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Onychomycosis or tinea unguiam is the fungal infection of the nails. Different types of fungus living inside the nail bed may cause Onychomycosis. As the fungus is inside the bed of the nail, it is quite difficult to be reached and killed. You should kill this fungus within 6 months of the nail infection. Otherwise, it may lead to the athlete’s feet and other serious conditions.

Funginix is a product that kills every fungal agent around the affected area so that a new strong and healthy nail can grow in its place.


About Funginix

Funginix is a blend of fungus-fighting extracts, antifungal agents, and essential oils. The active ingredients in this product are both herbal and traditional medicines, which can kill the fungus.

The main active ingredient is undecylenic acid. Funginix also contains many herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil and camphor. It is a complete fungal treatment that not just kills the fungus but prevents recurrence also. In addition, it starts working quickly, in as less as two weeks of application. 


Funginix Ingredients

Undecylenic acid 10% – This active ingredient destroys fungi. It also eliminates itching and burning of the affected tissues. Castor oil is the source of this undecylenic acid. It supports the natural healing of the cells.

Sweet Almond Oil – A pure derivative of almond, this ingredient facilitates the absorption of other active ingredients. It also reduces itching.

Glycerine – It balances the moisture content of the affected area by preventing excessive dryness. This helps the ingredients to penetrate deep into the tissues.  

Uva Ursi (Bearberry ) extract – It is a very useful herbal extract. It enhances the internal healing of the affected tissues.

Beta- Glucan – It supports the improvement of the immune system and prevents the recurrence of nail fungal infection.

Propolis Extract – It is an extract from the beehive. This substance made by bees helps in natural healing. 

Aloe Barbadensis Juice – The juice of aloe barbadensis has a soothing property that helps reduce inflammation.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – It is an excellent antioxidant and stabilizes the remaining ingredients. It also facilitates healing by eliminating free radicals.

Camphor – It fights itchiness and discomfort and cools the affected area.

Lavender oil, Jasmine oil, Clove oil, Cocoa butter, and Rose oil are used to reduce itchiness. 

How Does Funginix Work?

Funginix is a very effective anti-fungal solution that is to be applied topically. One of its ingredients is FDA approved as a treatment for fungal infection. If you apply this solution on the affected area, it destroys the fungal agent. A fungus, living underneath the nail bed, causes infection of nails. It is quite difficult to cure, and also, the infection can return if it is not well treated.

To eliminate the infection completely, you have to apply Funginix daily. Use the applicator brush provided. This topical solution penetrates deep into the cells. It contains ingredients that treat the infection in totality. You will notice that the nail fungus starts diminishing and then finally disappears. The results will be visible within 7 days. You have to apply this topical solution for a month to ensure that the nail fungus is completely gone.

The active ingredients, both herbal and traditional, eliminate all traces of the fungus. Also, the fungal agents present in the surrounding areas dry. After the infection is cured you have to ensure that the area is dry and clean so that the infection does not return.

How to Use Funginix?

  • When you start using Funginix, always keep your hands and feet clean and dry.
  • You must wash with soap and dry with a towel. Never keep the nails wet and soggy.
  • Use the applicator brush to apply this topical solution. This ensures that it penetrates deep under the nail bed.
  • You have to use a cotton swab while applying Funginix into the cuticle of your affected nails.
  • Keep the applied area dry.
  • Don’t wear nail polish for long. Apply after you remove your nail polish. 

funginix review


Apply Funginix at least twice daily. Once after bath and before putting on your socks or shoes. Apply again at night before getting into your bed.

Is it Safe to use Funginix?

Funginix contains herbal and traditional ingredients which are very safe to use. To bind the active ingredients some chemical binders are present. These are also very safe.

Benefits of Funginix

  • Relief from pain – Nail fungus can become painful if the infection increases. It can become acute and applying Funginix will give you much-needed relief from your pain. It acts fast and reduces treatment time. 
  • Preventing Cellulitis – It helps to prevent the spread of cellulitis throughout your body.
  • Prevents Nail Damage – It prevents damage to the nail. Nail fungal infections can damage your nail if not treated completely.
  • Control the Spread – Nail fungal infection can impair the supply of blood to your hands if you are diabetic. It becomes difficult to use hands as the infection intensifies. Funginix helps prevent nail fungal infection from spreading.
  • Easy to use – You also get a special applicator brush with the bottle of Funginix to make it easy to use. Since it is in liquid form, it thoroughly covers the infected areas. 
  • Eliminates Odour – The foul odor emanating from nails infected with fungus repels people. Funginix completely eliminates the unpleasant odor from the nail.

Side Effects of Funginix

Researchers of Sisquoc Healthcare have formulated this formula after extensive studies.. The ingredients used are all safe and potent. No harmful additives are present in Funginix and thus, it has no side effects. Pregnant women or nursing mothers can also use it.

