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Safe Mask

If you have stumbled upon this article, the chances are that the headlines in newspapers and news channels on T.V. have made you realize how dangerous the coronavirus situation has become. The rate at which it is spreading is alarming, and as is the case with many disease-causing microbes, it spreads through the air and enters your body through openings that happen to be the mouth and the nose. Once you have the virus inside you, sneezing or coughing with your mouth open can increase the chances of spreading the microbes to healthy people that are close to you. Many bacteria are pathogenic, which means they cause diseases. A lot of these diseases can be life-threatening as well.

Not only microbes but dust particles and pollutants can harm our bodies, and they mostly affect through exposed areas of the body. Your mouth and nose are the entry points of all things alien to the body. Breathing in polluted environmental conditions reduces your life-span. Chances of developing severe illnesses increase multi-fold when we expose our lungs to various pollutants. A hike in cases of lung cancer in people living in industrial and polluted cities is evident over the years. Problems like asthma are also likely to develop in people living in such places.

Even if there is no immediate harm to you, it is always a plus point to prepare. Viral diseases that spread through air spread fast and from people to people. Multiple preventive measures have been advised by authorities to help fight against the spread of these diseases. You are wearing a face mask when outside your home is a solution. Protecting yourself and the people around you is your responsibility to take seriously. More and more people are looking for ways to protect themselves from these harmful pathogens. Can a mask be useful against all these problems? Here is a product you would want to try out.

What do You Need to Know About the Safe Mask?

Face masks have been used since the beginning of the 20th century and have found their use by doctors and people who work in challenging conditions like coal mines. With the spread of air-borne diseases and an increase in pollutants in the atmosphere in residential areas, more and more people have been using face masks. They are an effective way to protect you from inhaling harmful substances through air. They are also effective against bacterias viruses and other disease-causing microbes. They are available in a variety of price ranges and for multiple purposes.

All face masks are not the same. The cheaper ones do not provide any significant protection against pollutants and harmful foreign bodies. Moreover, many of them can be used only once and are not feasible. Also, not all masks cover your mouth and your nose correctly. They slip off of your face and expose it to harmful substances. Adjusting them from time to time is another problem. Some masks even result in breathing problems. They do not fit right and do not allow free space to breathe.

ECOMERZPRO brings a solution to this problem. Safe Mask is an advanced mask that is effective not only against Coronavirus but any form of pollutants in the atmosphere. This is a respirator mask that has a built-in filter that comes with nano-technology to provide protection effectively. The special filtration valve does not allow even the tiniest of pathogens to pass through providing you with fresh, clean air to breathe in. The Mask is convenient and offers adequate protection. It covers the mouth and nose adequately and does not slip off, and the main reason why this Mask is famous is that it can be cleaned and used again.

Safe Mask review

What are the constitutes of the Safe Mask?

Safe masks use nano-technology to filter pollutants that are present in the air. The purifying filter has a polyurethane layer which filters the contaminants. The valve is rotatable up to 360 degrees and allows passage of clean air while inhaling and the exhalation of carbon dioxide. When you breathe in, the inhalation valve opens up and allows the air to be filtered, and only pure, clean air is allowed in. When you breathe out the carbon dioxide, the exhalation valve opens up and allows carbon dioxide to go out.

The fabric is comfortable and eco-friendly. Another main reason it is a good quality mask is that it is washable, which makes the safe Mask reusable. The fabric easily adapts to your facial structure. The material is hypoallergenic and safe. It is essential to wash your Mask regularly. Though only a high temperature can kill bacteria, using water can also help. It won’t damage it and clean up the dirt and bacteria from the Mask. The most advanced air filtration technology makes a Safe mask.

How Does a Safe Mask Work?

Using the safe Mask is simple, put it on your face and using the strap attached to the ends, tie it beyond the ears. The safe Mask uses nano-technology to filter out even the tiniest of pathogens. It consists of a facepiece and an inhalation valve which is connected with the air-purifying element. There is also an area that is provided for the exhalation of air. Bands tie all the parts of the Mask together. The valves work 360 degrees and give passage to clean air only.

The facepiece is adjusted to hide the mouth and nose. It is the central covering portion of the Mask. The inhalation valve and air filtration elements are connected. Air enters through the lid and in the filter (purifying element). The filter uses nano-technology making it so effective against pathogens. Through this filter, pure air comes in. Each inhalation opens the exhalation valve, and carbon dioxide goes out through this exhalation valve.

The complete opening and closing of both inhalation and exhalation valves result in less moisture, which makes the Mask more durable, and even if the Mask gets dirty, it can be washed multiple times and reused. The activated carbon filter stops 94% of all pollutants, including pathogenic microbes. The polyurethane layer in the filter is responsible for the filtration of microbes.

