Is Crypto Really Here To Stay?

Cryptocurrency is a digital resource formulated to work as a way of exchange where the coin owner’s record is safely stored in the form of a registered computerized database, along with cryptographic transaction methods.

Cryptocurrency is often known as virtual currency and has become a global phenomenon nowadays. Several surveys predict that it may be the money of the future. In fact, San Francisco’s financial service company reported a 100 percent increase in the ground of Bitcoin profit over Q1.


Some More Light on Crypto

For security purposes, verify the transfer of belonging assets and safe financial transactions, Cryptocurrency is a more viable option. Although it manifests the very own properties of physical currencies (paper figure), it has no physical form. A public register called blockchain has all the pieces of information of confirmed contracts and transactions. And also not to mention, Cryptocurrency is a decentralized control medium.

Investors, HODL-ers, survey reporters are quite concerned about the future of Cryptocurrency, because right now, it’s leading nowhere. But Bitcoins are being assumed as it’s going to be an incredibly profitable long term investment. Here are some reasons behind cryptos existence nowadays.

6 Reasons Behind the Importance of Cryptocurrency Today

Non – correlated returns

From Statistics, the Correlation matrix for Cryptocurrency has sharp non-correlated returns compared to traditional assets. Mostly it doesn’t matter if general commodities, general currency, or Gold’s value changes from time to time, Cryptocurrency has remained unchanged.

From survey reports, correlation rates for crypto endured closer to 0% in most of the cases. It’s a valuable attribute for investors, who are likely to deal with traditional assets. Thus their investment persists long and doesn’t get affected.

Benefits for Portfolio

Due to having a low correlation rate of cryptos and other traditional assets, it’s most suitable for portfolio allocation. In general, traders, assets managers, retail investors can have benefited from Cryptocurrency’s portfolio issuance. Share market (stock or bearish market) in traditional asset classes can’t significantly affect these low correlation rates, and precisely cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a more viable option to pull more weight in the share market.

As seen in some cryptography, or correlation matrix, portfolios gain enormous benefits by adding a small number of cryptocurrencies with All-weather fundings. The graphs point out that adding more amounts of cryptos with All-weather fundings accelerates the benefit’s index and Sharpe Ratios increase in a similar way. So, successful portfolios are likely to be, adding cryptos in it.

Highly volatile

Those who have significantly fewer experiences find this feature disturbing and threatening for their investments. But in reality, High volatility leads to the opportunity of a handsome benefit. Experienced traders and investors know that highly volatile cryptos can produce incredible returns.

Crypto’s financial volatility makes more advantageous opportunities for investors to earn more returns, as well as. In a declining stock market or stagnant positions, traders, who know data and have experienced, will not lose any sort of investments. Instead, they’ll be benefitted and will make considerable returns from it.

Fantastic innovative potentials

Due to high volatility, crypto’s investments open the ground for considerably massive profits. And attempt to take advantage of this situation, innovative ideas are willing to rise nowadays. Any medium or platform for cryptocurrencies trades the high chance of technological innovation, outsized returns, and artificial advancements with it.

In fact, it’ll be a massive success if those profits will reinvest or center for artificial intelligence and machine developments. One such project, now coming to daylight, is ‘RoninAi’. It assets the volatility and enables its user’s opportunities to earn large profits from the crypto market, analyzing over 100 factors.

Allows independence from National Currencies

In this world full of economic disturbance, financial market drop-down, and international sanctions, many general people in several countries face a huge diminishing value of their traditional assets and physical currencies. It’s causing the desperate need for usable currencies, which will avoid sanctions and recover their needs.

For example, recently, the United States imposed some new set of sanctions, for which the Turkish currency lira fell 20% market value overnight. As soon as it happened, Turkish citizens had recognized that exchanging their lira to cryptos could help them to resist their dropping value of the lira.

Easy way to convert into cryptos, move funds overseas, anonymous togetherness platforms and investors make cryptocurrencies more attractive today. It’s now becoming the only alternative and safety valve for common people around the world. Because the Central bank system can’t stabilize their currencies during this crisis period, cryptos will undoubtedly be relying on factors of the economy and future financial conditions.

Investors willing to invest more

Recently, especially for retail investors, the worldwide economy isn’t offering a lot of opportunities for investments. As Peter Borovykh mentions in his book, “Blockchain Applications in Finance”, inflation-adjusted global rates are very much unwilling to investors.

Most of the developed countries have neutral or negative inflation returns when, on the other hand, developing countries have higher government bond returns. These developing countries don’t have any capital markets to offer foreign retail traders or investors with great investment opportunities. Thus, these investors can’t make more wealth by investing in developing zones. Cryptos is certainly one of the main sources of the solution in this crisis. Its ease of access and so many other reasons. In conclusion, the crypto market may have taken some hit lately and will have a brighter future in a matter of investments than any other commodities and currencies.

Easy Accessibility & Security

There are billions of Internet users worldwide that have easy access to the internet but limited rights over the old trading system. So, the Cryptocurrency is providing these people a medium via electro cash system to overcome the obstacles

In the digital world, security, authentication, and privacy have always been a concern for internet users from the earliest days. It should be because they help to attain people’s trust.

Apart from this, It is much cheaper than any other currency available currently in the World Wide Web. The transaction starts processing immediately once the request is made.

No Duplicity

A cryptocurrency is a blockchain technology used to send and receive funds between two parties in a digital wallet. It uses modern method trading based on the internet, which uses the cryptographical technique to deal with financial transactions.

All the transactions are made between two parties are stored in a ledger/registry for records. The best part of Cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized, and the central government has no control over it. It is only owned by individuals.


There is no denying that Cryptocurrency is the future, and the countdown has begun. Recently, tremendous growth has been seen in the digital currency and is expected to continue to grow in the future.

It has been said that many big eCommerce company owners are investing more and more in the digital currency to grow their business.

These companies may start accepting cryptocurrency payments in their online store, and earn huge profits with it, and continue to grow their business.

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