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We are living in tough times. With the ongoing pandemic; staying healthy and safe has become everyone’s top priority. This deadly virus has cost many of their lives and is continuing to do so. Everyone is trying their best to keep their loved ones safe and protected during these unnatural times.

People are mostly trying to stay indoors and avoid stepping out at all costs; unless absolutely necessary. There is a nationwide lockdown happening, governments urging people to avoid contact with anybody and to practice social distancing. Offices have been shut and those who can are be working from home; if not are even sitting at home with unpaid leaves; with no clue about when things will get better. We are all trying our best to stay safe and making sacrifices to ensure the safety of our family. However, even in such times, there are situations when we need to step outside the safety of our homes, certain professionals like doctors, nurses, cleaning and sanitation staff, police officers, delivery guys; who cannot stay home even in such a crisis. They risk their lives every day for society, for their families; not knowing if they will be returning home safely at the end of the day.

LifeProtectX has come up with just the right kind of product for such people; the SuitProtect. It is a bodysuit made of premium quality PVC, covering you from head to toe and keeping your body safe from coming in contact with any virus or infection. Owing to the nature of the material, the virus and other pathogens cannot penetrate the suit and in no way come in contact with your body. You can now step out, wearing your SuitProtect, feeling confidant and without the fear of catching any infection. Your clothes or body will no longer be exposed to the atmosphere when you step out; not allowing any virus or bacteria to latch itself on to it.


What is SuitProtect all about?

SuitProtect by LifeProtectX is a protective bodysuit made of premium grade PVC; nonwoven and polyurethane hot melt sealing tape, that helps you keep your body isolated from the exposure to any virus or bacteria. It is water-proof and will protect you from any infectious fluids too. SuitProtect must be worn as instructed and care must be taken to ensure that there is no tear in your SuitProtect, in order to keep you protected fully when required.

Such bodysuits are usually needed in a situation where there is a chance of splashes or exposure to chemicals. Additionally, it is also useful to keep your body safe from any virus and bacteria by keeping your body isolated and protected from the contact of any external surfaces; which may be contaminated.

The SuitProtect is designed with great care to ensure that it is impermeable by viruses and bacteria. Owing to its unique design it allows quick evaporation of any moisture content inside the suit to; so, you do not have to worry about feeling suffocated or uncomfortable while wearing this suit. Its protective layering is capable of blocking out all kinds of chemicals, liquids and prevents direct contact with the body.

SuitProtect will safeguard your body from allergies, skin infections and inflammation. It is the ideal product to keep your body safe; allowing you to step out in confidence and do your important chores. After all, how long can you go without stepping out, sooner or later you will have to leave the confines of your home, maybe to get some essentials, to see a doctor, for an emergency; SuitProtect will give you the mental peace by protecting you and safeguarding you, all the while you are outdoors.

How to wear SuitProtect before you step out?

Before you step out of the house for any errand it is important to ensure that you are wearing SuitProtect the right way, to cover all your body, allowing you the ease of movement. It is recommended to follow the given set of steps to ensure that you have protected yourself completely with the LifeProtectX SuitProtect; before stepping out.

  • Take off all accessories including the wristwatch that you may be wearing. Wash your hands thoroughly with a disinfecting handwash and then sanitize it some rubbing alcohol or sanitizer.
  • Get your SuitProtect out, open the opening given in the upper section and hold out both sides in front of you with both hands.
  • Half-ben your body and put your feet in first and then pull up your isolation clothing or SuitProtect.
  • Now slide in your arms in the designated section and wrap the headgear provided, around your head.
  • Now once you are inside your SuitProtect, adjust the trouser bottoms and close it tightly.
  • After that, move on to adjusting the headgear so that it fits snugly and close the face part too.
  • Pull up the zipper running from the bottom to the neck and seal pack yourself inside your isolation clothing. You are now safe from the harmful elements on the outside and can safely step out without any fear.

You can wear SuitProtect bodysuit to your work, to a shop or any other public space required. Viruses are present in most of the places and are unseen by the human eye. It is best to take precautions and avoid contact to keep oneself safe from infections. SuitProtect gives you that extra layer of protection required to keep you safe and in good health.

LifeProtectX SuitProtect

Benefits of SuitProtect

LifeProtectX SuitProtect is very essential to provide you with full-body protection, especially nowadays, more than ever. Given below is a detailed analysis of in what all ways you can benefit from this bodysuit.

