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Are you tired of paying high electricity bills? We require some lights indoors and outdoors, and many don’t prefer to place lights outside the house like near the gate or in the garage or the park, do you know why? Because it adds to the electricity bill. We must switch the outdoor lights the whole night to keep our surroundings active and not dull, as, during the night, no one wants to be completely dark outside the house. And the most crucial part is, one light is not sufficient for some places. So placing more than one lamp, will add up the energy consumption and raise the electricity bill. It is tough to take your number of dollars from our hard-earned money while paying the electricity bill. Have you ever wondered if you could get rid of electricity bills by less consumption of lights, which needs to be switched on for the whole night? We are introducing the best solar light for your comfort and savings, as we all know that solar lights get charged in the daylight and work well at night. Now here we will talk about the facts about the well known solar light, named Brightlight High.

Solar Powered BrightLight

What is BrightLight High?

Brightlight High is a solar light that anyone can use in their gardens or as outdoor lighting. So if you plan to add some sunshine in your yard or outside the garage, nothing is better than Brightlight High. It is a great light that will lighten up your house’s outdoors. It is a perfect light that does not require any wires or electricity. Brightlight High is a solar-powered light that gets a charge from sun rays and does not require any battery or electricity to work. When we say solar, it is a general thought that the first thing that comes to our mind is sun and night, as it gets charged from the sun and then works amazingly during the night. Now you don’t have to pay much for electricity bills for outdoor lights. You can quickly lighten up your yard by pasting this amazing Brightlight High. It comes with fantastic sensor motion technology and also has 25 led lights that will brighten your area.

Moreover, it is a fact we are scared of other lights and bulbs when we are using electricity, as we might touch it with water, it causes current, but this is not a case with Brightlight High. Brightlight High is a waterproof light that works even well during rains or other water reasons. In case there is heavy rain during the night, you don’t have to run to switch off the light, because water cannot stop the light and work like other days. No weather can change the working of Brightlight High. When we say it comes with a motion sensor, it means as soon as you go near the light, it will give you bright and attractive light, and as soon as you go far from it, it will become dim. It has a 12 ft motion sensor that works automatically. It is a marvelous solar-powered light that does not require any wire, tool, or installation process; all you have to do is peel the sticker off and paste it wherever you want. It has an excellent adhesive that sticks to any surface, like plastic, wood, or marble. Brightlight High works instantly as soon as sundowns and approaches well and gets near to the light. Now, what are you waiting for, to pay extra electricity bills or to decorate your yard without spending additional electricity bills? The second option is to move ahead and book your Brightlight high.

How does Brightlight High work?

Brightlight High offers an excellent solution for your outdoor lighting. When you are using Brightlight High, you don’t have to worry about getting electricity wire in the garden or outside the garage. It is a marvelous solar-powered light that works on the motion; it has inbuilt 12 feet sensor motion technology, which means, when a human being is approaching the light, it will give shining and bright light, and as you walk away, it will start getting dim. Now comes how it works; it works due to sun energies. During day time, the solar-powered light gets charging naturally, and it only allows the light to brighten up during the night. It’s working is simple, as it does not need any particular mechanism; it works on natural rays and shows impressive results at night. Brightlight High has 25 LED bulbs, generous to give a shining effect to the natural light. Now say no to messy wires and bills when you have this beautiful piece in your outdoors. Brightlight High is a perfect way that meets your outdoor lighting needs. It is one of the durable and waterproof lights.

BrightLight High reviews

Features of Brightlight High

Brightlight High is a unique and best product because it comes with great features. Now let us have a look at its components in the following points:

  • Waterproof– Brightlight High is a great device that is waterproof, which makes it more durable. It is made up of heavy grade construction that works well on snow and water. It is ultimately a waterproof and snowproof solar light.
  • Solar Powered– When we say solar-powered, the first thing that comes in our mind is it requires no electricity, which means no electricity bill to pay for this light. It works for the whole night and needs only 5 hours for complete charging. It gets charged by sunlight.
  • Wireless: Brightlight High is a wireless light, which does not require any light; it is a superficial peel and stick light. You only have to peel the sticker from the back of the light and adhere to any place you want to, whether it is a yard or outside your door and more. You don’t require any wire and tools to make it work.
  • Automatic sensors: It comes with sensor motion technology, which means it works on sensor touch. It has automated sensor technology, where it detects motion from 12 feet, and it automatically dims the light when there is no motion around it.
  • Eco Friendly: When it is charged through sunlight, it is entirely an environment-friendly light. It does not require electricity or any other chemicals to work; Brightlight High is an eco-friendly light.
  • LED Lights: Brightlight High comes with 25 LED lights. LED Lights are useful for a lifetime; they have significant duration and durability.
  • Easy to use- Brightlight High is accessible to you; there is no installation required to make this light work. You only have to paste it where you want to place the light. 

