep it in your pocket, and it is stylish also, it comes in two colors, white and black.

Easy Set-Up 

You don’t have to worry about its setup; the only thing you require is a smartphone. It works in every smartphone, whether it is an android or an apple. It is compatible with every smartphone. Moreover, it can be used with tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. All you need to do is, set up a Bluetooth connection of your smart device and connect it to the PlayPods. It hardly takes a minute to get connected. It is easy and convenient to use earphones.

Automatic Bluetooth Connection

Whenever you have set up these Play Pods with a smart device, and the Bluetooth is on, it automatically gets connected to the device. There is no requirement of connecting or installing it again and again. It automatically detects the connection, which is already associated with the earphones, and it connects with it instantly. 

Multipurpose benefit

You can use Play Pods for listening to music or answering calls. Now you don’t have to keep your phone handy to answer the call; you need to connect the Play Pods with your phone and answer the call even when you are working around or driving or any work.

Case Charging Station

The device has a case charging station, which means it is important to assess the case so that your earbuds get full charging power, and you can use it anytime you want.

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How to connect and install your Play Pods with your smart device?

You must be wondering how to install and set up Play Pods with your devices, to know that you need to follow the below steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth connection of the PlayPods. Ensure it is charging; if it is not, you must charge it by placing the earbuds in the case charging station.
  • The next step you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth of your smart device, now search for Bluetooth connection.
  • Once you get a Bluetooth connection to your smart device, you can connect it to PlayPods.
  • Once it is connected, you only need to place them on your ears and enjoy the music.

Make sure you have a smart device to connect it with PlayPods. There is no compulsion of any model or product; it only needs to be an intelligent device. It is important to have both Bluetooth connections.

Where to buy PlayPods?

As we all know, there are many earbuds present in the market, but what makes Play Pod special are its unique features. And as there is a wide variety of Play Pods in the market, people tend to copy the name and sell them at low quality. In such a case, it is always important to know that you must buy Play Pods from its official website. Through its site, you will be sure about the quality and its price. The only thing you need to do is fill a form and put some of your details like name, shipping address, contact number, and payment details to place an order. Once you place an order, the manufacturer ensures you will get the delivery at your home earliest as per the terms and conditions.

Price of Play Pods

While you are looking to buy PlayPods, you must buy it from its site as it is a fact that you must buy it from its site. The manufacturer ensures that you get the best deal and get various discounts on Play Pods’ purchase. The following are the packages available on the sale of Play Pods:

  • When you buy one set of Play Pods, you will get it at the cost of $39.99, whereas the original price was $79.99. It also comes with a 20% discount activated.
  • Now when you want to purchase two sets of Play Pods, be ready to pay $31.99 for each set, and it is among the top-selling packages of Play Pods. You only have to pay $63.98 in total for this package. Along with this, it comes with a 30% discount activated.
  • When you buy three sets of Play Pods, you have to pay $24.99 each, and in total, you have to pay $74.97. It is also a popular package. This package also ensures a 40% discount activated.
  • Now comes the best value package, where you buy four sets of Play Pods, and you will get one set free. It will cost you $19.99 each, in total you need to pay $79.96. This package ensures 50% of activated.

As per your requirement and budget, you can choose the package, and it clearly shows the more you will buy, the more money you will save. It is a great product that you can gift to music lovers, so avail the best offer and give it to your loved ones the great and worth price device.

The payment you will make online is completely safe. Your credit card information is not stored on the website, and the manufacturer will accept payment in every mode. So you don’t have to worry whether you have a visa card or MasterCard; the site accepts payment in every way.

PlayPods review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Play Pods comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy with the device, you can claim your full refund within 30 days of its purchase.


Can children use Play Pods? Is it safe for them?

Yes, children can also use these Play Pods, as they are of high quality, which does not destroy ears.

In how many days will we get the shipping of Play Pods?

Usually, manufacturing takes between 3 to 5 days to ship your order.

Is the delivery available in New York?

Yes, the delivery of Play Pods is available all over the USA.

What colors are available in Play Pods?

The manufacturer also makes the earbuds in two colors; they are white and black.

Is it necessary to make payment online for Play Pods?

Yes, payment online is necessary; there is no cash on delivery.

Customer Reviews

By Jerry

During my workout session, I never liked the outside sound, so I always preferred to listen to my music. Earlier I was using wired earphones, but over time, I realized that it is becoming a hindrance in my training sessions, as wires sometimes get tangled in my hands during a workout. Then I purchased Play Pods; it is a lovely product that has an amazing sound with great volume. Now I can listen to my music and without any problem with the wire during my training session.

By Johnson

While driving, it is hard to talk on mobile phones, but I usually get calls for my traveling job when I am going. But these Play Pods have solved my problem, I easily connect it to my mobile phone, and now I talk freely without any worries with Play Pods’ help.

By Elta 

I am a die-hard music lover, I want to hear music most of the time, and when I was using headphones, I could not listen while doing my household work. Then my husband bought me Play Pods; now I freely listen to music whenever I am in the kitchen or gardening outside in my Yard. Now all I need to do is switch on the Bluetooth and play my music list. I love Play Pods and Music.

By Gracy 

While running, it is hard to take care of your headphones and wire. But Play Pods have solved my problem. Now I run more with listening to high-quality music than these wireless Play Pods. It is an amazing device and perfectly adds on for smartphone users.


Play Pods are amazing earphones, which are wireless and easy to use. Say no more to headphones or unusual earphones when you have Play Pods. It is a great device as it is compatible with every smartphone and smart device like tablets, laptops, and more. Play Pods are stylish and small in size, which you can take anywhere and can use anytime you want. You only need to attach it with smart devices Bluetooth. Now don’t wait; visit its website, and place your order.

Play Pods price

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