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Dogs are man’s best friend. This sentence is cliched but such a true one that it can’t be replaced with another one. They are man’s best friend – loyal, loving and protective. However, as much as you love your pooch, you cannot return their unconditional love. You can’t put up with their barking. It becomes a source of irritation not only for you but also for the people around you.

Barking is indeed the mode of communication for dogs. Humans expect dogs to understand their language, but the reverse is not true. Dogs bark when they want to play, go out for a walk, or maybe they want you to cuddle them. Whatever the reason, they bark, and they try to tell you what they want. When you don’t understand what they want, the barking continues, becoming an irritant.

BarXStop ultrasonic dog

About BarXstop

A new device has been launched to help put the incessant bark to a stop. No. It’s not a device that removes their vocal cords or any such extreme thing. It is just a device that makes use of high pitch noise to get them to stop barking.

This technologically advanced device makes use of high pitch and ultrasonic sound to relax the dogs and get them to be in a calm state. The sound is inaudible to the human ear. And the noise is not shrill enough to harm your pooch.

The device has been developed by an ex-military trainer for correcting your pet’s unwanted behaviour. The training method is non-violent and effective.

How Does BarXstop Work? (BarXstop Review)

BarXstop has 3 modes for training purposes as given below:

  1.  LED Mode– You can use the device as a flashlight when you turn on this mode. If you are walking your dog at night or in a very dark spot, you can turn it on for the brightness that it provides. Also, not being in the dark gives humans a sense of security. The developer of this device has a concept that the light helps as a visual stimulant with stubborn dogs.
  2.  Training Mode– You can switch on the LED mode along with the Training mode. This mode gives out a soft ultrasonic sound that helps you train your dog the way you want to. When your dog is indulging in a specific habit that you want to discourage, just point the device at the dog after turning on the Training mode.
  3.  Bark Prevention Mode– This mode is the harshest of the three and using this ensures immediate stopping of the barking. The range of this mode is 10 meters. So, even if your dog is not in the close vicinity and at the gate barking at everything and everyone, you can still control the dog by using this frequency.

BarXstop reviews

Technical Specifications

Brand – BarXstop

Battery – 9 volts

Weight – 18.1 gms

Size – 12.5×4.5×2.6 cm

Range – 10 meters

Light – LED

Frequency – 25kHz

Modes 3 training modes – LED, Training, Bark Prevention

Colors – Yellow and Black

Features of BarXstop

BarXstop is an anti-barking device that can be used for training dogs to stop barking. While barking is a natural trait for dogs, since it is their means of communication, constant and excessive barking can be irritating and can disturb the neighbors. This is the reason why you need an anti-barking device.

It is a pocket-sized device that emits high pitched frequencies, which only the dog can hear since the sounds have been created to the frequency that is for them alone. Your neighbors cannot hear it. The advantage of this sound is that the dog responds immediately to the sound and stops barking.

The sound does not hurt your dog. It just cases a minor irritation and discomfort, which makes the dog more attentive to the sound and gets them to stop barking. This gives you control, and you can use it along with voice commands. Soon your dog will learn to listen to the command and understand what it means. This results in the dog obeying you.

Some dogs respond to visual training better than sounds. For such training purposes, the developer has provided an LED light. This light will distract the dog when they start barking. You can help the dog associate the light with the command that you give.


How to Use BarXstop?

To use BarXstop, wait until your dog exhibits the behaviour that you want to correct. This can be barking at the gate, guest, peeing inside the house, tearing cushions and many more. When the dog starts behaving this way, get between the dog and the reason for the behaviour. Point the device towards the pet and hold the button.

Doing this will attract the dog’s attention and make it back away. Release the button and reward the pooch for listening to you.

You need to keep treats and rewards handy. This method of enforcing good behaviour with the help of the anti-barking device will help your dog learn what you want and what you don’t.

In case you are dealing with a stubborn pooch, then make use of the LED light. Flash it to attract their attention.

Why Do Dogs Need Anti-Barking Devices?

Anti-Barking devices are a solution for non-stop barking. They work as training devices to get your dogs to stop barking unnecessarily. You don’t want your dog to stop barking altogether. You just want to train them to bark only when necessary.

