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Sugar Balance is an amazing natural supplement to control blood sugar, and people with all types of type diabetes -pre-diabetes, type I and type II, can use the product with ease to keep the condition under check. It is a completely natural and herbal medicine that does not contain any synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the body. The product has made use of organic raw materials that can aid in addressing the issue of fatty liver, which hinders normal blood glucose functioning within the body. This potent anti-diabetic supplement can be very useful for all types of people facing blood sugar problems.

Sugar Balance has been developed by Dr. David Pearson through his relentless effort in treating and studying the disease. He is a well-known epidemiologist with over 27 years of experience in the field and has researched type II diabetes, its causes, and solutions. Sugar Balance has been made from natural ingredients so that people can take it without any worry of any side-effects. It has shown wonderful results in keeping diabetes under control so that people need not buy expensive drugs like before. Additionally, while taking it, people can eat almost anything that they like without any worry.

Sugar Balance

What does it contain?

Sugar Balance is a carefully designed concoction of seven vital organic components that help in controlling blood sugar and keeping it within a healthy range. The seven powerful ingredients of the supplement are described here for complete understanding.

  • Schizandra – Chinese fruit is a type of adaptogen that helps in normalizing the sugar level in the body. It also helps in increasing the body’s resistance to stress and other diseases.
  • Licorice root extract – Licorice root is well known for its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains glycyrrhizic acid that can help in soothing gastrointestinal pain. The ingredient is also useful in restoring balance and repairing the stomach lining within a short time. In Sugar Balance, it has been used for all these properties and as an anti-diabetic agent.
  • Wild yam root extract – Wild yam root extract is well known for optimizing energy and helps in addressing issues related to weak bones. This ingredient also contains a chemical known as dioscoretine, which helps in maintaining the proper sugar level without any problem.
  • Mulberry fruit – White mulberry fruit has shown its therapeutic benefits in reducing blood sugar considerably, and that is why it has been included in the product. In Asia, it has shown remarkable success for many years in people who want to lower their blood sugar.
  • Astragalus root extract – The root extract of astragalus helps in boosting the immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep, and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. The active compounds of astragalus also help in lowering blood sugar in Type I and type II diabetes.
  • Soloman’s seal extract – Soloman’s seal, can be directly applied to the skin for treating bruises, finger boils, water retention, and skin redness. Soloman’s skin extract can also help in treating lung disorders and helps improve liver function so that proper blood sugar levels can be maintained.
  • Balloon flower root extract – It is a nutrient-rich herb that exhibits better insulin resistance and has cholesterol-reducing properties. It is an anti-allergy, anti-microbial neuroprotective extract that helps in keeping type II diabetes under control.

How does it Work?

Sugar Balance starts affecting the body and maintaining normal blood sugar levels within the first four weeks of consumption. The liver has fat cells in it that are responsible for creating balanced levels of sugar in the blood. However, in type II diabetes, these fat cells create insulin resistance, and Sugar Balance helps in powering these cells efficiently again so that previous energy levels can be regained. The fat-free cells help in getting rid of unwanted weight so that people can get a slim look.

The supplement helps in reducing the number of carbohydrates in the body to keep the blood glucose within permissible limits. The components help in boosting the overall metabolism and liver detoxification in a natural way. It not only helps in addressing the syndrome of fatty liver but, at the same time, improves the functioning of pancreatic cells so that they produce sufficient insulin to regulate the blood sugar. Finally, it also helps in keeping the cholesterol levels down so that any heart ailment can be avoided.

sugar balance review


Sugar Balance offers a large number of benefits compared to traditional over-the-counter type II diabetes drugs that are commonly available in the market. Due to its natural ingredients, the supplement is very helpful in keeping blood sugar within the permissible limit and, at the same time, offers certain other health benefits. Some of the apparent benefits are listed here as follows.

  • It helps in addressing the fatty liver issue by getting rid of the fatty cells responsible for it. It stimulates the pancreatic beta cells so that there is better insulin sensitivity in the body.
  • It helps in reducing sugar cravings and boosts metabolism significantly by detoxifying the liver using natural ingredients.
  • It can help in reducing unwanted weight and preventing fatigue so that people can feel considerably energized.
  • It helps against the blurred vision that is a common symptom in patients suffering from high blood sugar.
  • Slows down aging and provides a youthful appearance.
  • Reduces pain and numbness by removing many types of joint pain and body ache.
  • It helps against mood swings and improves memory.
  • It helps in restoring the correct sleeping pattern.
  • It can be easily integrated within the daily routine.
  • The supplement is available in many types of packages and comes with a refund guarantee.
  • It is an FDA-approved, GMP-certified US-manufactured food supplement that has been clinically tested in third-party labs.

