Thermosense Thermometer Review

Everywhere you look, there is just one topic of conversation; the Coronavirus. Each news channel is continuously reporting on this one topic, day and night. The world has come to a standstill; nations are in a state of misery, economies are crashing; it’s like a bad dream, which just won’t end. People are looking up to their governments for help, but the rapid spread of this pandemic coupled with the unavailability of a vaccine to counter the virus, yet has left even the governments crippled.

In such situations, it is our responsibility to ensure our safety and the safety of our loved ones too. We cannot be like sitting ducks, just waiting, pondering what will strike first, the infection, or the required help. So, it seems only befitting that we begin to practice precautionary measures and take every possible step to survive this disaster.

In your mission to maintain health and safety, Life ProtectX has taken a step forward to help us in this quest for survival and come up with a Thermosense Thermometer to help you gauge the temperature of anyone from a safe distance, without the possibility of catching an infection and take precautions accordingly based on results. High body temperature is one of the primary initial symptoms of this viral infection. If you detect that someone is running a high fever, you can instantly minimize the risk of spreading that infection by moving the infected to a quarantine. If you use the ordinary thermometer, the chances are high that the person taking the temperature may catch the disease, too, as this virus is known to be highly contagious. This is a safe way to detect body temperature and isolate the person if need be, without putting any more lives in danger.

ThermoSense Infrared thermometer

About Thermosense Thermometer

Thermosense Thermometer by Life ProtectX is a device used to measure body temperature from a distance. This thermometer gives an accurate reading of a body or surface from a safe distance, making sure that any kind of infection does not gets passed on during this process. It works on principally on the concept of infrared rays’ emission.

It is an extraordinarily accurate and user-friendly thermometer. The device is in the shape of a handgun so you can keep a firm grip on it while holding it near the patient’s forehead, waiting for the readings to show. It has three plastic buttons that can be used to control the device and have three working modes.

Thermosense Thermometer enables the measuring of temperature without making any contact with the subject. It gives a one-second reading. The thermometer can store up to 50 texts in the memory; doctors need not make a physical note of each patient’s body temperature, Thermosense Thermometer will keep saving the details automatically up to 50 readings. It has an easy converter that can convert any reading from degree Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. The display lights up in three colors depending upon the readings noted on the thermometer; a green light means the patient is healthy and has normal body temperature in the range of 34 – 37.3 degree Celsius, yellow light means the patient has a low fever, and the temperature will be in the range of 37.4 – 38 degree Celsius and red signifies high fever with the temperature being in the range of 38.1 – 42.9 degree Celsius. Based on these readings, you can determine if the patient needs medical attention or not, and accordingly, necessary action can be taken. It is also equipped with an alarm for high fever.

Thermosense Thermometer

How does the Thermosense Thermometer work?

The thermometer works on the heat sensor. To record temperature on the ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer; you need to follow the given steps:

  • First of all, select your target object or person whose temperature you need to record. Having done that, you will need to hold the infrared sensor near the target’s head and hold down the button.
  • The thermometer will sense the temperature, and a digital display screen will light up in either green, yellow, or red with the temperature reading on it. The readings shown are accurate, up to 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is displayed with a matching color screen based on the numbers recorded on the device.
  • For better accuracy and surety, you can wait for a bit and then repeat the process to confirm the readings. You may also save up to 50 readings on this device. This can help you keep track of the patients’ fever over the course of time.

The Thermosense Thermometer is very useful when a contagious virus is going around unchecked without a vaccine to stop it, yet. It is a part of the medical attendant’s job to check and record the body temperatures of the sick. When using the regular thermometer, they are at high risk of catching the infection themselves. Thermosense Thermometer makes it possible to take down the temperature from a safe distance; there is no contact made between the thermometer and the patient. You just need to hold it near their forehead, and within a second, you can see the reading appear on the LCD of that device.

The Thermosense Thermometer is of use not only in hospitals but also in homes. With the ongoing infection, it is best not to take a risk and resort to contactless detection. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and right now, we for sure are facing a major crisis. In a family of four, if even one person catches the infection, it is a serious health hazard for the remaining three as well. Why not act on the slightest of the signs and, with the help of contactless detection, isolate the supposedly infected person immediately, without fearing later if somehow due to lack of precaution, the infection got passed on to other members.


Benefits of using the Thermosense Thermometer

The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer by Life ProtectX is an essential tool in facing the ongoing contagious viral infection.

