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Trading in CFDs of cryptocurrencies is very profitable but at the same time, it is a complex job. In such a type of trading, you are protected from huge losses through frequent price fluctuations; you only have to forecast the price differences and win profits. But, you will need the support of trading software to start on the cryptocurrency CFD trade. Presently, the most trustworthy platform in the market is Bitcoin Rush.

The creators of Bitcoin Rush have ensured that no previous experience of trading or computers is needed to trade on this platform. This platform provides you with a highly proactive assistance trading mode called the automated robot that places trades on your behalf and earns you humongous profits when you are doing some other work. Membership slots are limited on this trading platform. So, don’t delay; register today.

bitcoin rush review

About the Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform or bot that uses a complicated algorithm to forecast lucrative trades for its members. Trading on a cloud server is beneficial in many ways like it has a huge memory to carry out non-stop trading, all the client’s private data is secure, and there is no chance of hacking attacks. This trading software can be installed and used on any device with a good internet connection, so the members have the convenience to trade from any place. The member’s website is simple to fathom and navigate, so a beginner can also trade like an expert.

How Does the Bitcoin Rush Work?

This pioneering trading platform runs a highly-developed statistical algorithm that does all the complex data collection, market analysis, and execution of trades at a lightning-fast speed. You have to select the trading strategy on the trade settings option. The different parameters to choose from include volume of leverage required, risk settings i.e. low, medium, or high, the fund to be used, cryptocurrency pairs to be traded, etc. After clicking on ‘submit’, the software searches for the profitable trades as per your preferences.

The software records the price fluctuations from global exchanges and processes the data to devise market analysis charts and tables. Side by side, it also identifies historic profitable trade conditions that are similar to the present market situations. Both the market analysis charts and the historic comparisons flash on your screen along with profit-making trade predictions. You can select the trade as per your preference and set the auto trading robot to execute your trade or do yourself in manual mode. Either way, the software ensures that you get the highest profits from little investments.

Register on the Bitcoin Rush trading application and join the team of millionaires

How to Use the Bitcoin Rush?


You need to fill out a registration form with your essential details like name, phone number, email address to book your slot on the Bitcoin Rush trading platform. The trading bot verifies your details and then you turn into a permanent member of the software. It is a trading platform that does not require any registration charges or joining fees. So, you can register as soon as possible.

Funding your Account 

To begin with, placing real-time trades, you are required to credit your account with some capital. You need to give your bank account details by filling up a simple deposit form and the smallest deposit amount is $250. There is no maximum amount of deposit and you can put in more money in your account if you wish to increase your profit margins.

Demo Account

The demo account mode provides you with a scope of learning the fundamentals of trading. It allows you to practice trading on this platform with virtual money and discover all the trading features. You can use the strategies to check how much profit you make in the live market with this virtual money before you begin real-time trading.

Select Trading Mode 

The choosing of the trading mode is a very important step before going into live trading. There are two modes, automatic and manual. If you wish to enjoy the great precision of the trading platform, you can choose the automatic mode, or else you can choose the manual mode if you are a professional cryptocurrency trader.

Choose Your Trade Strategy

Bitcoin Rush trading platform gives you the most money-making trading opportunities based upon your favorable trading strategies. So, choose your strategies very carefully according to your risk appetite so that you can manipulate the trades according to your profits. You can even check the strategies of successful traders on the community forum available for all members before you decide your own.

Begin with Trading 

You can trade on the automatic mode or manual mode. This advanced trading platform allows trading throughout the day on all the global exchanges on both modes. If you want to do some other work also, you can pre-set the auto-bot that will automatically execute your trades and make profits. And if you are into full-time trading and also know the basics of the cryptocurrency market, you can use the manual mode and execute the winning trades.

Withdrawal of Profits 

The process of withdrawal is very simple. You have to fill up a form available on my account page and click on submit. The trading platform will process your request and credit your money within twenty-four hours. The best part is, there are no withdrawal charges or commissions and you can withdraw the whole amount of your capital and profit.

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Benefits of the Bitcoin Rush

Spot-On Trading Signals

The algorithm uses several market indicators and market data in its extensive market scan. In the market scan, it pulls out lucrative trading signals for you. It ensures that the trading signals are in sync with your trading preferences.

Top-Rated and Accurate Performance

Bitcoin Rush is one of the most accurate trading systems out there. It has a success rate of over 99%. There are not many trading apps that can boast a win rate as high as Bitcoin Rush. You can expect to win profits from every trade.

