Bitcoin Revolution Review

It’s a common belief amongst people who are not associated with the crypto market that trading cryptos is extremely risky and can lead to losses. While they are correct in one aspect, they are unaware of the whole story. It should be known that humans, however hard they try, cannot analyze the market fluctuations with 100% accuracy. There are bound to be discrepancies.

This is not the case with AI-powered trading systems that use several market indicators in their market analysis. You can use its trading signals to execute profitable trade orders and profit from each one of them. Bitcoin Revolution is one such software. Let’s dive into its features.

Bitcoin Revolution

About Bitcoin Revolution

This is a sophisticated digital currency trading platform or robot that runs on cloud servers. The main advantage of utilizing cloud servers is that you get the flexibility of non-stop trading. Besides that, the Bitcoin Revolution is easy to set up in any of your devices and at any place, with an uninterrupted internet connection. The trading interface used by the platform is very easy to comprehend and operate. The developers ensure that no prior knowledge of computers or trading is required for trading with this application. A highly interactive auto-pilot trading mode is also available to execute the trades on behalf of the members even when their device is switched off. In case of any difficulties faced while setting up or using the account, an experienced customer support team is available to help.

How Does the Bitcoin Revolution Work?

The avant-garde trading platform has specialized software to collect and analyze the cryptocurrency market trading data. After you register and become a member, you have to customize the trade settings according to your requirements. After this, the software analyzes the market fluctuations on your behalf and generates profit-making trade signals as per your preset parameters. There is also a special tool through which you can compare your trade preferences and strategies with that of other traders.

You can trade with a longer horizon, i.e., buy Bitcoins or other digital currency at a lower price, hold it in your portfolio for some time, and sell at a higher price. This way, you can increase your capital.

Alternatively, you can also do day trading on CFDs of cryptos. Using this strategy, you can trade on the price ups and downs of the volatile cryptocurrencies. This is also very lucrative as the digital currency market is very volatile and the Bitcoin Revolution provides 99.4 % accurate trade forecasts for its members.

Bitcoin Revolution Uk

How to Use the Bitcoin Revolution?

Step I: Register on Bitcoin Revolution

To gain access to the Bitcoin Revolution trading software, you have to provide your details and fill up a registration form. The software authenticates your details and then you become a member of the platform.

Bitcoin Revolution is a free trading app and the developers don’t charge any joining fee, so you can go, and register immediately.

Step II: Provide Payment Details and Deposit Funds

To execute real trades, you need to add money to your trading account. First, provide your bank account details by filling the deposit form. The developers set the minimum deposit at $250 only. You can choose to add more funds as well. Once your deposit form gets approved, the software deducts the investment amount from your bank account.

Step III: Authentication of Data and Encryption of Account

Before your investment amount is deducted from your bank account, the software verifies all your information. It starts with the personal details, like your email address and phone number. Then, it proceeds to authenticate your bank account details.

Once you pass the verification stage, the software will encrypt your trading account under a secure mechanism. This is done to avoid unnecessary scams.

Step IV: Demo Account

One of the most innovative features offered by the trading platform includes access to a ‘demo account’. You get to discover the services and features provided by the software. It has been credited with virtual coins, and you can use them to place trade orders. It helps you practice trading before going into live trading.

Step V: Select Mode of Trading and Fix Requirements

Now you have to select the mode in which you would like to trade. The software supports assistance and manual trading modes. If you’re a professional crypto trader and wish to book profits on your own, you can go ahead with the assistance mode. And, if you want the trading bot to execute trades, you can switch to the manual mode anytime.

The software pulls out potentially profitable trading opportunities that are in-sync with your trading parameters. So, make sure you set the trading parameters to your requirements, and regularly maneuver it as your requirements change. These parameters include stop-loss percentage, amount to invest in each trade, among others.

Step VI: Start Trading and Winning

The Bitcoin Revolution trading app is online all day long. It earns you profits even when you are sleeping. The trading bot has a win rate of over 99% and you can depend on it to execute profitable trade orders on your behalf. The platform guarantees a daily profit of $1,100 on your investment. Your profit will go up as you increase your investment.

Step VII: Withdraw Profits into Your Bank Account

The software does all the work for you. The only aspect you need to supervise is adjusting your trading requirements regularly. The developers ask you to spend 20-25 minutes on the platform daily to adjust the parameters and withdraw existing profits to your bank account. For withdrawals, you have to submit a request. Once it gets accepted, the software will transfer the funds to your savings account. On average, it takes around 24-48 hours to get your winnings in your account.

bitcoin revolution review

Benefits of the Bitcoin Revolution

Top Performance 

Bitcoin Revolution trading platform uses the most up-to-date programming software in the entire trading market. The trading bot provides you with a time-leverage of 0.01 seconds, which helps you to be some time ahead of the Bitcoin market and, as a result, you can execute profit-making trades consistently.

