5 Benefits of CBD In Massage Therapy

A massage is not the same when you are using the CBD. Cannabidiol comes with a lot of benefits when you use if for a massage. CBD contains pain relief and anti-inflammatory agents. As such, if you use it to massage your body, you can relieve your body of pain. Your skin condition can be improved by rubbing CBD oil into your skin. There are a lot of benefits when using CBD oil to massage your body. The benefits will be discussed in detail below.

CBD In Massage Therapy

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is an extract from cannabis. The CBD does not have the THC. THC has powerful effects on cannabis that can make you high. Using CBD is much safer than using cannabis. CBD can be used in massage in the form of oil. You can experience a lot of benefits by incorporating CBD products in a massage. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of CBD in a massage.

5 Benefits of using CBD in massage therapy

  1. Boosts skin health

Doing a massage involves rubbing the skin gently. The oil can penetrate the skin as you massage it into the skin. Using the CBD oil for a massage makes your skin healthier. CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory agents; hence why can reduce inflammation in your skin. Those who are suffering from skin diseases such as acne, CBD massage can be effective. The oil can reduce pimples and blemishes in the skin as it lowers the production of oil in the skin.

Additionally, CBD oil has linoleic acid, which is useful in controlling oil production on the skin, also prevents breakouts in the skin. Therefore using CBD oil to massage is effective in improving your skin condition. You can enjoy massage therapy and have long-lasting benefits.

  1. Pain relief

CBD oil anti-inflammatory agent is useful in relieving pain. Those who are suffering from injuries, muscle pain, joint pain can benefit by using the oil to massage the affected area. CBD oil is a good source of pain management. It can also reduce chronic pain. The oil can help you heal quicker. It is also effective in reducing blood pressure, and you can loosen muscle or joint injury. Therefore, the use of CBD oil is useful to those who are suffering from various injuries.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

CBD massage is good for improving the health status of an individual. Using oil can alleviate stress and anxiety. As discussed above, the oil improves blood circulation and blood pressure. As such, if you are suffering from depression, a CBD massage is helpful. The oil calms your mind and makes your body more relaxed through the massage. The CBD massage can make you feel better if you are suffering from a headache and digestive order. You can sleep better and overcome your sleeping disorders by using CBD oil for a massage.

  1. Relaxation

Massage on its own is good for relaxing your body. However, the addition of CBD oil makes relaxes your nerves. People who have done a massage using a CBD oil say that they fall asleep during the massage session due to the effects of the oil. The CBD oil contains agents that are good in improving the blood circulation.

  1. Boosts mood

You can feel much better by using CBD oil when massaging your body. A body that is free from pains and tension feels good and great. As such, it stimulates your mind. You can feel like something heavy has been lifted off from your shoulders by doing CBD massage. You will feel renewed and happy. Therefore, if you are feeling bored and low, CBD oil massage is the best option to boost your mood.

How does it work?

The great thing about using CBD oil is that it works together with the endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid (ECS) is crucial in regulating your mood, sleep, memory appetite, immune function, and more. Therefore the CBD influences the condition of ECS and its functionality. Your body, which gets massaged using the CBD oil, can experience a change in mood, memory, appetite, and more.

The ECS systems have two types of cannabinoid receptors, which are represented as CB1 and CB2. CB1 involves receptors that are found in the brain. CB2 receptors can be found anywhere all over your body. CBD effects are indirect to both receptors, and it does not bind them as such CBD becomes safer compared to THC, which alters the mind. You might feel higher and hyperactive by using THC, unlike using the CBD.  However, using the CBD to massage your body has a lot of benefits that were discussed above. The CBD interacts with your ECS safely and naturally without confusing it.

Your therapist can rub your body using the oil. As a specialist, she might be aware of the instructions of the oil. It is important to go through the instructions for better results. The oil gets applied directly to your skin. The oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents; therefore, it can be safely applied to an open sore. However, it is advised to consult a specialist before using the oil. If you are suffering from an internal injury, stressed muscles, joint tension, the oil can be applied directly into the skin.

Tips for using CBD oil for massage

  • Check the percentage of THC, make sure that you are using CBD that contains zero THC or the THC is less than 0.3 percent. The presence of THC might make you feel higher or show in the drug test.
  • Check that the product went through the third party lab for certification.
  • Check the potency of your CBD oil and make sure that it meets your needs
  • Make sure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law; the use of CBD is illegal in some states. Be sure to comply with the laws in your state about the use of CBD.
  • Make sure that you are clean before using the oil. Wash your hands after using the oil.
  • Avoid taking a bath after doing a massage. Just leave your body as it is and let the oil penetrate and stay longer in your skin for better results.
  • If you have an actual running ailment from a certain condition or if you are under medication, you may need to consult your doctor before using the CBD oil.
  • Use the oil sparingly

Final thoughts

Your body can benefit a lot by using CBD oil. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory agents, and your body can be relieved of pain. If your muscles and joints are suffering from tension, using CBD oil can relieve your body parts. As such, your mood will be drastically improved. The CBD massage is also good for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, sleeping orders, and mental challenges. The massage relaxes the body and the mind. It is also good in improving the skin condition. Those with skin conditions such as acne, rubbing your body with CBD oil can lower the production of acne in your skin. The oil is also good in improving blood circulation and blood pressure. However, if you fail to realize these benefits, you may invest in Sonoma Valley CBD Oil.

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