Penomet Penis Pump Review

It’s evident that not every make has a large penis. But many men feel shy in bed because of the small Penis and most of the women would prefer the men with large Penis. If you’re too someone with small Penis, unable to satisfy your partner, losing the confidence in bed, and having a troubling sex life, it’s understandable. You’re not alone in this, and many men face this problem. For all those people who wish to increase their penis size, here is something that can grab your interest in no time. Penomet, the Penis pump.


What is Penomet?

Penomet is a water-based penis pump that is useful in penis enlargement that literally satisfied many customers and pushed all its competitors to grave. It has CE marketing, SGS certifications, which says that the product is safe to use and follows all the standard compliance. It is a unique, pipe-like structure made with high-end polycarbonate plastic, which is strong enough to last longer than other pumps. This is a combination device of a cylindrical pump to accommodate your Penis and gaiter to apply pressure to increase the size of it. Penomet claims to be 65% faster than other products in the market. This product is water-resistant and reusable. You can simply wash with water.

After 10 years of research on various Penis pumps on different men with different skin types, sensualities, Penomet created the first version of it. They tested it against many water-based and air-based pumps, and none of them worked out. Adding a science of gaiter to it, where the person using it can alter the pressure and size according to their convenience, they made it perfect for everyone. The tested results showed that Penomet can improve that 3 inches length and 30% girth if a person uses this daily for 15 minutes without fail.

Penomet has every attention to detail. It has a scale on it which is useful in keeping an eye on the measurements. The pressure gaiters are designed in a way to apply the pressure from every side on the Penis without any leverage. It is adjustable so that you can work it at your convenient state. If you feel any pain due to the pressure gaiter or pumping it up too fast, you can remove the top cylindrical part and get instant relief.

Directions to use

Penomet is divided into two parts. Below are the details:

  1. Cylindrical pump
  2. 5 gaiters with different levels of pressure

When you connect both the parts and wear them on the Penis. When you apply pressure on the pump, it enlarges gradually with the compression and expansion of the airflow. This series of actions on your Penis helps to grow internally in a natural way and is healthy. Use Penomet for 15 minutes a day, and you’ll significantly find the change in your penis size. To be sure about it, you might note the measurement of once in a week.

One more thing to keep in mind is the different types of gaiters provided in the box. It has 5 pressure gaiters in different colours, Purple, Blue, Black, Grey, Orange.

  • Purple – Lowest Pressure
  • Blue – Low Pressure
  • Black – Medium Pressure
  • Grey – High Pressure
  • Orange – Extreme pressure.

It is suggested to start with the lowest pressure or the Purple gaiter and gradually increase while you get habituated to it. You can use each pressure level for one week or change it according to your comfort levels. For better and faster results, reach to orange level or extreme pressure level and maintain it until you achieve the goal.

  • Penomet is told to work best in water. So choose to use it while you take a shower or in the bathtub.
  • Fix the pump with a suitable gaiter, as mentioned above.
  • Then wear the Penomet on your Penis.
  • Slowly pump the Penis to give a perfect fit and lock the air.
  • Once you leave it that way, the penis tissue will expand into the pump, where you can clearly observe the penis enlargement slowly.
  • You need to pump it a few more times in between to make sure it is adequately attached and sealed in a correct way.
  • Continue the process for 15 minutes every day, and that’s it. You can witness the visible increase in penis length.
  • Once the process is done, clean it thoroughly every day and wash it before using the next day.

Understand the given digital, visual manual thoroughly and start using Penomet exactly as suggested. With no doubt. You’ll experience an awesome and visible change in the growth. But the result may be different for everyone as everyone has different body types, metabolism, adoption to change. So, don’t compare your results with anyone else’s. You’ll surely get benefitted and very soon.

penomet review

Is it safe to use?

Everyone gets terrified to try something new on the intimate parts as they’re sensitive and can lead to an adverse reaction that we regret forever. But it’s dumb to sit at home and cry about the small Penis than trying something out which is proven to have the best results. There are so many products available in the market that can just overwhelm and confuse you at the same time.

When it comes to Penomet, no harmful material was used. It is simply a plastic pump, but they made sure to use the best material possible to give the best results. They proudly announced a 3-year warranty on the suction pump, which is too high for a plastic thing. Well, they’re confident about their product and showing it off.

Also, they got certified by CE and SGS, which makes this product more reliable. To add a benefit to it, they performed real-life testing for over 10 years and got the expertise in providing nothing but the best to every type of man. As a result, It won several awards like Best new product awards by Venus Awards in 2014, Jury awards by Venus awards in 2013, and Best male enhancement device award by sign awards in 2012 for their selfless services. What else can prove their ability best?

