How CBD Oil Can Help In Anxiety 

As human beings, it is natural for us to feel worried or anxious about various happenings in life. As long as these emotions are under control we are good to go. But this isn’t the case with everyone. Some people get overly anxious, they tend to over-think, get worked-up over the slightest arguments, find themselves getting mentally and physically exhausted over the issue, have their work-life and mental peace disrupted, and find themselves drowning in a pool of anxiety. That’s cue enough that the person needs medical attention to overcome their extreme case of anxiety and related disorders. The earlier this situation is dealt with the better for the person suffering as well as their friends and loved ones.

Various treatment methods can be meted out to those suffering from anxiety, some of them being counseling sessions with a therapist, meditation, yoga, exercise, deep breathing, etc. In this article, we will discuss how a plant-based extract namely CBD oil can help people with severe anxiety and how it can help them lead a better life.

Sonoma Valley CBD Oil Review

What Is CBD Oil

CBD also is known as cannabidiol is a type of natural oil derived from the hemp plant. It is diluted with coconut oil or something similar before usage. The hemp plant is a variant of the cannabis plant from which we get marijuana. But unlike marijuana, CBD does not induce intoxication as it does not contain the intoxication-causing compound known as THC which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Though not scientifically proved, CBD Oil has helped in the treatment of ailments like anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and inflammation. The sale of CBD Oil derived from the hemp plant has been approved under federal law and made legal in over 50 states in the US under the Farmer’s Bill of 2018. A preferred choice would be CBD Oil produced by Sonoma Valley owing to its aiding in the enhanced performance of ECS in the human body. It prompts the human body to regulate emotions like anxiety, insomnia, hypertension and more.

How Does CBD Oil Help in Anxiety

The human body is enriched with protein-based chemical structures commonly known as receptors that showcase the different responses to stimuli. Studies have shown that receptors present in the central and peripheral nervous system in the human body respond to CBD Oil by altering serotonin signals that play a vital role in a person’s mental health. Low serotonin levels indicate depression and anxiety in a person. Medication for low serotonin requires a doctor’s prescription and may take time to show positive results. This is where CBD Oil comes into the picture and some people may be able to manage their anxiety issues better. CBD Oil produced by Sonoma Valley is known for its unique property wherein it enhances the functioning of the cannabinoid present in the human body itself, thereby helping combat anxiety, insomnia, hypertension and more to its full potential.

Various tests and studies have been conducted to prove the effect CBD Oil has on the human body. A 2016 study conducted on schizophrenic patients found out that it induces antipsychotic effects in such people. Another independent study conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (1) has claimed that when used on rats with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), CBD Oil did considerably reduce stress-related issues. Other psychological symptoms like increased heart-rate also seemed to subside in the rodents.

CBD Oil has also proven to improve anxiety-induced insomnia in those suffering from the same. Those with SAD (Society Anxiety Disorder) administered with CBD Oil showed an overall reduction in anxiety levels and those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) also seemed to mellow down once they were administered with CBD Oil. The latter lot claimed they had reduced nightmares and negative memory recurring to them as compared before they were administered with CBD Oil. Authors gathered at a Literature Review in 2017 held on CBD and Psychiatric Disorders did come to the conclusion that the positive effect CBD Oil has on people suffering from stress and anxiety cannot be overlooked. Continuous studies are being carried out to substantiate these claims the world over. So far no side effects have been reported hazardous to human health. However, for best results, before taking any drug for the treatment of an ailment it is always recommended to consult a health expert and follow their instructions as per medical norms.

How To Take CBD Oil 

The packaging on CBD Oil comes with relevant instructions on serving size and total mg of CBD from which one can find out exactly how much drops one can ingest. Using the enclosed dropper, the recommended amount of CBD Oil should be placed under the tongue and held in place for about a minute. This helps in enhanced absorption of the oil through the blood vessels present under the tongue after which it can be swallowed.    

Recommended Dosage

Countless factors determine the exact amount of CBD Oil that needs to be prescribed to patients some of them include the person’s age, weight, type of illness, genetics, metabolism, environment, etc. As of now the appropriate dosage of CBD Oil to be administered for male and female patients suffering from anxiety and related disorders is still under extensive research. For sleep disorders a dosage of 40mg – 160 mg administered orally and for schizophrenia, a dosage of 40 – 1, 280 mg of CBD administered orally has been approved. Multiple tests have been conducted on rodents and the positive effect CBD has on these species gives hope especially to those trying their best to combat anxiety and stress. Human experiment owing to legality and increased risk cannot be carried out for obvious reasons and hence for the time being results from animal testing needs to be relied upon and have proved useful too. However, upon consultation with your doctor, they may be able to recommend safe doses so as to treat your anxiety-related issues. In 2018, a study conducted on male subjects showed that when administered with a 300 mg oral dose of CBD Oil 90 minutes before public speaking, their anxiety reduced considerably before they faced the crowd.

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil

Being a plant-derivative, little to no side effects have been reported by those who were administered with CBD Oil and hence it can be considered safe for use to counter anxiety and stress-related issues. Also, those already under prescription drugs for other ailments need to consult with their doctor to avoid interaction between the two drugs that may or may not give rise to uncalled-for side effects. Some of these may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss in appetite.
  • Weight gain/loss.

Another important point that needs to be looked into is that to take CBD one must not abruptly stop consuming any medication they were taking before CBD lest it may lead to withdrawal symptoms like nausea, dizziness, irritability and other similar symptoms which may cause inconvenience to the person in the long run especially if they have been taking prescription drugs for chronic illnesses. A study conducted on mice found that when the species was force-fed with CBD-rich cannabis, it posed an increased risk to liver toxicity but only when administered large doses and not upon intaking minimal amounts.

Can CBD Oil be Given to Kids

When it comes to administering CBD Oil for kids, more focus in terms of studies and researches has been thrown in the treatment of epilepsy as compared to other illnesses. Epilepsy being a neurological disorder can induce stress and anxiety not just in adults but in children as well. This is where usage of CBD Oil to relieve the symptoms of epilepsy, in turn, helps to reduce the levels of anxiety in little kids. A study conducted in 2016 in the treatment of a 10-year-old girl battling anxiety found that when she was administered a limited dosage of 12 – 25 mg of pure CBD Oil, she showed fewer signs of anxiety and insomnia without any harmful side effects.


Living happy and content should come to people naturally. However, when illnesses befall this simple course gets altered and living peacefully becomes next to impossible. Behavioral disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia and the likes can create havoc in day-to-day performances and activities and can bring life to a standstill unless looked into and dealt with at the earliest. Alternate treatment options should be considered and having a non-conventional approach to ailments has only proven beneficial in recent times. Just as much as a person suffering from mental health issues can find solace through therapies and prescription drugs, natural derivatives like CBD Oil should also be considered as a treatment option. As the saying goes ‘Better late than never’, if a friend or loved one suffers from anxiety or depression, forget not to let them know the many benefits of CBD Oil and how it can help positively alter their situation.

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