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MPs In Gambia Approves Tough Internet Law

NAM(JollofNews) – Members of the National Assembly in The Gambia Wednesday enacted a controversial law which imposes long jail term and heavy fines to anyone convicted of using the internet to spread false news about the government and public officials.

The Amended Information Act 2013 imposes a 15 year jail-term or a fine of D3 million on anyone who incite dissatisfaction or instigate violence against the government or public officials, caricature, abuse or make derogatory statements against the person or character of officials, impersonate any public official, blackmail any person or threaten to commit a criminal offence against any person even outside the country’s jurisdiction.NAM

According to Nana Grey Johnson, Gambian Minister for Information and Communication Infrastructure, the new law will curb the use of internet by Gambians both at home and abroad to conduct treacherous campaigns against government and public officials.

‘’In the recent past, some citizens have waged concerted efforts to pit the people and the security officials of the Gambia against their government,’’ he said.

‘’They do this by inciting the people to engage in unpatriotic behavior, spreading false news and engaging in criminal defamation against government officials. Such tendencies, if unchecked are a recipe for chaos and instability in any country.’’
Written by PK Jarju


0 #27 2013-07-16 17:40
in europe inernet are under monitor since u are there with aboused words against there country you will be arrested by the authority , do not fool our gambian people , again it is not a place to manafature lies against government
0 #26 2013-07-10 04:05
The problem with Jammeh is that he has too many enemies and that feeds in to the need for more laws. Every series of laws, generates a new set of enemies. So the law markers are going to be constantly busy.

Someone help me if you know physics. Put the above statements into their proper perspective. Like maybe, say 'The law of reactionary motion'. Look, I know nothing about physics.
+2 #25 2013-07-07 18:25
Meant to write..."..I am NOT saying these confessions are true or not..."
+3 #24 2013-07-07 18:20
To even convene a National Assembly Sitting to discuss this Bill was a complete waste of Public Funds,not to mention the Stupidity of passing it as Law...A law that no one in that country can enforce,because the intended target group,whether it be the proprietors of the online media (Freedom,Jollof news,Hello Gambia,Maafanta ,etc) or the numerous bloggers,are either not within their reach or are "faceless" and "nameless"..

Barely a week after passing this law,the Freedom Newspaper again published confessions of another Jungular... I am saying the confessions are true or not...All I'm pointing our here is that this law did not have any deterrence effect on the paper..And bloggers are still commenting on the issue with no effect whatsoever...So what can they do about it...? Nothing..

That's what you call a BAD LAW..No enforceable..No effect..
+2 #23 2013-07-07 18:02
What about making "caricature or derogatory" statements against the person or character of an official...How could such statements threaten "peace and stability" of a country...What do they think is a "derogatory" statement..? Derogatory could be defined as "showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.." Why should a critical or disrespectful attitude land one in jail for 15yrs...

Recently,it was reported that Yaya Jammeh stood before youths and said they can't have erections at certain times of the day due to Western Foods they consume ...Is that not a derogatory (disrespectful attitude) statement..? Where is the proof that what he said was true...? If he says similar things in the future,as he is bound to do,would he go to jail for 15yrs..? Of course not..Why...? Well,even if he wasn't the President,these youths are not officials,so no law is broken...What joke of an Assembly will pass such laws...
+2 #22 2013-07-07 16:55
This is a very bad law,however one looks at it...In a democratic society,laws are passed to address specific issues in order to protect the interest of the whole of society without exception...This one is not..

Apart from duplicating already existing laws that protect society from the misuse of freedom of expression,it is unenforceable and seems to seek to stifle criticsm of government and other public officials,as its aim..

It should even be worrying whether this law is also not meant to control what the opposition can say against government,give n what constitutes an offence under it..

For example..Anyone who incite dissatisfaction ...Anyone who caricature or make derogatory statements against the person or character of officials..

So if someone was to lament the rising cost of goods and services at a political meeting and call for the APRC to be voted out,would that constitute "inciting dissatisfaction ...?"
-5 #21 2013-07-07 02:59
John Kelley. I gave you a point on this one. But, There is no leader in this world who has fulfilled all the promises he/she made. There is also no perfect leader or system of government. There are many gambian who have succeeded in the public and the private sector. There is no one man show in any government who can do everything by him/herself. So, to say that my pres. Jammeh runs the country by him is an insult to his team. To say that peoples aren't free is also not accurate, I would say that to say whatever you Is not going to be acceptable and Is also not fair to those offended without justice. my pres. Jammeh is not the only one who can leader but, he's the choice of the widen majority of the voters. Therefore he has all the rights to complete his mandate and execute the laws of the land. Otherwise there will never be a stability without a rule of law. These were passed by all elected representatives from Katong to Koina.
+6 #20 2013-07-06 17:08
Radiokangkang: Country above party my friend, Gambia must come 1st. It is really hard to justify these laws, especially given the leadership style that Jammeh has. He lacks the qualities of a good leader
At this point in our history, mother Gambia needs sons and daughters that can steer it toward an enlightenment. That requires free flow of new (and sometimes different) ideas and information. We need to question some of our beliefs and agree to disagree with each other and express such disagreements without fear of prosecution.
No civilization has ever achieved greatness in the absence of new ideas, and new ideas are not acceptable in Jammeh's Gambia. It's either his way or the highway. There is enough room for many Gambians to make a name and leave an indelible mark on the pages of our history. Jammeh MUST relinquish power to Gambian people, not concentrate it in his hands
These laws do not help Gambia but help to entrench Jammeh in power by silencing his critics
-5 #19 2013-07-06 14:36
John Kelley. I do have. But,I willn't tell you because, you might use it against us as my uncle Malick, did when I told him about me. He used it against me and still using it. So, how can I ever told a single thing in disagreement of my party?

To answer your question, YES I HAVE.
+4 #18 2013-07-06 12:59
Quoting Radiokangkang:
I totally agree and sopport these laws to held those responsible accountable. We shouldn't wait until the damage is already done by the "ENEMY OF THE STATE" But, to engage them within the law os the land, to prosecute them and if convicted to punish them accordingly.

These laws are well overdue. I welcome!!! this new law in place.

Radiokangkang: Do you ever disagree with anything this Government does? Sometimes you got be objective if you want to have some credibility you know.

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