Purchase & Price

You can buy Funginix from the official website of the manufacturer. You need no prescription for your purchase.

  • One bottle of Funginix will last you for one month and is available at $ 49.95.
  • Three month’s supply, i.e., 3 bottles of Funginix is available at a discounted price of $ 99.95
  • You can buy five month’s supply, i.e., five bottles at only $ 139.95. You pay for three bottles and get two bottles free.
  • You can pay through PayPal or any credit card when you buy Funginix from the manufacturer’s website.


Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

  • The manufacturer, Sisquoc Healthcare assures all customers with a 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • Funginix is a high-quality product that provides complete solution for your nail fungal infections.
  • Still, if you find that Funginix does not treat the fungal infection to your satisfaction, you can opt for refund.
  • You have to return the bottles with the original packaging.
  • It should reach the company’s warehouse in California within 60 days from the buying date.
  • The company refunds your money after deducting the shipping and handling charges. 


How is Funginix different from the other products? 

Funginix is a composition of several fungus-fighting extracts, antifungal agents, and essential oils. It contains ingredients that treat the root cause of the infection. The proprietary formulation uses a combination of ingredients used in both herbal and traditional medicines. Each of these ingredients works in eliminating the fungus, which attacks the nails. One of the active ingredients is FDA approved. It contains undecylenic acid and herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil and camphor. There are no side effects.

Do the feet or hands need to be dry to apply Funginix? 

Yes, you should keep your infected nails and the areas surrounding it dry and clean. Wear open-toed shoes and use a towel to keep those areas dry and clean.

Is it possible to apply Funginix more than once a day? 

Yes, you should apply Funginix more than once a day as your feet or hands may perspire. This way, the product can cure fungal infections quickly.

Can a pregnant woman or a nursing mother use/apply Funginix? 

Of course. Pregnant women or nursing mothers can use this topical solution. Funginix contains ingredients that are safe for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and children.

Is it possible to apply nail polish when treating with the product? 

No. It is not possible to wear nail polish when using this product. Be assured that Funginix will attack the fungal agents even if you wear nail polish. But the treatment time will increase. So if it’s necessary to wear nail polish, you can wear it for a short period and remove it fast.

Is it possible to prevent the recurrence of the fungus? 

Yes. It is possible to prevent the recurrence of the infection. Nail fungus is difficult to cure. Also, the infection can return if it is not treated properly. So you should keep using Funginix for at least a month. Continue applying it the infection is cured. Keep the nails dry and clean and if you see any indication of the nail fungus returning, treat it with the Funginix immediately.

How will Funginix reach you? 

Funginix will reach you by USPS or by Federal Express. These companies will provide you with a tracking number on email. You can track the order and know when it will reach you.

What are the methods for payment on the company’s website? 

Best and most reliable payment methods are available. You can pay by PayPal or any credit card. International credit cards are also accepted.


  • Funginix consists of concentrated organic extracts and fungus fighting chemicals.
  • It contains active ingredients of undecylenic acid. It also contains herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil and camphor. These can eliminate fungal infection completely.
  • It eliminates all types of nail fungus.
  • Funginix also prevents the infection from returning.
  • You will be able to see the results in two weeks if the infection has not spread too much.
  • There is an applicator brush inside the bottle of Funginix, which makes it easy to use.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, nursing babies, and children can also use Funginix.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to start using the product.
  • It is quite cheaper than other products.
  • The company gives a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The product may take some time to reach you if the supply is inadequate.

Customer Testimonials

Funginix before and after

After my engagement, I developed a toenail fungal infection. My nail became thick, dirty yellow ugly. I started to wear closed shoes to hide my nail. But when it spread to other nails, I knew it was serious. My wedding was in a month! When I shared my problem with my mother, she suggested that I use Funginix. I ordered a 3-month supply. Now, after a month, it’s completely cured. The nails are beautiful and fresh. Thanks to Funginix. Alice, 28, Pennsylvania.

From the time I developed the toenail fungal infection, I wore shoes even on holidays. I always had to hide my nails. Whenever I removed my shoes, a foul odor spread in the room. My wife asked me to visit our family doctor. He examined my yellow nails and recommended that I use Funginix. He said it contained undecylenic acid, which effectively treats nail infections. I got visible results in 3 weeks. Now, after two months, my nails are completely cured. Richard, 42, Chicago. 


Are you suffering from discoloration of nails? Or thickening of nails and distortion? Are you ashamed of the foul smell from your nails? Then you are suffering from Onychomycosis or nail fungal infection. And the one-in-all solution for your problem is Funginix.

It has become one of the top products for curing nail fungal infection. The ingredients are all effective. It works on the infection very fast. It is also affordable and also has a 60-days money-back guarantee. So act fast and start using Funginix now to witness the amazing effects.

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