PowerVolt Energy Saver Review

The increase in power bills over the last 3 years has increased by 30%. And this huge increase in the cost of power is enough to ruin a monthly budget. Every household has a budget that can be ruined by the power supplier. They increase the energy rates frequently and find yourself paying a bill that is a drain your income. Did your income increase in the same proportion? So, it’s necessary to reduce your energy consumption and pay lesser power bills.

Wondering how? Here’s how!

Households across the U.S are using PowerVolt Energy Saver to reduce their electricity bills. It does not involve any tampering with your meter box or any illegal activity. With this small but sturdy device, you can prevent wastage of electricity by your appliances. Your consuming appliances like ACs, Washing Machines, lights, and fans, work effectively by using less power. The best thing about this energy-saving device is that it protects your devices from electrical damage by regulating voltage and preventing short-circuits.

One PowerVolt Energy Saver is enough for an area of 500 sq ft. So, it is better to buy a combo pack from the official to enjoy energy-saving benefits at an affordable cost. Order now, save money and also save the earth’s resources.

PowerVolt Energy Saver

About PowerVolt Energy Saver

PowerVolt is an electrical device that is capable of saving energy and making your equipment work efficiently. You just need to plug the device into a socket and this is enough to reduce power consumption by more than 80%. The gadget will cut off the wastage of energy and provide sufficient energy to the devices running in the house.

This device is small and portable and you can carry it anywhere you want to use and save on your electricity bills. The operation of the device is easy and does not require any special installation.

This gadget operates on well-researched technology to minimize the energy usage of all the electric devices at your home and prevent power wastage. PowerVolt is best suited for offices, restaurants, hotels, homes, etc. So you can save your hard-earned money in two ways with this easy-to-operate device.

Features of PowerVolt Energy Saver

PowerVolt energy saver provides you with the best energy-saving services. The features of this device are:

  • The input accepted by your energy-saving device should be between 25 to 90 volts for continuous functioning.
  • The device provides you with a great-frequency range of over 50 hertz and less than 60 hertz.
  • It is a handy and portable appliance that can save your electricity anywhere and everywhere.
  • The device has an outstanding feature of regulating the temperature of your electrical appliance by balancing the input voltage.
  • The device is not inflammable and fireproof.
  • When the PowerVolt Energy Saver begins to work correctly, a green LED light flashes.
  • The small device supports self-installation and is easy-to-use.
  • The device has a secure and safe plug-in. It has a unique safety circuit to protect your power supply’s fuse from tripping.
  • The range of one PowerVolt Energy Saver is 500 sq. ft.

How Does PowerVolt Energy Saver Work?

You need to plug the two-pin energy-saving gadget into any electric socket to make it work. It has a bright green LED light that shows that the device has started working. If you plug the PowerVolt in for a long time, it will enhance the performance of the device.

PowerVolt energy saver does not comprise any complicated circuits or parts. It uses a simple but constructive working system that neutralizes the frequent voltage fluctuations in the circuit. So, your electrical appliances run efficiently with less power.

The effective components of PowerVolt Energy Saver prevent wastage of power. It is capable of storing the excess energy in the circuit and can use that energy later.

This gadget can protect your electrical devices from any kind of explosion by regulating the electricity entering your appliances.

PowerVolt benefits

How to Use PowerVolt Energy Saver?

This energy-saving device is very simple to use. You need to unpack the box and follow the guidelines provided by the company. Plug the PowerVolt into your preferred socket. Soon after you plug in the device into the socket, the connection gets completed and now you only need to switch it on. An LED green flashes as soon as the device starts working. If you want to experience the maximum effect of the PowerVolt, you need to switch on the device for a considerable period of time.

Benefits of PowerVolt Energy Saver

  • Your power bill gets reduced by over 80%.
  • This affordably priced device saves power consumption in residences, shops, hotels, and offices.
  • The device protects the electrical appliances from exploding due to too much power entering it. It regulates the power output of your circuit.
  • This small device reduces the energy-consumption of ACs, fans, lights, microwaves, TVs, and other electrical devices.
  • All your electrical appliances take in more electricity than it requires to run. This useful energy-saving device controls the wastage of electricity by the appliances.
  • This energy-saving device ensures safety in your electrical circuit as it has heat-proof and shockproof sensors.
  • This energy saver uses no power. You plug-it in a socket to get power-saving benefits.
  • This is a zero-maintenance device. It is possible to use this sturdy device for a long period of time without any concerns.
  • The company provides you with lifetime support. The experts of the company continuously assist you with any help needed regarding the device.

Purchase & Price

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and huge discounts when you order PowerVolt Energy Saver from the official website.

