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The technological development in the entire world is touching heights, and it is one of the best creations by humanity. All people are getting money for their efforts, and the options to keep the money safe in banks are plenty. As every situation has two sides, so does technology. The dark side of the technology includes the banks’ theft of money by presenting a fake identity. Ample cases are coming forward each day, and people have lost more than a million in this theft. The hackers crack some way and find some loopholes in the bank’s security and steal the money. There are a few ways to protect the money, but not many people know which is best. Generally, people get more serious about this theft when they hear some theft from their known ones or go through it. It is good to earn money, but it is a smart move to save hard-earned money. There are various places where an individual uses their card to make the payment, especially when online transactions are at the boom. According to a survey, there has been an increase of 100 percent in online transactions from 2018 to 2020. The reason behind this is the number of options available online can never be present in a local shop.

Moreover, in the coming times, online transactions will increase because the world is getting digital. From food to shopping, everything is available online, and the best part is we can order some stuff from international markets. When the spectrum of making online payments is that much bigger, then online fraud also increases. The best way to secure is to choose a third-party security plan with a stronger hold on theft and prevent them from happening. There are various ways to steal money from someone’s account, and these third party secure plans to protect the identity from stealing are useful for all such theft.

Moreover, there is insurance for all the money that you lose and provides legal advice too. It is a way to get complete freedom against all the transactions which are happening from the bank. One such famous is theft of money and can happen with the business information or identity treat. One such company renowned for its protocols and how they keep their customers’ data is Identity Essentials. There are plenty of benefits which it offers and provides peace of mind.

Identity Essentials

What is Identity Essentials?

Identity Essentials is a corporation that prevents identity theft and offers a broad range of administrations to assist guard you and your circle of relatives from statistics fraud. They use upgraded looking techniques to stabilize each person and your credit score. This reasons you slight the threat of being a casualty of fraud, or withinside the occasion which you are a casualty, get better your manner of lifestyles as speedy as will be predicted below the circumstances.

For forestalling statistics fraud, Identity Essentials gives administrations like credit score checking, dim internet looking at, and alertness checking. These administrations look at your credit score-associated sports to make sure you are now no longer liberating yourself as much as a hazard. Furthermore, towards the back (which means, withinside the occasion which you are a survivor of fraud), they provide such things as via way of means of and via the form of means of recognizable statistics (PII), statistics penetrate looking at, statistics fraud protection, and person reclamation.

How does Identity Essentials work?

There are some different plans that Identity Essentials offers, and an individual chooses the one which looks suitable to them. Each project has some unique features which help in saving the money and identity of an individual. The company keeps an eye on all the activities taking place with the bank account of an individual. In case of any suspicious activity, there is assistance and alert to the customer. Not only money, but these plans prevent the problems that can come across due to identity theft.

There is the working of different theft present in this list, and Identity Essentials prevents all these activities from happening.

  • Open a credit card in your name – It is easy nowadays to take credit from the bank, and if somehow you confirm your identity, then the bank would get ready to offer money to you. The same happens during the theft.
  • They are making fraudulent purchases – Purchasing the application that is having a link with your bank account and further transferring and taking the product on their own. A famous example of this is the online wallets, which allow the transactions to take place if you confirm your identity.
  • Login into bank sites: Knowing your identity can help the fraud person to login to your bank sites and do some transactions. This subscription covers the insurances for such transactions, so an individual has not to worry.
  • Clone of your ATM/Debit card: The hackers can prepare your debit card clone and do some significant transactions. According to the banks, you have done that transaction because they know that you can only remember your pin. It is how identity is stolen to fool the people and do the fraud.
  • Obtain your driving license – Doing crimes in the name of another person is common, and there are many court cases. To prevent yourself and your family from such identity theft, Identity Essentials is the best choice.
  • Accessing someone’s phone: It is common nowadays where hackers access the phone of individuals and use some payment applications. Nowadays, UPI transactions are getting popular, and in those transactions, it is a matter of a click to make payment and transfer the money. These subscriptions are useful for such issues also.

