Samsudeen Sarr

(JollofNews) – It has been brought to my attention that a forged paper is in circulation on social media as a document I recently submitted to the UN on behalf of His Excellency President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh explaining the state of the current political situation in The Gambia.

I understand that it was published by one Mama Linguere Sarr in the Gainako newspaper, criticizing me and President Jammeh for the gesture and objective.

I want to make it categorically clear to everybody that the whole story is false. I have not seen or submitted any paper, official or unofficial remotely resembling anything like it to the United Nations for President Jammeh, the Gambia government or our Mission in New York for that matter.

I therefore hope that it will be considered just another one of those fake stories circulated on cyber space to influence public opinions for mainly political reasons. It is gross calling me a liar while lying about me.

Long live Babillimansa!
Africa’s greatest leader!
Gambia loves you forever!

The author is the Gambia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations. He was a former Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Gambia National Army.