5 Ways To Maximize Productivity While Working From Home

The current unpleasant scenario has compelled most of us to work from home. The sudden shift in the working places i.e., from office to the living rooms, has brought several changes within the entire working cycle and the “productivity factor” is one of them.

Productivity While Working

If you are someone who is just starting out, you might have already felt less productive. Compared to the rate at which you used to work back in the days, it might seem like a distance to travel in today’s time. And that is not something uneven at all. According to reports, the maximum number of employees feels the same way.

But there are ways, which can help you regain your productivity irrespective of your working condition. Let’s look at five ways which can assist you in maximizing productivity even working from home.

1. A Routine for The Day

From proper structuring to organizing events, having a daily routine is great for anything, and productivity improvement is not an exception. If you wake up in the morning without having a proper hand schedule of what to do and when to do, you are on your way to losing productivity. Rather have your plans ready.

Create a routine for the day. Mix up things you like doing alongside your working hours. Right from waking up till you get into your bed for the end of the day sleep, keep everything planned. Prioritize choices and build a routine around it. This will keep you engaged in a scheduled way. A scheduled working routine will help you set particular objectives for the day and objectives are just great for improving productivity.

2. Office at your home

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you need to get into your bed and work. Working with comfort is important but not to that level that makes you sleep while working. This will do no good to your productivity and can deteriorate what you already have.

To stop this from happening, you need to have a professional place to work. But you don’t need any fancy top end corporate office setup. Get yourself a table and a chair in the bedroom or the living room itself and get started with your work. Having a proper working environment is always beneficial. Once you equip yourself with a proper working setup, the overall productivity enhances automatically. You will gradually have your mental focus regenerated and the output from your side will keep on piling simultaneously.

For almost anything, we are highly impacted by our environment, thus having a leisure space around is sure to navigate our brain towards taking a rest out of the work. Hence it is important to have a professional setup that can motivate us throughout the working period. Feel like having an office at your home and get yourself working, just like the usual days.

3. Gift yourself a break

You might wonder, Ah! Breaks are here to break productivity, not to maximize. But let me tell you, that you are bearing a wrong conception all together. A brief break in between works can play marvelous roles in refreshing minds leading to a more productive you all together.

Yes, you are hardworking and passionate about completing your work at one go, but sometimes this very act can hamper your productivity in the long run. It is important to note that temporary breaks are indeed friends to productivity rather than enemies that it is assumed to be.

But let me be clear again, short breaks are friends to productivity while taking long breaks way too often can also cause great discomfort to your productivity.

4. Stick to your own hours

Your mind and body are habitat to working on particular hours a day. Try scheduling the work phase in accordance with that. If you try shuffling your work and rest hours way too often, your body and mind might end up giving up mid-way, which is not at all a pleasant scenario for productivity. Hence it is always better to fix the working time that your mind and body have been accustomed to for several years in the past and work in accordance to that.

If you are someone new, just starting off, make sure you give yourself some time to decide what time phase can be most suitable for you to work and be most productive working. You might not have developed an accustomed time phase yet, which is a good thing. But once you set your hours to work, you must ensure to stick loyal to it.

While many things might change as you set to work from home, the only thing that is just about sure to remain constant is the hours and the time phase you work. Making sure you select it as per the comfort of your body and mind is always healthy for your productivity.

5. Try to be in touch with your colleagues

Irrespective of what type of employee you are, a team player or a solo striker, keeping in touch with your officemates is excellent for maximizing your productivity, especially in the work from home scenario. Yes, it might not be an absolutely important factor for your job, but if you are looking to improve your productivity, this step is a must have your attention.

Keeping in touch and staying up to date with your office mate’s progress is always helpful for you to come with better outputs. Distance can play a vital role in minimizing the overall productivity. So, never let it happen. There are several tools available these days, which can help you connect with your mates in the matter of minutes. Use them, get connected, and keep the productivity game alive.

Additional Factors for Boosting The Overall Productivity

To add to the above factors, I have prepared an additional list that can help you boost your productivity

  • Make sure you dress like you are at your office. Dressing like you just woke up will help your productivity in no ways.
  • Be your own custodian
  • Don’t let your roommates ruin your working hours.
  • Maintain a workflow and keep a loop.
  • Don’t ruin your social life.
  • Gift yourself occasional vacations.
  • Reward yourself with your own
  • Stay in touch with your boss or CEO.
  • Get a healthy lifestyle.
  • Always be motivated and focused.


Yes, the overall work from home scenario can get tricky, and with all other factors, productivity can also get hampered. But thanks to a few things here and there, you can still have a productive day at work. There may be instances where you might face trouble following all the steps mentioned above. In such a situation, perform and implement the steps at least to the level of your capability.

Working from home is like the new generation of the working scenario altogether. There will be flaws and advantages, but irrespective of what the situation, we must ensure to give our 100% at work. Productivity is something that implies directly to our own actions, and hence an appropriate set of activities planned around an accurate routine can always lead to a more productive you

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