  • The Thermosense Thermometer is a tool that enables you to record body temperatures without coming in contact with the supposedly infected person. You can maintain a safe distance and point the infrared thermometer towards the person’s forehead and get accurate readings quickly.
  • The thermometer gives you accurate readings within just a second. In a normal thermometer, you need to wait for up to 10 minutes to ascertain accurate results, whereas in the Thermosense Thermometer, you can ascertain the same within a second; those additional 10 minutes can make a difference to someone’s life.
  • It displays the readings digitally on an LCD; the functions are completely automatic, you just need to point it in the right direction, and the rest is taken care of. There is no scope of error with this device.
  • The Thermosense Thermometer is very lightweight and portable; despite its multiple functions, it is not a bulky device. It can easily be carried around.
  • It minimizes the risks of catching an infection from the patient while recording body temperatures.
  • It can store up to 50 readings in the device, helping you keep track of the patient’s body temperatures without having to make a note of the same every time.
  • The Thermosense Thermometer is very helpful in taking body temperature of children and infants, who usually do not like the whole process of it. The thermometer does not touch their body or is not stuck up their mouth; they do not get uncomfortable in the process and barely even notice while you take readings.
  • Since it is a thermal sensor, you can also measure the temperature of a room, an object, or any surface area; easily.
  • The company is giving a 50% discount and free shipping on all orders for a short period.
  • The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer comes with a 30-days returns policy.

Disadvantages of the Thermosense Thermometer

  • The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer has only limited stock available. The next batch will be available in the year 2021 as per the company records.
  • The discounted prices are available only for a few days.

Price and Refunds Policy

The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer can be purchased on its official website. The company is offering a 50% discount on its product for a limited time. There are various combo offers available with great discounts to choose from:

  • Starter pack- 1 Thermosense Thermometer with a 50% discount for 99.99 USD.
  • Advanced pack- 2 Thermosense Thermometers plus one free for 67% discount for 199.99 USD. (66.66 USD per unit)
  • Family and Friends’ pack- 3 Thermosense Thermometers plus two free for 70% discount for 299.99 USD. (60 USD per unit)

The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer by Life ProtectX comes with a 30-days returns policy. You can return the product for a replacement or a refund within 30 days of purchase. Customers need to contact the support team and obtain the returns address. The products need to be self-shipped by the customer, and the tracking id is to be provided to the company. Once the product arrives at the facility, a full refund will be issued. Shipping charges will remain non-refundable.

Thermosense Thermometer review

What are the customers saying?

People highly appreciate the effort from ProtectX for introducing such a useful product in the market, during the times of need. The product is very efficient and pocket friendly in comparison to its competitors present in the market. Let us hear from the customers about their opinion of the product.

We bought the Thermosense Thermometer for our 3-month old infant, who disliked the touch of cold metal against his skin and got rather fussy while we measured his body temperature. He would tend to move his arms and legs in protest, making it rather difficult to get an accurate reading. Our pediatrician suggested the Thermosense Thermometer; he uses the same kind for babies at the hospital too.

We rather liked the concept, and ever since, it is so easy to get his temperatures, quickly and accurately. The digital display provided in the thermometer makes it so convenient to use the device, and even before we can read the numbers, the screen lights up with the relevant green, yellow or red color, so we already know if everything is alright or not. – Isabella


With the ongoing pandemic, it is only wise that we take every precaution possible and protect ourselves from this deadly infection. The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer by Life ProtectX is one step in the direction of ensuring good health and safety for all. It keeps a safe distance between the supposedly infected person and the person taking his body temperature while giving you a correct reading within a second. There is no need to come close or form contact with the infected person to get results or more accurate readings.

Thermosense Thermometer is also useful in taking a reading of any surrounding surface, fluids, etc. It works on the infrared beam technology, so just point the device in the desired direction and get instant readings.

High fever is associated as one of the major symptoms of the Coronavirus infection. If anyone is found to be suffering from high fever, they are put in quarantine as the chances are high that the cause of that fever could be the ongoing pandemic. In such a situation, if anyone came in contact with that person, they too are in grave danger of having being infected. The ThermoSense – No-Touch Infrared Thermometer by Life ProtectX makes sure that you can detect such symptoms within the flash of a second with zero body contact. It is one of the best ways to keep your loved ones from catching the infection.

ProtectX already has received more than 30,000 orders for the Thermosense thermometers. Yet the company wants a maximum of the pollution to benefit from this product and is providing a 50% discount and more on the purchase of this product. Please note, the company has only limited stock available now, the next batch if the Thermosense thermometer will be available in the year 2021. So, hurry up and place your orders now before the stocks run out!

Thermosense Thermometer Price

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