Supports Two Trading Modes

The Bitcoin Rush trading software supports two modes of trading, assistance and manual. You can switch between the two as and when you want. You can use the software’s assistance even when you are trading in the manual mode and execute highly profitable trades.

Ahead of the Market

Bitcoin Rush makes use of the ‘time-jump’ mechanism and gets ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. It allows the software to be accurate in its market analysis and consistent and reliable with its signals.

Professional Customer Support

With the Bitcoin Rush trading app, you get access to professional brokers and financial consultants who are in the crypto sector for over a decade. You can contact them at any time of the day and get your queries cleared.

Award-Winning and Trusted Software

The Bitcoin Rush trading software is trusted by thousands of traders across the world. It is prize-winning software with many honors to its name. Recently, it has been awarded the ‘Best Trading App’ by the Trading Association.

Monitor your Trades

Unlike other trading platforms, you get to monitor and control your trades. Even if you are trading in the assistance mode and the software is placing trades on your behalf, you remain in control of your trades through the trading parameters. Fix and modify your trading requirements regularly to always be in charge of your trading account.

Start Small

You can start by depositing an amount as low as $250. It is a starting amount and you can increase your investment slowly as you start trusting the software.

Practice and Learn 

You receive access to a ‘demo account’ with Bitcoin Rush. You can use the software to practice trading. It is credited with virtual credits that you can use to place fake trades and learn trading strategies.

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Can you execute trades on your own?

Yes, you can place trades on your own on the Bitcoin Rush trading software. It supports two modes of trading, manual and automatic. If you are an accomplished crypto investor, you can choose to place your trades. You can use the trading signals provided by the software in the manual mode as well.

Is it possible to become a millionaire on the software?

Yes, you can become a millionaire trading on Bitcoin Rush. The software has helped thousands of traders across the world to live their dreams of becoming a millionaire. You can use the software’s help and become one too!

Can you stack Bitcoin on the platform?

No, it is a CFD or ‘Contract for Difference’ trading software. It executes multiple trades at once and helps you optimize your profits. It is not a crypto wallet wherein you can hold Bitcoins and other crypto assets.

What are the charges of the Bitcoin Rush trading app?

Bitcoin Rush is a free trading app. The developers don’t charge you for registration, withdrawals, or using the software’s features. You only have to pay a small transaction fee, which is deducted from your profits. The developers of the platform use this fee to update the software and bring you better versions that are bug-free.

How many hours do you have to spend on the trading app?

The best part of the trading software is that it does all the work for you, so you don’t have to devote long hours of your day to analyze the market fluctuations and place trades. The trading bot does all the work on your behalf. It’s active all day and you win profits even as you’re sleeping.

What is the starting deposit amount?

You can start by adding $250 to your trading account. You can increase your investment gradually as you start gaining trust on the trading bot.

Customer Testimonials

If you ask me about how I became a millionaire, I will give all credits to the amazing team behind Bitcoin Rush. I started using this highly accurate trading application just three months ago. I use the leverage trading option and made immense profits by investing only $10000. The precise predictions, security features, and quick customer redressal make this trading platform a class apart. I recommend Bitcoin Rush to all wannabe millionaires.

One of my colleagues who had the same take-home salary as me was living a more luxurious life than me. On enquiring, he told me about the popular digital currency trading software, Bitcoin Rush. I started on the same day on this free for use platform and earned $1350. Now, I open my account daily for 15 minutes and then do my regular job. At the end of the day, I check my Bitcoin Rush account and can’t believe my eyes when I see the huge profits. 

During my pregnancy days, I was advised to rest at home because of some complications and I resigned from my bank job. Sitting at home was boring for an active banker like me, so my husband suggested that I learn trading in cryptocurrencies. On reading some articles and blogs about Bitcoin Rush, I registered. Operating my account was so easy with the accurate profit-making trade signals and I was making around $1300 every day. When my child was born, I was already a millionaire. 

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A group of successful traders from the cryptocurrency market decided to share their expertise and develop a precise and trustworthy trading platform. Teaming up with computer programmers, they developed Bitcoin Rush to help the cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. This trading platform runs modern and highly-developed software that can finish complicated market analysis and generate trade signals much before its competitors. It is ahead of the rest by 0.01 seconds that means that you can execute your trades just in time for profits, every time.

Also, knowledgeable and interactive customer service is available for you in case of any queries regarding the application or trading nitty-gritty.

Start trading with Bitcoin Rush now and climb the steps to financial independence.

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