Benefits of Credit report and score

Credit Reports and Scores

Complete insight into your payment can be available in a matter of a few clicks with this subscription plan’s help. There are multiple payments that an individual does in a single, and keeping track of each of them could be problematic. All the transactional history and the places where the price has happened will be available in this report. Based on your transactional account, that is the credit history the bank offers loans and other benefits. When this score goes low, then a person comes across some fewer benefits in comparison to others. There will be 12 such reports that will be available to an individual.

In many cases, this score defines the interest rate a person would be paying at the loan time. Other benefits include fast loans and a lower percentage. A regular alert of the report will be available, and no different subscription plan offers this benefit.

Credit Monitoring

While doing transactions, a person never thinks about thefts, and if they want peace of mind always, then there should be a track of all the activities. Monitoring the suspicious activities will let the customer know that some transaction has happened or try to take the money from their bank. It will act as an alert message for the customer, and the necessary actions can be in place. The subscription will also include the assistance the customer would get if there is any suspicious activity that comes around.

Identity Theft Monitoring

Some people have links with the dark web, and they steal someone’s identity to claim the credit. It could be possible by taking some money from your credit account or your account by fooling the bank. It is dangerous because everything links with your identity, whether it be a bank account or any other online transaction. This subscription will provide relief from identity theft. A close eye on whether the bank account details are not present on the dark web and no one is doing some theft with the bank account.

Identity Theft insurance

An individual can claim all the loss they meet due to identity theft. It includes out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, legal advice, and lost funds. In case a person is out of pocket, then the subscription will consist of the amount that will help the customer. The loss of funds, wages, and legal advice will help get that financial support, which is a must when the theft has happened.

Family protection

There is a plan that is Identity Essentials secure max plan, and an amount of the children is also present in this subscription. An additional amount of $25000 because sadly, children are also vulnerable to this identity theft. Kids who are going to college are at the age of learning and generally commit mistakes, so insurance is also present in this insurance.

Cost of Identity Essentials

There is a special offer that identity is running, and according to that, it would take $1 for seven days. After seven days, the company would charge $29.99 for a month. These seven days would be the trial period, and the individual can either continue or exit after the trial period. The special offer is for a limited period, so experience this subscription and secure all the money present in your bank account.

Identity Essentials review


Is the subscription effective?

Yes, many people are using the subscription and present some positive reviews about the subscription. The best part is that it covers identity theft, which is the root of all the frauds that are taking place. It will also cover the loss of money, which will provide financial support to every individual.

Can I get to know if anybody is trying to steal money from my account?

There will be popper assistance in any suspicious activity that the company will observe for your account. It will give you time to block your account or report unauthorized access and save your money from theft. It will not happen when you do not have such subscription plans which keep your money safe.

Can I cancel the subscription if I do not find any benefit?

There will be no day when it will not offer benefits because online thefts are increasing rapidly. It is essential to save your money and identity from theft. It will cover many things from theft, so it is effective at all parameters. You can cancel the subscription if you do not come across any benefit from this subscription.

How much amount of theft will be present under the subscription?

Any theft cost, which is up to $1 Million, would be present under cover of this subscription plan. Moreover, the compensation for the necessary expenses at the time of theft would also be current in this subscription. It covers a whole lot of stuff, so the individual does not have to worry. Transactions and roaming around the world would not be a matter of worry, and the Identity Essentials will take care of it.

Is there any money back offer available at Identity Essentials?

You can cancel your subscription at any point in time, but there would be no refund that the company would provide.


Identity Essentials offers a plan that helps in protecting your identity from theft. Identity theft can have bad results where an individual can lose all their money. The person and their children would be there under the plan offered by Identity Essentials as the online transactions are increasing, so the risk of theft increases. It is the right time to secure your money and identity. You can claim the amount that you will lose by theft.

Moreover, any need for expenses after the theft and the company will assist in the best way possible. A claim amount of up to $1 million would be present. The amount that an individual has to pay for a special offer is $1 for seven days. The special offer is the best chase to see how the company detects suspicious activities and suggest the best way out for such issues. An individual can cancel their trial pack of 7 days before the payment of the entire month. It is one of the trusted and renowned companies that protect from theft and provides peace of mind.

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