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Owing to the lifestyle that we lead in today’s world, it is not uncommon to spot an overweight person. Unfortunately, women are more affected than men. Women go through a lot in their everyday lives and their bodies are designed in a way to sustain several changes in a lifetime. Whether it is hitting puberty, bleeding for a couple of days straight every single month or giving birth to a new life. Women do it all and they do it like a boss. However, lifestyle and environmental changes in recent times have taken a toll on how a female’s body responds to these stressful changes. One of the key reasons for increasing obesity in middle-aged women is due to a shot down metabolism. A mother’s body goes through several changes, especially after giving birth. They go through a full-blown hormonal transition which often reduces their metabolic rate in the long run. The slow metabolism directly affects your body’s capabilities of burning fat and therefore making you obese.

cinderella solution review

What Is Cinderella Solution

Carly Donovan, a normal girl like anyone out there, accidentally came up with this formula which she claimed helped her lose weight. She has given this fitness and weight-loss industry a reason to trust on weight loss supplements once again. Overweight women are often dejected by how many ways and supplements they have already tried to lose weight but none of them got them any result. With a rise in the fast-food culture in the United States, the count for obese people is through the roof. In such tough times, Carly came up with a scientific approach towards weight loss. The most attractive thing about this program is how you can relate everything about this program to science and logic. Steps like flavor-pairing and a ‘Ignite and launch’ a two-way approach to a safer and steadier weight loss makes this weight loss plan stand out from the crowd.

Although this product works for anyone who is obese, the target audience for Carly’s Cinderella solution is undoubtedly those beautiful women who lost their curvaceous figures to a shot- down metabolism.

Contents of Cinderella Solution Programme

Cinderella solution is a weight loss supplement designed for women who are not happy with their weight. It is understandable why overweight people feel so conscious about themselves and their bodies around friends and family, therefore, this solution is here to help﹗Now since using this product can be a little overwhelming for some people, let’s get a step by step understanding of this solution.

(1) The core guide to the program:

This is the overview book of the entire program. It’s a 93-page book and each page of this book will get you a closer and better understanding of understanding this outstanding program. If you are someone who likes to know what they’re getting into beforehand, this book is specially curated for you. This book is a complete guide to understanding various rituals in this program like food and flavor-pairing as well as nutrient synchronization.

Cinderella Solution is not your other “quick fix” program that demands diet without giving you all the reasons.

(2) The starting point:

This book is made for those full of life women who wear their heart on their sleeves. If starting now and worrying for the results later is something that defines you, this book is custom made for you. Stocked up with dos and don’ts of this programmed, this book tells you what to do and what not to do to get the desired result you have been aiming for.

If you like to prepare your meals, this book is loaded with a ton of yummy recipes for you to make when you are on this program. Carly advises eating out and stuffing junk food while on this program to get the best out of your efforts and therefore these recipes might as well be your best buds throughout this program.


This the Cinderella Accelerator part of this program. As it says in the name, this is an ‘accelerator’ of this program. For women desperately looking for some startling weight loss but don’t have the patience or time of more than three weeks, this program will blow your mind. Specially curated for women constantly on the clock, the Cinderella Accelerator product enables you to shed as much weight as it is physically possible to lose in a span of twenty-one days. Although, Carly urges the users to keep their expectations realistic and their thinking wide open to be accepting towards the startling benefits they are all set to get from this accelerator.

This bonus phase of the program is strongly based on the ‘ignite method’ proposed by Carly. This book comes with a meticulously designed calendar that has all the contents of your meals for one entire week written down. This bonus program aims to stop you from making the excuse that losing weight is tough as you can’t do meal prep because Carly has done it for you﹗This carefully designed meal calendar will help accelerate your weight loss in those crucial twenty-one days period.


This bonus program is for those feisty ladies who are ready to take it up a notch. Losing weight is tough but what is tougher is to deal with low fat and low muscle mass body. Many people don’t realize that weight loss is not just about fat loss, that’s just one side of the story. Your weight loss is not complete without gaining those muscles and getting that beautifully toned body. While diet can lower those numbers on the weighing scale, doing exercises will give you that confidence to face the world again with a revised version of yourself.

This second bonus of this program includes Movement sequencing bodyweight workouts. These carefully curated movement sequencing cycles come in a three-phase setup. Based on your activity and fitness levels, you can pick the cycle that suits your body and lifestyle the best and get started. The first cycle of this program includes working out every other day of the week so your body is well-rested and recovers nicely from the damage you do in the gym. The second cycle is a bit more intense and involves working out three days in a row followed by an active rest day. This cycle ensures that you are working your body enough to give you that push to burn fat and gain lean muscles. The third and final cycle of this program is for the advanced ladies who are not afraid to work it. It also involves working out three days in a row with a day of active rest but the exercises are more intense and will give you a great burn.

