Do CBD Gels and Creams Really Help for Pain Relief?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the flower of cannabis and is directly obtained from the hemp plant. It is related to the marijuana plant, however, it is considered safe and non-addictive. CBD can also help you to lessen the effect of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound found in cannabis that makes a person feel intoxicated.

The sudden increase in the popularity of CBD leads to the introduction of CBD products in many forms. You can take CBD in whichever form you wish as they are available in the form of eatables, gels, creams, and even as soaks. The CBD gels and creams are generally used for pain management as well as to reduce muscle tension.


What does research suggest?

Research suggests that cannabis or cannabinoids can be effective to reduce joint pain and arthritis. However, the research is based on the known properties of THC and THC with cannabidiol and not cannabidiol alone. You can find various studies that are conducted and published related to CBD however, only a few of them are made without THC. The studies that show CBD to be effective for pain are animal studies and hence much cannot be concluded for humans. For instance, a study done on rats focuses on arthritis in rats, and CBD was used to lower the pain and inflammation. The rats were given an injection in a knee and received different amounts of CBD for four days. After four days it was seen that the rats that received a high level of dose were having reduced inflammation and lower pain as well. The ones that were given smaller doses of CBD didn’t show much difference in their condition. The highest dose was 10 percent of CBD and 1 percent being the lowest. However, this study doesn’t explain the role of CBD for humans as there are many differences and an animal study is not the best reference to be used. Although this study is not much of help however, it points out an important point about the CBD that is its dosage or its concentration. The use of correct cream or gel is also necessary to ensure effective results as the amount of CBD that works for one necessarily may not work for others too. Some doctors consider CBD safe however, they ask their patients to urge for more research to learn about CBD closely and all the medical conditions related to it.

One small study based on 20 people was published where CBD lotion or ointment was used for 3 months for scars and other skin orders. It was seen that there was an improvement in scars and other skin problems as people could experience improved results. However not much can be concluded from a small study.

How do CBD creams and gels work?

A recent survey shows that more than 2500 people who have arthritis are either willing to buy CBD products or have already used them. Out of these around 50% used a CBD gel or a cream. The CBD products that are to be applied topically are usually made to address pain and inflammation as to deal with other problems it is necessary that CBD enters your system through the bloodstream. Some people claim that the selection of correct topical CBD products like gels and creams not only provides temporary relief in pain but also helps the pain to gradually fade away. This happens because of cannabinoid receptors, they are part of your endocannabinoid system that affects many physiological processes like immune function, pain sensation, appetite, mood, and more. The high concentration of cannabinoid receptors on skin makes the application of these gels and creams effective.

The other reason why it can help is that when you carry out a heavy workout especially a strength training there can be micro-tears in your muscles and pain relief depends upon the damage. This is the reason why you feel sore when muscles start to heal. Immune cells help your body to repair the micro-tears and the tissues once they detect the damage. CBD helps to limit the release of these signals and helps with the pain.

CBD gels and creams are highly favored by some athletes to improve their performance, accelerate their body’s recovery, and for better muscle functions. Many athletes recommend the usage of CBD creams and gels to relieve pain as athletes often need to train hard and it is quite common to have body ache after hard training. CBD helps them to relieve their pain as well as to train for a longer time and also ensures that muscle cramps are reduced. The anti-inflammatory properties help the person to make a speedy recovery. And also helps them to avoid inflammation and muscle strain. These problems can affect their athletic performance and act as a barrier in their training hence many athletes prefer CBD ointments in order to avoid such problems. There are many other benefits that one can gain through CBD however, there isn’t much evidence to support them.

Should you buy a CBD cream or a gel?

After much consideration, it is seen that trying out a CBD product can be good if it works for you as results vary from person to person. Trying it out for once won’t hurt and can provide you relief for the short term at least since the ingredients found in these creams and gels produce cooling or a heating effect that can help you with pain. Also, while you massage these products on your skin circulation is improved and helps with muscle spasms. However, it is necessary to find a suitable product that can effectively benefit you. There are various things that you can do to get the most authentic product available.

  • Consider a certificate of authenticity

One simple way to find a trustworthy company that sells CBD products is to ask them for a certificate of authenticity. The certificate helps you to know about all the details of the product like whether the product is lab-tested or not, the amount of CBD present in the product, and other ingredients as well. This helps you buy a reliable product and also reduces the chances of any side effects.

  • Be wary of fake claims

Some companies tend to add fake claims with their product to increase their product’s demand however, being a responsible buyer you have to differentiate between the real claims and the fake ones. Any claim that seems to be outrageous and gives a 100% guarantee to treat any health problem can be fake. Companies that make CBD products are not allowed to claim that the product can cure a health-related problem.

  • Consult a doctor if needed

It is better to consult a doctor beforehand if you suffer from any skin disease or sensitive skin as your doctor can help you get the right product that suits your skin to avoid any side effects or reaction of the cream or the gel, your doctor can provide you with the best advice thus making the selection of the product easier.

  • Remember to read the label

The label helps you to know about all the ingredients present in the product and you can check if there is any particular ingredient in it that you are allergic to. It also helps you to choose the product according to your preference like cruelty-free and paraben-free.

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