Benefits of Penomet

  • Comfortable to wear: Penomet is a simple cylindrical structure made with plastic to fit appropriately on the Penis.
  • Suitable material: The polycarbonate plastic used for making is ideal for every skin type and does not have any adverse effects like rashes and irritation on sensitive skin.
  • Better Orgasm: Along with improving the size of the Penis, Penomet brings the confidence to enjoy the sex more and help you have a better orgasm.
  • Permanent results: With the medicines or other supplies, high chances are going back to the normal state after a while or even worse to reduce the original size, but Penomet works in a way to improve the penis size from the inner tissues which makes the results permanent.
  • Avoids premature ejaculation: Small penises often get to experience premature ejaculation, which won’t be able to enjoy sex thoroughly. With Penomet as you’ll be increasing Penis’s strength along with the length, you can last longer in bed and avoid premature ejaculations.

Price Packages

Pricing package 1: Penomet Hydro Pump Premium

Price – $297

  • Penomet hydro pump – 1
  • Force 60 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 65 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 70 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 75 Gaiter – 1
  • Extreme force 80 Gaiter – 1
  • Shower strap – 1

Pricing package 1: Penomet Hydro Pump Extra

Price – $197

  • Penomet hydro pump – 1
  • Force 60 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 65 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 70 Gaiter – 1
  • Force 75 Gaiter – 1

Pricing package 1: Penomet Hydro Pump Standard

Price – $127

  • Penomet hydro pump – 1
  • Force 70 Gaiter – 1

All these packages come with the respective digital booklets, respectively, where you can find clear instructions to use. The charges to ship different locations may vary.

Penomet Results

Warranty & Guarantee

  • All the packages have a standard warranty of 3 years for pump and life long free replacement for gaiters.
  • If, in any case, non-water based solutions are applied to clean the gaiter, it’ll be considered as a client-side mistake leading to the cancellation of lifelong replacement cover and warranty.
  • Penomet says that they’ve built the product to be suitable for everyone. But if you feel that the product didn’t work for you, you can raise a return request within 60 days from the purchase date. You’ll receive the complete refund except for the shipping charges in this case.
  • Accessories and add-ons are not eligible for returns, but you can request for a replacement in case you find any physical damage to the product. You can contact them and raise a query with pictures of the broken piece, original bill, and packaging. Your case will be evaluated and taken forward, respectively.


Steve: My girlfriend is very supportive and nice. But I was unable to satisfy her in bed with my small Penis. She never complained about anything, but I could sense the disappointment. That eventually affected my confidence, the concentration at work, and I started to experience depression. Everything started to fall apart. I never thought sexual satisfaction is important. Then I heard about Penomet, and I wanted to try everything that can put my love life back on track. I immediately purchased it and started using it. For my wonder, this is the first product that I ever used, and I’m glad to take that decision. I started seeing the results within a week, and in a month, my girlfriend was happier than ever. Thanks to Penomet.

Jason: I have tried so many penis enlargement supplies, medicine, treatments, and trust me, nothing worked better than Penomet. When I first started, I was just hopeless and thought that this was something like all the others and just gave it a try. I cursed myself for not believing in it and not trying it way before. My penis size increased like magic, and I’m the happiest. No girl stayed before, and now I’m in a stable relationship and able to satisfy all the needs of my girl. I strongly suggest everyone to someone who’s been going through this phase and make your life better like me now.

Mike: Due to the effects of my chemotherapy for years, I experienced a size reduction in my Penis. Though I was able to fight my cancer, I was unable to perform well as I was getting conscious about its size. I checked several products but was afraid to use them as it might affect my fragile health during the recovery phase. Then I mentioned it with my doctor during one of my visits, and he suggested Penomet. As there’s no medical supplies or medicine involved, it is absolutely safe. I used it for a month, and I’m stunned by the results. I feel better and more confident now and satisfy my partner, even in a delicate condition.

Rocky: My friend Joseph was suffering from a similar problem as me. We often used to share our sorrow and failure bed stories until we realized that we were not trying our best. Then we decided to try different products available in the market. Nothing worse could’ve happened than the humiliation we were facing, and he came up with this Penomet, which started to show results very quickly. He wanted for a few months to check if the result would stay, and to his surprise, it did. And look at us now, sharing our story with no shame in bed anymore.


Finally, a reliable solution is found for the penis enlargement. There are thousands of different products in the market that look similar but don’t work anywhere close to Penomet. Their customer satisfaction rate is 100%. With the live results from the customers who used Penomet, all we have to say is one thing. It’s simple to wear, affordable, provides long-lasting results, and worth a shot to save your sexual life. It is available all over the internet these days as an emerging and leading brand. You can simply go to their website, place the order and start your journey towards that you’ve wished for.

penomet review

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