The booklet involves a link that opens your doorway to the multiple homes based as well as gym centered workouts that you can do throughout this program to aid in your weight loss.

cinderella solution pdf book

How does Cinderella solution work?

The program works in a phase of two and the details are as follows-

1st phase: 70% of the weight loss is done in the kitchen so this program urges you to get a hold of your tongue and encourages healthy eating. You are supposed to eat no more and no less than three meals per day. This phase essentially prepares your body for the upcoming major weight loss transformation. Since going cold turkey on the diet has never worked for anyone, this phase of the program will warm up your body and prepare for what’s coming.

2nd phase: Carly provides you with several food items that you can combine to make whatever you like the best to stay on track of your weight loss transformation. The food items that you can include in your four-meal a day phase are apples, chocolate, Greek yogurt, fish and of course green tea.

The benefits of Cinderella’s solution

Losing weight is a struggle for most of us out there. In a world where you can get crispy chicken wings anywhere in under five dollars whereas a bowl of salad alone would cost you more than two bucks, we are brought up to live in this lifestyle and suddenly switching from here to there is a big step for us. However, the important thing here is to understand that is it harder than seeing yourself being pushed down the obesity route? Is it harder than seeing yourself as the only one in jeans even on a beach? Obesity comes with a multi-layered disadvantages list but the one topping this list is medical issues. When you are heavy, your body is forced to carry more weight than it was originally meant to and the stress of it gradually creeps up. You know it as well as anyone else that you need to lose weight, so why not do it a scientific way? While it is important to understand that Cinderella solution doesn’t promise to take you from Balloon to Beyonce, but if your keep your expectations right, you will make the most of this weight loss program.

Price, money-back guarantee and refund policy

You can buy the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Solution for just $37 which is a very valuable and reasonable price for something that has the potential to change your life completely.

This product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product or its outcome on you, you will receive a 100% full refund, hassle-free.

cinderella solution

Are there any side-effects to this product?

Cinderella’s solution is a proven weight loss supplement and has been in the market for quite some time. However, no such side effects have been reported concerning the credibility of the product. Still, the manufacturers urge to keep the following things in mind before ordering yourself a pack of Cinderella solution-

  1. The Cinderella Solution program is for women who believe in a safe but rewarding way to lose weight that is also easy on their bodies and pockets! Keep your expectations in check and you are going to get some startling benefits.
  2. The program implies being online to buy and access the contents of the program. Of course, you can always download the Cinderella Solution PDF on your smartphone once you have bought it, but there will be times when you would like to review the many Cinderella Solution reviews or watch the videos online, then you would need to be connected to the internet, which means having a solid internet connection at home.
  3. To reap the benefits of the Cinderella Solution system, you must commit wholeheartedly. Start with going back to the kitchen! Flavor pairing is one of the cornerstones of this program, so you must carefully follow Cinderella Solution’s flavor pairing recipes to see the changes in your waistline.

What are the customers saying?

I know that this product works. I have got friends who used it. It is a diet program seriously designed for women. I saw the results on my friends’ body. I recommend it to everyone out there who’s struggling every day just because they are overweight. ~Norma

I was extremely skeptical about this product however, the way it turned out to be was startling. I never thought I would get the benefits as I have got from Cinderella’s solution. This product is a godsend for every woman out there who are dealing with weight and self-consciousness issues.~Leah

I bought it for my wife as she always struggled with her weight especially after she gave birth to our third child. I saw her weight taking a toll on her health and I just couldn’t stand there and watch my wife falling into a pit of depression. Cinderella solution gives you every benefit in the world that it offers and it is worth a try for every weight watcher out there.~Carrie


As a woman, maintaining a healthy weight is easier said than done. It is understandable that after struggling with weight issues all your life, knowing that you can finally change your life for good sounds dreamy. Although the first thing you need to understand at this point is that you cannot afford to give up and give in to an obese lifestyle. Obesity is no less than a life sentence wherein the disease slowly festers and makes your life miserable. So don’t give up, not without a fight. Fight for yourself and your family. Fight to know that there are people in this world that have got your back and Cinderella Solution is one of them.

If you also want to experience the tremendous changes in your body through this easy-to-follow diet program, then all you have to do is click and start your journey right now.

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