What are the steps to use Brightlight High?

Brightlight High is easy to install and easy to use light. You must follow the below three steps to make it work amazingly:

  • Step1 – The light comes with an adhesive protector on the back of the light; you only need to remove the adhesive protector from the end.
  • Step2- After removing the adhesive, you must paste the light at the location of your choice.
  • Step3- You will get virtual light within seconds of placing the light.

BrightLight High review

Where to buy Brightlight High?

If you are looking for perfect solar-powered light, then nothing is better than Brightlight High. And when you are moving ahead to buy the light, you must consider buying it from its official website. The site offers a high-quality product, as sometimes when you place an order from another site or any retail store, you may get low quality light. So it is always better to buy it from its site. The manufacturer of Brightlight High offers many discounts when you will purchase it from its site. All you have to do is, fill a form and put your details like name, contact number, address, and more to place an order.

Price of Brightlight High

While you purchase Brightlight High from its site, you will get many discounts on its purchase. Here are the few packages available on the sale of Brightlight high:

  • When you buy one Brightlight High, you will get one Brightlight High free, so here for two units, you have to pay $59.95 in total, which means you will end up paying $29.95 each. In this package, you need to pay for shipping charges, which is $5.95.
  • Now comes the great package, where you buy two Brightlight High units, and you will get two units of Brightlight High free at the cost of $99.80; here, each unit will cost you $24.95. In this package, you will get free shipping charges.
  • The best package is when you buy three Brightlight High units, you will get three units of Brightlight High free. You have to pay $119.70 in total, and each unit will cost you $19.95. Here also, there are no shipping charges.
  • The best value package, when you buy five units of Brightlight High, you will get five units of Brightlight High free from the manufacturer at the cost of $149.90. Here each unit will cost you $14.99 each. Again, no shipping charges on this package.

You can choose the best package as per your need.

Another best part about buying it from its site is, you can avail of a lifetime warranty at the price of $11.99. You can guarantee the units for a lifetime, which means no worries about your money and purchase. It is an extended warranty of your purchase for a lifetime.

The manufacturer accepts payment in different ways; no matter whether you have a visa card or MasterCard or any payment wallets, the site accepts payment in every mode.

Money-back guarantee and Refund policy

The Brightlight High comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy or unsatisfied with the unit for some reason, you can claim a full refund within 30 days of its purchase. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.


Where can you place Brightlight High?

It is the ultimate solution to brighten up your outdoors. You can place it in your walkways, garages, Outside stairs, patio, yard, and pool area.

 On what surfaces we can paste Brightlight High?

We can place it on any surface, like plastic, metal, suitable, glass, siding, and brick.

Which is the right platform to buy Brightlight High?

It is highly recommended to buy it from its official website.

Customer Reviews

By Jeff

I was tired of paying more and more for my electricity bills, as I had many lights placed in my yard. But then I got to know about solar-powered lights, and then I bought Brightlight High. It is a great light that lightens up my yard within seconds of sundown, and now I am free from substantial electricity bills.

By Tony

I was worried about the wiring of solar lights then when I purchased Brightlight High. I was relaxed as it does not require any wiring or tools for installation. It is a marvelous solar-powered light that is free and easy to use anywhere.

By Raphael

I wanted great lights for my pool area, and when I placed these two Brightlights High. It works great. When there is heavy rain or snow, at that time also it works great. Plus, when we compare it to other solar-powered lights, it is excellent and worth its price.

By Damian

After using Brightlight High for six months, I am confident to say that it works fantastic. It has even worked great during heavy rain. Even an hour is enough for it to get charged, and it stands for the whole night. And when we talk about its sensor, it is perfect.


Brightlight High is a unique solar-powered light that works great even during snow or rain. There is no requirement for any tool or wire to place it. Brightlight High is a multipurpose light that can be placed anywhere in the outdoor area. It has excellent automatic sensors.

BrightLight High price

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