OxyBreath Pro Review

Do you think the air you are breathing is clean? You know that you are not if you follow the news daily. Who are the sufferers of breathing this toxic and harmful air in your environment? Yes, it is you and your family!

Dust, bacteria, viruses, and pollution in the air make it difficult to breathe clean air. This is a much bigger problem for those living in big cities. There are many reasons why the air in your environment is harmful to your health. Cars and other vehicles burn fuel and release toxic smoke in the air that causes pollution. Factories, too, are a major reason contributing to air pollution. All this has made it impossible for you to breathe clean air. There are also multiple viruses like the recent Coronavirus in the air that you may breathe in.

When you inhale toxic and harmful chemicals every day for a long time, it can lead to several respiratory diseases. If you inhale the viruses floating in the air, it can lead to fatal disorders too. So it is imperative for you to take action, as soon as possible. Here is OxyBreath Pro, a face mask that will help you to breathe cleaner air.

OxyBreath Pro Singapore

About OxyBreath Pro

OxyBreath Pro is a lightweight breathing mask that protects you against allergies, bacteria, viruses, toxic gases, and polluted air. It allows you to breathe in fresh air anywhere, even in the most polluted place. It covers your mouth comfortably without obstructing your nose. Moreover, it is very lightweight and does not pinch your skin. The manufacturers have designed this mask very uniquely. It looks elegant and does not give you a hospital look.

This mask has an advanced, dust-free air filter PM2.5, which can protect you from particles of diameter less than 2.5 micrometers, which are as small as 3% of the diameter of human hair. This mask will be advantageous for people with lung-related breathing problems, allergies, low immunity, etc. And it also can protect you from harmful viruses like Coronavirus, which is threatening us now.

Specifications of OxyBreath Pro

  • PM 2.5 filter to filter out the minutest particles of dust.
  • Nanotechnology, two-layer polyurethane filtration.
  • Active carbon filter shields you against impurities and contaminants, including bacteria and viruses.
  • Fabric filtration which ensures an improved airflow.
  • Breathing valve which supports healthy inhalation and exhalation.
  • Hanging mask design similar to spectacles, which gives a comfortable fit.
  • Scientifically designed to provide mouth and nose coverage.
  • Size 27 cm by 14 cm.
  • Unisex design, in a size that fits all face shapes and sizes.
  • Made of washable material.
  • Lightweight mask.

OxyBreath Pro Singapore

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

OxyBreathe Pro provides multi-layer filtration for total protection from allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust particles, and pollutants. It is especially helpful for people with respiratory problems. The polyurethane layer filters contagious viruses and bacteria. The active carbon filter screens the impurities and dust particles from the air you inhale. The breathing valve ensures the free flow of air, so you never feel suffocated with this mask. This scientifically designed mask fits comfortably on your mouth and face with no air gaps that give you full protection from any type of infection.

How to Use OxyBreath Pro?

Make sure you wear the OxyBreath Pro mask every day when you leave your house. Leave the rest of the work to OxyBreath Pro. It will protect you from inhaling toxic air, and you breathe clean air. Also, remember to come home and wash the mask thoroughly to rinse off all the impurities on it so you can use it again the next day.

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Benefits of OxyBreath Pro

  • Total protection

The air we breathe contains all types of infectious particles and micro-organisms. These may cause many airborne diseases like Coronavirus infection. So if you wear this mask when you step outside your home, you are completely protected. OxyBreath Pro screens minute particles and also liquid droplets that float in the air you breathe, when people near you cough or sneeze.

  • Screens all types of germs

OxyBreath Pro is capable of shielding you from every type of germs. It can screen the little particles of pollutants from vehicles and factories. It can protect you from bacteria, viruses, and allergens. In the present scenario, as the threat of airborne contagious diseases has increased, this mask is necessary for all.

  • Comfortable design

The OxyBreath Pro face mask has a very comfortable design. It is made of stretchable material that fits all sizes and shapes of face. And it is made of lightweight material, so you don’t feel that you are wearing a face mask. It is very comfortable, and you can wear it throughout the day.

  • Washable and Reusable

OxyBreath Pro gives you value for money. It is made of washable materials. You can wash, dry, and reuse as many times as you like to.

Purchase & Price

There are multiple packages that the company offers. You can select the best deal for you.

  • One unit of the OxyBreath Pro is available on the official website at $49 only.
  • When you buy 2 units, you get a third one free. The discounted price of this package is $98.
  • On ordering 3 units of this product, you get 2 more free at a discounted price of $27 each. So, you pay only $135 for this package.

Moreover, the company offers free shipping. You also have the option to add a 3-years warranty on your OxyBreath Pro masks at $9 only.

OxyBreath Pro review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase of OxyBreath Pro. To be eligible for a refund, you are required to return your face mask to the company. The masks you return must be unused and in the same condition in which it was delivered to you.

The package you send should have the receipt of your purchase.