A lot of dog trainers use anti-barking devices when all else fails.

Dogs bark when they hear barking sounds from outside, when there are people outside your house or when they want to communicate. While your dog may be like your child, you wouldn’t want an undisciplined child, would you? You would want your child to behave well and have people praise them.

This device can also work on stray dogs that keep barking all night. Just point the device in the direction of the dogs and the barking will stop. Many dogs bark when the owners leave the house for a while. This sound will ensure that they stop barking. Eventually, they learn to stay alone for a while.

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Benefits of BarXstop

Here are the top benefits of BarXstop: –

  1. BarXstop helps train the dog so that it does not bark unnecessarily. You can train the dog to bark only when needed and not always. When the barking is not incessant, the neighbors are also not disturbed, and there will not be any complaints.
  2. The ultrasonic sound emitted by the device is inaudible to human ears and audible only to dogs.
  3. The device is harmless, and it only causes enough discomfort to distract the dog and get it to stop barking.
  4. The device is portable and can be carried anywhere. The pocket-sized device can be used to train your dog outside the house, in the park also.
  5. It has an LED mode that can be used both as a flashlight and as a distraction.
  6. This device allows the pet owners to train their dogs in a non-violent way.
  7. It works on all dog breeds irrespective of their size.

Purchase & Price

To purchase the BarXstop, check out the official page of the developer, where you will find all the information that you need. You will also find the discounts and offers available. An advantage of buying the product from the official page is that you get the original product and you know that it will work.

The price of the BarXstop is given below: –

When you buy 1 BarXstop, you get it at $39, which is half of the original price as a result of the ongoing promotion.

When you buy 2 BarXstop, you get a third one free. The price of this package is 79$ and the discount s 67%.

The third package has 3 products at 99$. Here you get two more of the devices free, and the entire package has a 75% discount.

Also, the product comes with a 3-year warranty at an additional price of 9$.

BarXstop works


What is BarXstop?

BarXstop is a dog training device that can help you train your dog to stop barking unnecessarily.

Does the training involve any violent methods?

No. This device does not involve any violent methods of training. It emits an ultrasonic high pitched frequency that is audible only to dogs. The sound is not at all harmful. It irritates the dog and causes slight discomfort, which makes them stop barking.

What is the range of the device?

BarXstop works on dogs that are within a range of 10 meters.

How does BarXstop work?

BarXstop is an anti-barking device that works by emitting a high pitch tone that deters your dog from barking.

Is the battery included with the package?

No. The battery is not included. You need to purchase it separately.

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Pros & Cons of BarXstop


  • Works on all breeds of dogs, irrespective of size.
  • It does not harm the dog and is a non-violent method of training them.
  • Has 3 modes of training, including a flashlight mode to distract a barking dog.
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized.
  • Affordable price.


  • Only available online.
  • The range is limited to 10 meters, which means that your dog has to be within this range for it to work.


Customer Testimonials

I love my beagle, but his constant barking irritates me. I realize that if it irritates me, how much it would bother the neighbors who don’t have a dog. To correct his behavior, I contacted a dog trainer, who suggested using the BarXstop. He demonstrated how to use it, and after the training session ended, I continued using this device. I have a well-behaved dog now, who listens to commands. –Janet.

My daughter got this sweet pug, but he has a mind of his own. He urinates around the house when we don’t do his bidding or scold him. My daughter treats him as the baby of the house, and this royal pug takes full advantage. It was funny initially but is now a nuisance. The house smells like a public toilet. To correct his behavior, we called a famous dog trainer, who used the device to train him. She was with us for 15 days, and then we continued using the BarXstop. He is well behaved now. –Amy


Dogs are very domesticated and social animals who only want to please their owners. They try to communicate with humans with their barking. But, humans being humans, do not understand, and this leads to a lot of negative behavior. To get them to understand what you are trying to say, train them using BarXstop. Reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior.

This device is completely safe for pets and would never hurt your dog. If you are facing problems with your pet, then you should definitely get this device to train your dog.

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