Precise Predictions

Bitcoin Revolution gives you a precision level of 99.4% in forecasting profitable trades. No other trading platform could attain this type of precision. Users can become millionaires in four to six months.

No Charges 

You do not need to pay any registration or membership charges to trade on this unique trading platform. There are also no withdrawal/deposit fees to be made. The developers charge a small commission on your profits; the capital invested remains yours.

Prize-winning trading bot 

Bitcoin Revolution trading bot has received many awards. Currently, the American Trading Association has declared this trading bot to be the number one app in the entire Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin Revolution Payout

When you are done with your trading session for the day, the software computes your profits. It has a simple and straightforward payout process and the members get to know about the profits made and the commission deducted.

Simple Verification 

The registration process in this software is straightforward and easy. Your personal and financial information and data are verified for its genuineness by the software before it allots your account.

Customer Service 

The company provides you with a 24*7 customer service. The team is available on chat, email, mobile, and online form. It resolves your queries about set up, operation, and any other questions you have about this trading app.

Funds Withdrawal Process

There are 3 withdrawal processes on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. You have to choose the one as per your requirement and fill up an easy form. Then the software authenticates your request through an OTP and processes the request within 24 hours. Your money gets credited to your account shortly after that. There are no charges on the withdrawals made by you.

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Do you have to study the market to execute profitable trades?

No, you don’t have to follow market news, research market trends, and study the crypto market. The software does all the ‘heavy lifting’ jobs for you. It will analyze the market, pull out lucrative trade signals, and execute them as well.

Are you holding assets on the platform?

No, you cannot hold assets on the platform. Buying and holding assets are features of a cryptocurrency wallet. Bitcoin Revolution is a trading app that will help you place profit-making trades and earn you huge profits.

Which cryptos does the software support?

The trading app supports trading of several cryptocurrencies, including Etherum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BTC), Litecoin, and Ripplecoin.

How much can you earn daily?

You can earn $1,100 in profits every day on the Bitcoin Revolution trading app. You must remember that your profits rise with your investment amount, so make sure you increase it regularly.

Is it required to be an experienced trader?

The most beneficial feature of the trading app is that it is designed in a beginner-friendly manner. It does not matter if you are a novice and just starting in the crypto industry, as the software will do all the work on your behalf.


  • The trading platform has a low preliminary deposit.
  • You can earn $1100 per day by trading through the Bitcoin Revolution trading software.
  • It has a strong online security system that helps your information to be safe and secure. No one can access your data other than you. There are no risks of hacking.
  • The Bitcoin Revolution trading platform is user-friendly. It can be used by any person. The automated software allows any person to operate the app very easily.
  • The application can be accessed from any device such as iPhone, Android phone, computer, and laptop as it runs on a cloud server.


  • You need a good internet connection to operate and get accessibility to the software.

Customer Testimonials

Being a newbie in trading, I wanted to keep a buffer of cryptocurrencies in my portfolio. After consulting my experienced peers, I understood that choosing the right trading platform is very important for this market. On their recommendations, I started to trade with the Bitcoin Revolution. The accurate trade predictions of the trading software as per my preset trade preferences never disappoint me. Also, the auto-pilot mode ensures that I get my profits even when I am logged onto my stock market account. Michael, 28, South Africa

My husband met with a near-fatal accident and his surgery cost exceeded our medical cover but I made the payment from my profits lying in my Bitcoin Revolution account. He recovered, came home, but was advised bed rest for six months and was on without pay leave. But, I had no difficulty in managing all expenses as the Bitcoin Revolution made daily profits for me with its accurate trade predictions. I am happy that I decided to trade with this automated trading robot and utilize my free time to make profits. I recommend it to all my friends. Emma, 45, UK.

My life changed after I started trading in cryptocurrency with the Bitcoin Revolution. Earlier I used two other platforms, one of them didn’t provide market analysis and the other was hacked. So after a discussion with fellow investors, I chose the Bitcoin Revolution. I must give due credit to the creators for this accurate and automated trading app. It has an accuracy rate of nearly 100%, so you can make profits on every trade. I have made $25000 profit in just 3 months. Daniel, 34, Australia.


Many traders roam around the internet, searching for a cryptocurrency trading platform without deciding on the facilities offered to be considered. There are numerous trading platforms available in the market, but you should consider one that is innovative, experienced, and reliable. One of the most popular digital currency trading software is the Bitcoin Revolution. It uses different trading strategies for traders with different risk appetite and generates specific trading signals as per preset trade parameters. Being a cloud-based software, it also provides you around-the-clock trading facility. The reduced time frame in data collection and analysis also ensure that you make winning trades before the market makes a move. Take the support of the Bitcoin Revolution to minimize efforts and maximize profits.

bitcoin revolution review

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