Using the Mask is simple as it comes with a facepiece that begins with two ends that are to be tied together. The two ends have straps which are fixed beyond the ears. The Mask uses the most advanced technologies, and therefore it comes in different price ranges classified according to the level of protection required.

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Why do you need the Safe Mask?

Do you live in a polluted city with a lot of cars and factories that let out a lot of smoke in the atmosphere? Do you want to protect yourself from harmful disease-causing microbes? Do you want to breathe fresh, pure air without worrying about pathogens and pollutants? If your answer to these questions was yes, then this product is exclusively made for you. It is easy to use, washable, foldable, reusable, provides the most effective protection against all of the problems mentioned above. It is light and does not take up a lot of space and is portable.

In many cities where the chances of spreading of Coronavirus are higher, the government authorities have strictly advised all of their citizens to wear masks. Safety measures to prevent the spread of diseases by the act of sneezing or coughing. Strict standards applied in order to prevent further spread of the disease. Safe Mask can be beneficial in places like these. It not only prevents the spread of viruses through sneezing or coughing but also does not allow the inhalation of these viruses through the mouth or nose.

When you live in a place where the chances of contamination are high, it becomes your responsibility to play it safe to protect yourself and the people around you. This Mask will do just that for you. Using the most advanced technologies it prevents any form of pollutants from harming you. The Mask can also prevent cold. This Mask in any season. Buy one of these, and you won’t have to worry about buying the cheaper ones from the pharmacy, which do not provide even a fraction of protection these masks do.

Rarely will you find a mask that is easy and convenient, readily available, effective, and also reusable and foldable! It does not retain moisture while breathing, which makes it durable. Its durability is another factor which makes it a perfect choice for a mask. Unlike other masks, it helps breathe easily and does not cause any breathing problems. It is also useful against allergens.

Is the Safe Mask for Everyone?

Safe Mask is for adults and does not fit well with children. People that work in factories and mines and work long hours in conditions that result in severe breathing ailments will find it very useful. Besides the mentioned problems, it can be used by any person who is looking for a solution to protect themselves from harmful pathogens and pollutants of any kind.

Even people that are allergic can use this Mask. People that are allergic to certain stimuli can also use this Mask as it also filters allergens. It filters pollen, dust as well as the tiniest of microorganisms. Alternatively, it can also protect from cold. One main reason it is so popular is that it looks good and is suitable for any season. During the summers, it does not heat the whole face as the fabric is of the most excellent quality. During inhalation, it does not retain any moisture, which makes it durable.

Where can you get the Safe Mask?

The Safe Mask is available exclusively on the official website of the product. The site is easy to access, and you can buy your Mask in just a few clicks. Payment is safe, and the delivery is fast. You can also buy an extended warranty for your product from the official website. The seller guarantees complete satisfaction.

The product is affordable and cheap for the value it provides. They also offer discounts on the purchase of multiple masks.

  • One unit of Safe mask is available in just 55$
  • Two units of this product are available in just 77$
  • Three units of this product are available in just 87$
  • Five units of this product are available in 109$
  • If you want to purchase ten units of Safe mask, you can buy it now for only 163$
  • If you want to go all-in and get 20 pieces of Safe mask, you get the product on a heavily discounted price at just 272$

The website also provides details on return policy. The refund policy of the site is secure, and they guarantee complete satisfaction with the product. They also have various offers available every day.


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What do the customers have to say about Safe Masks?

If you are still hesitant about the product, here is what people who have bought the product are saying about it:

“I purchases the Safe Mask about a week ago when I heard people getting alarmed about the Coronavirus. I grabbed one for every single family member. This one’s a wonderful mask.” – Forrest

The Safe Mask fits so well on my face. It has no size issues and neither does it slip from my face when I go for a jog or walk fast in general. Most masks fall off easily but this one stays at a place.” – Nina

“My job requires me to travel very frequently and the pollution in the city is so much that it became difficult to breathe. Thanks to this Mask, I can travel easily in cities without worrying about inhaling pollutants.” – Catherine

“Have been using it for three weeks now. Seems to be working well, can be used multiple times after washing.” – Christopher


Increasing amounts of pollutants in the air have serious health complications. Besides this fact, there is a threat of air-borne diseases spreading from an unhealthy person to a healthy person. Safe Mask aims to provide you complete protection from harmful pollutants and pathogens so that you can go out freely and breathe fresh air.

If you, too, are looking for a mask that uses the most advanced technologies, that fits perfectly and is available in any season, then you should give this product a try. It is reliable, simple, effective, and is more durable.

Go ahead and place your order and breathe fresh, pure air without the fear of harming your body.

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