  • One PowerVolt Energy Saver, which will be sufficient for an area of 500 square feet, costs $39.98. The company charges a small amount for shipping and handling.
  • You will get some bundled offers on the website that offers greater discounts. If you want to save electricity consumption of your entire house, shop, or factory, buy more devices.
  • The company waives the shipping and handling charges when you buy more than one device. It also gives additional discounts when you buy more devices.
  • You can buy two devices at $59.97 i.e. the full price of the first energy-saving device and 50% of the second one. So, you only pay $59.97 for two energy savers at the rate of $29.98 per device.
  • When you buy three PowerVolt Energy Savers, you pay for two and get the third one free. If you select this combo, each device will cost $26.33. The manufacturers call this the most valuable offer.
  • If you buy five PowerVolt Energy Savers, you can get a 25% discount on the price i.e. $199.90. You will get five devices at $149.93.
  • Ten of these energy-saving devices are available at $279.86, after a discount of 30%. The original price is $399.
  • If you buy fifteen devices together, you pay $389.81 after 35% off on the actual cost of $599.70.
  • Twenty PowerVolt devices are available at $479.76 when you buy from the company’s website. Originally priced at $799.60, you get a huge 40% discount.

Money-Back Guarantee 

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with PowerVolt Energy Saver.


Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the product, contact the seller’s customer service and register a request for a refund. Then return the devices in original packaging. Send the receipt of the order also.

To ensure fast transit, book the return with a courier who allows tracking facility. After shipping, share the tracking number with the customer service so that the company can track your return. After the return reaches the seller facility, it gets checked and your refund is initiated—your money is credited in your account in a few days.


Is PowerVolt effective in household electric circuits? 

Of course. PowerVolt reduces wastage of electricity in your home by strengthening the power system. It maintains a normal voltage level and improves the functioning of your appliances. As a result, your power consumption reduces considerably. And your power bill reduces by 90%.

Can you use one PowerVolt Energy Saver device for the whole house or office? 

No. You will need one device for every 500 sq. feet. So, according to the covered area of your home, shop, or office, buy the number of devices and reduce your power bills.

After how many days can you get the reduced bills? 

Your power consumption reduces from the moment you plug in the PowerVolt Energy Saver. The reduction in your power bill gets reflected in a month or so. But, using it for a longer time will make your equipment save more power.


  • Reduces power bills by up to 90%
  • Protects electrical gadgets connected to the circuit
  • Prevents wastage of power
  • Easy to use, plug-in device
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Affordable and comes with a warranty
  • Zero maintenance cost


  • Best selling energy saver, so stocks may get exhausted.
  • Many fake products are available. So, buy the genuine PowerVolt Energy Saver from the manufacturer’s official website.

Customer Testimonials

I had purchased a mansion in the countryside a year back. I was pleased to set up a new home around beautiful surroundings. But I was worried about the electricity bills. Considering the size of the mansion, several lights and other electrical devices were necessary. Electricity being a recurring cost, I needed a one-time solution. I installed Powervolt to keep my electricity bills in check. In the subsequent month, I saved around 60% of the electricity costs. Additionally, I got protected from power surge as well, which in turn ensured that the electrical devices are not damaged due to sudden power fluctuations. 

Being a student, I had to manage with my limited funds and resources. I had rented a small apartment within my budget but I was keen to save other costs as well. I was using several devices like laptops, television, and refrigerator and the electric bill was substantial which was eating into my funds. My friend suggested that I may use Powervolt to save on my electricity costs. Powervolt was easy to install and use. I just plugged it into a socket and the LED light became green to indicate that it was functioning. It stabilized the voltage and thereby saved the consumption of energy. It reduced my electricity costs by more than 70%. The money I saved on electricity bills I can gainfully use elsewhere. 

After my retirement, I had to draw up my budget from scratch in a granular manner as I had to plan my expenses as per my monthly pension inflow. I could clearly make out that electricity bills constitute a major part of my monthly expenses. I was determined to reduce my electricity costs so that my expenses can fit my income. I installed Powervolt to streamline my electricity consumption and therefore reduce my electricity bill. Powervolt successfully reduced the electricity consumed by appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, television sets, etc. I ended up paying only 50% of the amount that I used to pay as an electricity bill. 

When I relocated to my new home in a different city, I was shocked to see the electricity bills. Due to the higher per-unit cost, I had to pay a higher amount for the same number of appliances that I was using. To deal with this, I bought PowerVolt. This easy to use an energy-saving device just needs to be plugged in into a socket. It cut down my electricity costs by 70% to 80%. 


Power expenses are rising by leaps and bounds. With the advancement of technology, people use ACs during summers and heaters during autumn and winter. Gadgets like washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, stereo systems are also necessities these days. All these gadgets run on electricity. And at the end of the month, you get an exorbitant bill from your power supplier. Do you wonder about how to reduce your power bill and save some money? Reducing power bills is now possible with PowerVolt Energy Saver 

This portable energy saver reduces your power bills by 90% within 30 days of use. Start using PowerVolt Energy Saver today!

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