  • LifeProtectX SuitProtect is totally water-proof, it will keep out all harmful substances from coming in touch with your body or even clothes.
  • This bodysuit has been designed by scientists to ensure high-quality standards.
  • LifeProtectX SuitProtect gives you the extra layer of safety.
  • This product keeps you safe from catching infection due to coming in contact with an infected surface area or person.
  • You can wear the SuitProtect when you go out and once you come back simply take it off and wash up and sanitize, in this way you can minimize the chances of bringing any germs from the outside to your home and family too.
  • You no longer have to be extra careful about not touching any surface area or object when outside. You can carry about your business as normal while being completely safe in your isolation clothing.
  • There are no chances of infectious fluid drops landing on your skin from an ill person when you are covered from head to toe in the LifeProtectX SuitProtect isolation clothing.
  • LifeProtectX SuitProtect is designed with bacteriostatic unidirectional air permeability allowing the heat and sweat inside the suit to evaporate easily.
  • SuitProtect is designed with care to give you unobstructed and easy body movement. You will not be uncomfortable wearing it for long hours.
  • LifeProtectX is giving a 50% discount on the product when purchased online.
  • LifeProtectX is also giving an easy 30-days returns policy on SuitProtect.
  • SuitProtect is available only on the product’s official website, ensuring that you receive only the genuine product.
  • LifeProtectX is giving free shipping on all orders for some time, early birds can avail of this benefit.

Disadvantages of LifeProtectX SuitProtect

The LifeProtectX SuitProtect is a very useful product, however, it is lacking in certain aspects.

  • SuitProtect is available only for adults, it is now available in small sizes that can fit children if needed.
  • LifeProtectX SuitProtect is not available at the local stores, you can only purchase it online.

Price and Refunds Policy 

SuitProtect can be purchased on the product’s official webpage. The company is offering a 50% discount on all purchases and various combo packs with offer prices. You can choose one of the below mentioned offers to buy your LifeProtectX SuitProtect.

  • Buy 1 SuitProtect and avail a 50 % discount, price after discount is 49.99 USD.
  • Buy their bestseller combo pack of 2 SuitProtect and get 1 SuitProtect free. 67% discount applied; price post discount is 99.99 USD (33.33 USD per piece)
  • Buy their best deal combo pack of 3 SuitProtect and get 2 SuitProtect free. 70% discount applied; price post discount is 149.99 USD (30.00 USD per piece)

You can choose from any of the above-mentioned deals and get your layer of added protection today. The company is giving free shipping on all orders for a limited time. So, hurry to place your order now!

LifeProtectX is also giving the option of a 30-days return with the SuitProtect. If your order has arrived damaged or you are dissatisfied with the isolation clotting in any manner, you can contact the company’s customer care and inform them of the same. You will be provided with the return’s instructions along with the return address. The customer needs to self-ship the product to the seller and provide its tracking id to the support team. Upon receipt, if the product a full refund will be issued to the customer. Shipping charges will not be refunded by the company, the customer will need to bear the reverse shipping charges.

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What are the customers saying?

Given the current circumstances; LifeProtectX SuitProtect is the need of the hour. It gives people immense relief to know that their loved ones who need to be out doing their duties in such tough times are safe. Let us find what the customers have to say about this product.

My husband is working with the healthcare team, he cannot stay home even in these tough times. He goes to work every day and tries to save lives. While it is a very noble cause he is serving, it leaves us, his family on the tenterhooks every day. We stay home worried sick about him, how each day will pass? If he will be able to come back home to us, safe and unharmed. I have 2 kids in the house and his old mother living with us, hence we are even more worried about the infection coming home with him. As much as we would like, he cannot stay home and be safe as most of us. LifeProtectX SuitProtect has given us so much relief. Ever since we bought this protective isolation clothing, I have felt so much relief and comfort knowing that my husband will now be safe from this infectious virus largely. He wears the SuitProtect to work every day and comes back safe to us. There are also no chances of any contagious pathogens entering our house anymore, coming with him from the outside. SuitProtect not only protects my husband but also my entire family from this deadly virus. Thank you LifeProtectX for this innovative product in such times of need. – Maria


We cannot stress enough on the importance of using protective measures in today’s time. It is your pro-active measures, intelligent thinking and smart health habits only that can protect you from the current pandemic. There is no such thing such as being extra cautious. Every step in the direction of your health and safety is a step away from the virus.

While most of us are staying home and avoiding going out at all costs, there are those few who are now required more than ever to step up and work for the nation’s wellbeing. LifeProtectX SuitProtect is designed to keep their welfare in mind. They are the nation’s unsung heroes, who are risking their lives every single day to save us, to keep the country running and to help us survive.

With its advanced design, LifeProtectX SuitProtect is capable of keeping any infectious pathogens from entering the bodysuit or coming in contact with your body. SuitProtect is the extra layer of protection that keeps you safe and protected in these times from exposure. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort factor, giving you unrestricted and unhindered body movement, so that you go about doing your jobs comfortably in this bodysuit. It is designed with efficient bacteriostatic unidirectional air permeability allowing the heat and sweat inside the suit to evaporate easily, giving you the ease and comfort even when used for long hours. LifeProtectX SuitProtect is the perfect way to keep your loved ones safe in these times of crisis. Stay indoors as much as you can but if you do need to go out, protect yourself, optimally with LifeProtectX SuitProtect and stay safe!

SuitProtect price

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