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Gambia Makes U-turn On Chicken Legs Ban

chicken legs(JollofNews) – The Government of the Gambia has lifted a ban on the importation of frozen chicken legs into the West African nation.

The ban was made in September by President Yahya Jammeh ‘to protect the health and welfare of the public, and to ensure that consumers get value and quality for their money’.
chicken legsUncooked Chicken Legs
However in a sudden U-turn, a statement from the country’s ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment said while the government has lifted the ban on frozen chicken legs, it will continue to ban the importation of poultry products from sources where hormones or products of hormones are used in their production.

‘‘All imports of poultry products will, therefore, be accompanied by an ‘‘SGS test certificate’’ indicating that the product meets national food safety standards with no use of hormones,’’ the statement said.

In recent years, meat has become very expensive in the Gambia with a kilo of steak costing over D100. With over half of the country’s population living on less than one US Dollar a day, a large percentage of Gambians are now turning to imported cheap commodities and meat from Asia, the Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.
Written by PK Jarju


+4 #128 2013-12-14 19:16
the 89 in the loan number means that this loan was signed in that...Actually on the 22nd November,1989...

Further down the report,this is what it says under the following heading...


(1) Yundum Airport II......28.10.1976
(2) Banjul-Sere Kunda Highway...29.8.1979
(3)Yundum Airport IV .... 27.4.1982
(4) Banjul Port I ...22.6.1982
(5) Banjul-Sere Kunda Highway Suppl..22.5.1989
(6) Institutional support Essaw-Farafenni..30.10.1991 (this would suggest that plans were afoot for rehabilitate the North Bank stretch)

Development is ongoing...Sometimes what is accomplished in one era may have started well before that era..

Davy,we do need to put this down in books so that we can decontaminate your "poisoned" minds..

Have a nice weekend...
+4 #127 2013-12-14 19:02
Before I exit this discussion,I just want to refer you to a document by the African Development Bank (ADB) titled...

GAMBIA.....ROADS REHABILITATION....Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER),publishe d on 17th December,1999...
Here's what interests me...
In the PREFACE,paragra ph 1,it reads...
(1) This project evaluation report is concerned with the performance of the Roads Rehabilitation Project,which comprise four components,name ly (i) Two components of the bitumen paved South Bank Road from Kuloro to Faraba Banta and Sanianga to Killy,(ii) The Brumen Bridge along this road,(iii) The Bund Road carrying heavy traffic in and out of the Banjul Port,and(iv) phases I and II of the Banjul streets,includi ng pavement,draina ge and sidewalks..

Under BASIC PROJECT DATA,this is what the report says...
Country: The Gambia
Project Name: Roads Rehabilitation Project
Loan Number:F/GAM/ROD/89/15
Borrower: Government Of The Gambia
+4 #126 2013-12-14 18:40
I would have to accept a STALEMATE on the banku bungo issue...You lot won't accept my explanation and I would not accept that your analogy is the right one...

We might need a voluntary referee here...I suspect you won't accept Mike Scales...Radiokangkang would have been perfect,but he's unacceptable to me...Wish the great Jali Lalo was around to arbitrate...

Anyway,I've been browsing a few headlines from Daily Observer with regards to roads projects...You won't believe it,but their headlines are about "Road Rehabilitations "...

I guess the MD is in trouble if Jammeh realises that they were reporting "rehabilitation of existing roads" instead of "building new roads"...My "body die for those people"...

-5 #125 2013-12-14 17:52

You remember I cut you to sizeless until one of your own mates challenged you for "landing on soft spot"???

Let Bax count for himself...

Enjoy you beer on your couch while you fart out of your potbelly.

With zero respect!
-4 #124 2013-12-14 17:46
@ Johny Cochran.

Please let Bax comply his fairy tale stories about PPP regime and but it to book.
Remember the PPP former vice president Mr. assan Musa Camara said in an interview on GRTS with Kebba Gibba that " Gambia is so small as a country and can't survive on it's own" Which sums it up for the PPP regime
+2 #123 2013-12-14 16:59
You sound tired mate...?

Bax has ground you down to size.

It must be hard work defending everything that amounts to nothing/

You are the living embodiement that with some is wasted.

But I will commend you in this.

You are one of the very few APRC appologists that can fart and chew gum at the same time.

That... for you... is a considerable achievment.

Put that diploma on your wall.

With dignity and respect.
-5 #122 2013-12-14 15:01
The same applies to the following:
- northbank road
- coastal highway
- airport-senegambia highway

Your analysis on all other areas is also related to this one area. I maintain that you have all the way been making comparism based on completely wrong perimeters.

-5 #121 2013-12-14 15:01
Quoting Davy:
Mr. Bax

"If you demolish your BANKU BONGO,it has ceased to exist...Whoever puts even another BANKU BONGO in its place,would be right to claim that they built a new BANKU BONGO".

Mr.Cochran said: "completely scrapped and built from scratch" which is the same as demolition and should be given the term new build roads


The analogy is applicable:

The airport-west field road was a "banku-bung", though still in use, it was full of potholes, and there was no alternative route. It was completely scrapped and a 4-way highway "2-story building" was built with lighting and traffic lights".

You maintain it was rehabilited. CONTRADICTIONS! !!
+3 #120 2013-12-14 13:48
As to who accumulated the funds for those early projects ...? That's a matter of common sense,isn't it..? You cannot come into government on July 22nd 1994 and by July 22nd, 1995, you are inaugurating projects left,right and center, if there were no funds in the kitty...because you haven't had enough time to understand the state of state finances, let alone raise enough funds within one year to accomplish that..

You might want to argue that these were loans, grants or aid,but even then,you would not have been able to access these if there was no structures and institutions or no confidence in the structures and institutions you inherited...

You don't a professor of Maths to write 2 on the board to convince you that 1+1=2...Just general knowledge and common sense...

Did you read about the treatment of Gambian soldiers to test loyalty..? Don't tell me you want reference...Anyway, reference is "Witch hunt"..
+3 #119 2013-12-14 13:22
The Soma- Basse stretch was,at one point,the best road in the country...The PPP rehabilitated it to a very good standard,even reducing its risk potentials by cutting open the Jakhali Konko hill,just outside Mansa Konko and building a short stretch of the road through it...You may know that Jakhali Konko (you know what Jakhali means in Mandinka) was the nightmare of many truck/lorry drivers..

The Banjul-Brikama stretch was also very good, though narrow, but suits us at the time that it was rehabilitated by the PPP...

The Kembujeh-Kalagi stretch was also rehabilitated and the Brumen Bridge expanded...I remember Jawara held his meeting at that construction site during his last Meet The Farmers' Tour...

All major streets in Banjul were rehabilitated to good standards and were still in very good condition in 1994...

The problem with the PPP, as with the APRC was/is maintenance...Due to lack of funds...

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