Is The Popular Weight Loss Supplement Phenocal Safe and Effective?

People these days are seriously. On a rampage shed those extra kilos of weight and obtain optimal body sculpture with which they can impress the society. Some want to lose weight because of an underlying health condition, some want to lose weight to impress their partners, for some it is a dire need and necessity to look fit for their profession and the reasons to lose weight goes on and on. Earlier, we are talking about a couple of decades ago, losing weight would translate to exercising and putting in that effort and hard work to burn fat and gain those muscles.

Fast forward to a couple of decades right now, everything has an easy way written on it. Everything has evolved and so have the ways of losing weight. Explore and you will find different shelves of Apple bottles specifically for weight loss that have bright leaders touting all the teams of removing excess pounds as quickly as possible. In this world of weight loss supplements, Phenocal promises very quick results and also claims that it does not provide any negative side effects.

For people like most of us who do not know what Phenocal is made up of – it is made up of extracts of a substance called chromium picolinate which is ideally used to reduce the carbohydrate grievance, it also contains Biotene that it’s with metabolism and colic acid that helps mobilize the fat stored in our body, and it has a green tea leaf extract meant only to provide energy, and last but not the least it has glucomannan for fiber that will help you feel full. The marketers of Phenocal advertise this weight loss supplement as a 100% natural solution for weight loss!

Health benefits of Phenocal

The WHO– the world health organization says that worldwide obesity is almost 3 times since the mid-1970s. If you look at the current record, nearly 1.9 billion adults are said to suffer from being overweight. These staggering numbers are alarming but at the same time, it provides an opportunity for all those organizations and companies that run on weight loss products. Currently, the market is populated with so many different varieties of weight loss solutions. And in this world of weight loss supplements, the Phenocal makes a very different attempt to shine through by offering a blend of natural ingredients that could provide several health benefits.

  • Increases metabolism: The for local is known to contain a substance called fucoxanthin-It has the ability to increase the body’s core temperature and therefore it increases your metabolic rate. In a particular study it was said that this particular ingredient provides promising nutritional ingredients meant for obesity and metabolism. And clinical research also says that this particular pigment is a very safe ingredient for weight loss.
  • Suppresses appetite: several organizations that market weight loss supplements are often famed for how they can suppress appetite without any side effects. However, many expert reviews provide evidence that most weight loss supplements do not claim what they see in real. There are several supplements that suppress appetite but there is some or the other negative effect attached to it. However, Phenocal has one particular ingredient called Hoodia Gordonii that provides the desired weight loss effect with the correct desired appetite.
  • Regulates insulin: A particular ingredient called chromium picolinate present in Phenocal helps regulate healthy insulin levels in the body. Unbalanced or improper levels of insulin leads to a number of health issues, and if ignored, it can lead to obesity, type two diabetes, and hypoglycaemia. A particular scientific review that was published in the diabetes educator found that this chromium is an essential mineral that benefits the insulin action in our body. Researchers also claimed that taking around 200 to 1000 µg of this chromium picolinate every single day will definitely improve the blood glucose control of a body. Therefore one can say that chromium is safe for consumption.
  • Lowers cholesterol: Another substance in Phenocal called glucomannan helps prevent high cholesterol and promotes lowering your cholesterol levels if they are high. A particular meta-analysis of clinical studies shows that glucomannan helps lower the overall total cholesterol and also the LDL cholesterol, however, it does not have any effect on the HDL cholesterol levels.

What could be the side-effects of Phenocal?

Of course, Phenocal claims that it is made up of hundred percent all natural and safe to use and consume ingredients, however, one could definitely experience any of the below mentioned side-effects while using this particular weight loss supplement:

  • Vomiting: you might feel nauseous while consuming this weight loss supplement. And if you do so ensure that you do not eat first and take Finacle on an empty stomach. Always eat something and then only take this up.
  • Choking: the glucomannan present in Phenocal creates a risk of choking. Therefore ensure that you take the supplement with lots of water so that the pill digests properly.
  • Headaches: some people have claimed to experience headaches after consuming Phenocal, and if you also start feeling this then we would recommend that you lower the dosage of the supplement.
  • Upset stomach: one might want to experiment with the time at which you must take Phenocal. Although according to the product’s instructions, the recommended dosage in the morning, could be very heavy on an empty stomach. Therefore we recommend that you consume it in the later part of the day as your stomach will have some food inside to set off the supplements of natural extracts that are quite powerful.

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