Price, Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy

People with diabetes need doctor care and consultation quite often, and they also have to buy expensive allopathic medicines and go through the pin-prick induced pain frequently for measuring the levels. All of it can be quite frustrating at times, considering the cost and agony that it involves. Comparatively, with Sugar Balance, there is no such problem as only taking a capsule three times a day will help in keeping the blood sugar levels within correct limits. Therefore, one can see the convenience of using this vegan food supplement, and additionally, the cost of the product is also quite affordable. Initially, it was supposed to be sold at $99, but later, its manufacturers reduced the price manifold to finally sell it at $69 so that it can be purchased by more people.

The product is also covered by a 180-day money-back guarantee so that customers get a full refund of their money. If a customer does not intend to use the supplement within the first two months, then a mail can be put forward to the company. There will be no questions asked by the manufacturer, and a complete refund will be provided to customers.

Hence, considering the cost and pain that people with diabetes spend on expensive allopathic medicines and tests, the price of Sugar Balance is only a minuscule, whereas the benefits are far more in comparison.

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Side effects

Sugar Balance is a health supplement that has been manufactured using only organic and natural ingredients. It helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in types II diabetes within permissible limits so that people can enjoy a normal life. Moreover, it offers many other health benefits that normal diabetes drugs do not offer. Since there are only natural ingredients in it, there are no side effects with its use. People can use it without any worry, but if the supplement is being planned to be used with any other drug, then it is always safe to consult a medical practitioner before proceeding ahead.

A lot of people have used the health supplement to-date, and cases of serious side-effects have been negligible. However, it is always recommendable to consult a doctor before starting any new supplement as any potential complication can be identified. Moreover, people with other health conditions should definitely take medical advice before starting Sugar Balance as these people will be on some other prescribed drug, and that should not be a constraint for the supplement to act efficiently.

It must also be mentioned here that people with serious ailment and pregnant mothers should definitely consult a doctor before using it as it can interfere with the medication, and its full benefits may not be visible.

Customer Reviews

Going through the customer reviews of the Sugar Balance health supplement, one can see that a large number of people have experienced its benefits and are willing to share their experiences. The customer reviews not only mention the beneficial aspects of the supplement in reducing the blood sugar level, but many people have also mentioned the other health benefits that they have experienced with it. Going through the reviews, one can also note that people of all ages and gender have enjoyed its benefits that makes it all the more heartening and dependable. There are reviews from people who have gained from the supplement as it has even helped in addressing allergy to a large extent.

Sugar Balance is effective against all types of diabetes, and that is very much manifested in its reviews. Even in pre-diabetes conditions, the supplement is equally effective, and that has been shared by many customers who have been able to address pre-diabetes effectively. A large number of customers have also mentioned that there is no side effect with its use as a majority of them have been using the product for many years now. There are also many senior citizens who have endorsed it whole-heartedly as the supplement has been quite effective in keeping their blood glucose level within limits and providing them with more energy so that they feel young after using it.

The customer reviews certainly point towards the effectiveness of the product as many customers have been using the health supplement regularly, and they have experienced its benefits over a long time.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Diabetes is a silent killer that affects millions worldwide. There is a big pharmaceutical market that aims to provide medications for it, but most of them are expensive and can be painful. Moreover, many medications have side effects that can manifest in many ways so that even if diabetes is kept under control, other complications may be there.

In such a situation, Sugar Balance can be a very good alternative to them as it is a completely natural solution to all types of diabetes. The best part is that there are no major side effects associated with this supplement. Additionally, it also helps in dealing with other health issues that can affect normal life.

The health supplement is cheap and affordable so that anyone can purchase the product and enjoy its benefits. While buying it, one can also get access to the Private Member’s Area and two helpful books on diabetes. The Private Member’s Area has meal plans, delicious recipes, and quick start guides in it. The two books that can be obtained are – ‘The Truth About Diabetes’, which deals with getting safe blood sugar levels within a few days and ‘Success Journal’ that tries to throw light on the causes of diseases and the ways of leading a healthy life.

Compared to conventional medicines of diabetes, it is quite lowly priced so that more people can use it extensively. In addition to it, the product comes with an attractive 180-day full money-back guarantee so that customers can get their refund if they do not use it due to some reason.

Hence, after looking at all the advantages and benefits that are associated with Sugar Balance, it can surely be tried by any person who is suffering from diabetes. There is no harm in taking a trial of the supplement as there are no side effects with its use. Moreover, any other health complication can also be addressed by its satisfyingly.

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