Your refund is processed by the manufacturer after your package is inspected and approved by the company.

A refund is initiated in the credit card or the method of payment you used for the purchase. It takes a few days for the refund to be credited to your account. If your order is defective or faulty, the company will give you a partial refund or full refund.





Is Oxybreath Pro Reusable?

Such masks are commonly not made for reuse, and you spend a lot of money buying fresh ones. But this is simply not the case with OxyBreath Pro. You can use it multiple times by washing it after every use so that the germs which may be present inside the mask are killed. This way, it maintains hygiene as well as protect your health.

Does Oxybreath Pro Protect Against Both Bacteria and Viruses?

Yes, it protects you against all bacteria and viruses. You can cover your mouth and nose with OxyBreath Pro, which strains all the impurities to combat many health problems. So this is the best mask for everyone.

Are Different Sizes of OxyBreath Pro Available for Adults and Children?

This is a free size face mask which fits people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child. It fits all face sizes and shapes.

Can This Face Mask Protect Users from Contagious Viruses?

Yes, OxyBreath Pro protects users from contagious viruses, including the dreaded Coronavirus.

Does the Company Accept International Orders?

Yes, the manufacturer accepts international orders and accepts payments in your own currency.

What are the Delivery Charges?

The delivery charges vary with the number of OxyBreath Pro ordered and the place of delivery. Delivery to far away and remote places may incur more delivery charges. You have to add the product to your shopping cart and continue to the payment page where the delivery charge is displayed.

Are the Transactions Safe on the Manufacturer’s Purchase Website?

Yes, the transactions on the purchase website are secure. Your personal details are secured by Norton, McAfee Secure, and Truste Verified.

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  • Total protection from all types of viruses, bacteria, and allergens.
  • Screens dust particles and pollutants.
  • It covers full mouth and nose.
  • Dust-free air filter PM 2.5, nanotechnology.
  • Free size; fits everyone.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Washable and reusable.


Customer Testimonials

A few weeks ago when the Novel Coronavirus scare gripped the world, I had my pre-fixed marketing meet in Thailand. Thailand had by then already reported a few cases of Coronavirus. However, I was not in a position to cancel the visit as it was very important for my employer. My boss in the office suggested that I take OxyBreath Pro along with me. He said that OxyBreath Pro is proven to protect against the allergens, bacteria, and viruses that float in the air. It is a mask that filters the air before we breathe it in. I availed the special offer and bought 2 OxyBreath Pro masks at a discounted price. I used the mask all the time during my visit to Thailand and I am back in my country safely. Robert Ramirez, 41, Singapore.

In these days of increasing pollution and airborne diseases, I am always worried about my children. As my kids go to school and also play in the open, they are prone to the millions of germs and viruses that surround us. Moreover, increasing air pollution affects all of us. I have bought OxyBreath Pro for my children. OxyBreath Pro comes in a flexible size that fits all faces. It is lightweight and comfortable. It covers the nose and mouth completely and doesn’t allow any germs, floating droplets containing viruses or dust particles to be inhaled. My children have been using it for the last few weeks and since then there have been no complaints of airborne diseases. Regina Adams, 50, Louisville, Kentucky.

I have been working as a nurse in a state hospital for a couple of years. I have to take care of patients of all sorts with known and unknown diseases. I cannot take chances to risk my life as many patients carry viruses and bacteria that spread easily in the air. Therefore, I use the OxyBreath Pro mask. OxyBreath Pro contains Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5 which gives protection from bacteria, colds, and viruses. It has a comfortable fit that covers the nose and mouth. It is reusable and I can just wash it and wear it to my hospital duty every day. It has provided me with the required protection to stay immune to diseases. Grace Smith, 27, Brooklyn, New York.

I had been suffering from breathing problems and had borderline chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for a few years. The polluted air of the city had been responsible for these diseases. There were no signs of improvement as the air pollution from cars, factories, etc. kept increasing day by day. My medico friend recommended that I use OxyBreath Pro for relief. This face mask ensured that I breathe safe air. After using OxyBreath Pro I have completely recovered from my respiratory problems. In addition, it also protects me from the numerous viruses and bacteria which are lurking around us. David Whitman, 59, Singapore.


This is the age and generation of vehicles and industries. If there exist vehicles and factories, there will also be pollution in the air. So it is time to step up to the task of protecting yourself and your loved ones from inhaling toxic chemicals in the air.

The OxyBreath Pro face mask covers your face completely. This is a protective mask with multiple layers that will help you keep the poisonous, toxic air outside, and inhale air that is clean, free of harmful chemicals. This mask becomes your go-to product in the time of any health crisis or epidemic. You can wear it every day to college, school, and work, protecting yourself from all the harmful effects of inhaling toxic air.

The face mask is offered at discounted rates by the manufacturers. There are multiple offers and packages for you to select from. Also, shipping is free. So buy OxyBreath Pro today and protect yourself and your family.

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