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Have you ever woken up to your partner’s complaints about your loud snoring? If yes, then know that you are not alone. This is a common scenario in almost every household. As a result, both you and your partner’s sleep are ruined and you are tired throughout the day.

Imagine working all day and not getting a smidgen of rest even at night when it is the only time when you have a scope of rejuvenating for the next day. A fitful sleep at night is bound to make you feel more tired throughout the day and eventually, your concentration is ruined. You can’t focus on your job and your daily routine is impacted in a negative way too.

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Experts believe that snoring occurs due to many health or sleep-related issues. One of them may be inadequate sleep. But what causes you to have insufficient sleep at night? Well, even this question has a lot of answers. Some of them might be related to your lifestyle, which is: too much stress, overworking, substance addictions, etc.

But there can be medical reasons behind it too. Obesity, sleep apnea, etc are some of them.

Snoring can negatively affect your partner’s life as well as they will be kept awake throughout the night. Besides, it is annoying.

To treat snoring, it is important that you delve deeper into the roots and try to understand what causes it. Among the reasons we have listed above, sleep apnea is the primary cause. Sleep apnea is a kind of sleeping disorder in which your breathing is interrupted while you are asleep. The disturbance can span across a considerable duration of time and it occurs throughout the night. This causes you to snore.

Sleep apnea can occur in different forms. One of the types of sleep apnea is the OSA, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is the most widespread type of sleep apnea and it is most likely to occur in overweight people or people who have allergies. When you weigh more, the air passages in your nose are either fully or partially blocked. This causes you to wake up again and again to unblock the passages and your sleep schedule is disturbed.

A less common form of sleep apnea is the CSA, which is expanded as Central Sleep Apnea. CSA affects almost a third of the people who have a history of cardiac arrest. It hampers the brain’s ability to deliver messages to the muscles when you are asleep. Due to this, the brain is unable to instruct the muscles that are involved in the breathing process to work properly. The breathing muscles, thus, cannot be controlled as long as you are sleeping, causing labored breathing. This makes you snore.

Knowing all this may cause you to think that you have no solution to this terrible problem. But don’t worry, snoring is treatable. There are surgical and non-surgical methods available for treating this disorder.

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How can we treat snoring?

There are both surgical and non-surgical devices available for treating snoring. Surgical processes involve manually correcting the muscles in the nose to make the airflow more convenient.

Non-surgical devices are not invasive and rectify your problem by working from the outside. They are a good alternative to surgery for people who don’t want to get under the knife. These devices cure the problem of snoring by using the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. The CPAP devices are like dental devices. Most are small, easy to use, and lightweight.

Irrespective of the type of correctional procedure used, they all focus on the root cause behind snoring. Once it is addressed and resolved, the snoring is automatically cured.

However, among the best non-surgical devices available in the market for curing snoring is the Silent Snore device.

What is Silent Snore?

Silent Snore is a small device that can stop snoring. It solves the problem of snoring without using surgery. Silent Snore is a transparent, lightweight, ring-shaped device that facilitates the flow of air through your nostrils by propping them open. Aside from being non-intrusive, the device is also small and easy to clean.

If you are suffering from the problem of snoring, Silent Snore can solve it so that you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep.

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How does Silent Snore work?

The general principle behind snoring is that when you are sleeping, the tissues in your muscles relax and open up. This causes a constriction in the airway, and when the airway becomes narrow, it vibrates due to force whenever you breathe. This vibration produces the sound that we know as snoring.

Silent Snore is a device that cures the problem of snoring by holding your nostrils open. This makes the process of breathing easier by allowing more air into the nasal passage. Many of the anti-snoring devices available in the market cure smoking by opening up the blockages in the nasal passages or the pathways connecting to them.

Silent Snore opens your nostrils up wider instead of causing them to close. This process is helpful for people who have a deviated septum.

When your nostrils are open, your breaths are easier. Therefore, snoring decreases.

Usage instructions for Silent Snore

The Silent Snore device looks like a piercing when it’s put in place. It is made of silicone and has two small magnets attached on both ends that help to keep the nostrils pinched open throughout the night.

You don’t need to get it customized according to your specific requirements as it is suitable for all nose sizes. The material is soft and gentle on the sensitive skin of the nostrils. Thus, you won’t wake up with any wound marks when you wake up in the morning after using it at night. Silent Snore comes in a case.

To use it, you simply need to remove it from the case and place it in your nasal cavity in a gentle way. That’s all it takes to cure your snoring problem and let you and your partner get a good sleep at night. 



Benefits of using Silent Snore

The biggest advantage you can get out of Silent Snore is a peaceful sleep at night, both for yourself and your partner. An uninterrupted sleep at night means that you can focus on your daily activities more and be more productive in general. Getting enough sleep at night also prevents a large number of health complications from arising.

One of the symptoms that sleep apnea produces is snoring. A lack of sleep at night may cause you to suffer from diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, and listlessness, to name a few. It also makes you feel tired and unfocused throughout the day. As a result, you are unable to concentrate on your job and your career suffers.

The benefits of using Silent Snore are:

  1. You can get enough sleep at night.
  2. You don’t hamper your partner’s sleep and their lives aren’t impacted in a negative way.
  3. Your focus on the day jobs increases.
  4. You can see an increase in your energy with the more sleep you get at night.
  5. The feeling of constant tiredness disappears.
  6. Many relationships result in a break up due to their partner’s snoring. With Silent Snore, you no longer run the risk of irking your spouse.
  7. If you suffer from sleep apnea, your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen due to the constriction of the nasal tissues. As Silent Snore opens up your nasal passages, more air enters your body and the oxygen intake becomes adequate.
  8. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures you don’t suffer from cardiovascular or stress-related diseases that are caused by poor sleep.

Disadvantages of using Silent Snore

  1. A disadvantage of using Silent Snore is that most people aren’t accustomed to sleeping with a foreign device attached to their nostrils. This can result in some discomfort and take some getting-used-to.
  2. The device is available only through the official website. This makes it inaccessible to people who have no internet connection.

Is Silent Snore safe to use?

Yes, silent snore is safe for use. The material used is silicon. It is soft and gentle on the sensitive skin of the nostrils. Thus, you won’t wake up with any wound marks when you wake up in the morning after using it at night. 

Some facts about the Silent Snore anti-snoring device

  • Silent Snore is manufactured using silicon. It resembles a nose piercing ring that you have to push up your nose to open up the nostrils.
  • It is environment-friendly and soft for the skin.
  • It has two small magnets attached to both the ends that help to keep the nostrils pinched open throughout the night. The magnets make sure that the device stays in place when you are asleep.
  • The device keeps the nasal passage open to let in more oxygen as you sleep. In addition to this, it also stimulates the nerves in the adjoining area.
  • Silent Snore is lightweight and thus is barely noticeable once you get used to it. 

silent snore review

Maintaining the Silent Snore Device

Silent Snore is reusable. Thus, you have to clean it after every use. To use it, you simply need to remove it from the case and place it gently in your nasal cavity. To prevent the device from getting dirty, clean it and place it on the shelf pot that the product comes in after every use. Silent Snore is made of silicone and is easy to clean. Therefore, maintaining it is not difficult. 


Customer Reviews

People have mixed reviews about most anti-snoring devices. They work like a charm for some people, while for others, they are annoying. The reason behind it is that some people may find it irritating to sleep with an external device attached to their body.

However, much of it depends on the kind of device that is being used for the purpose. In this regard, Silent Snore has garnered a positive review from most of its customers. The device is lightweight, and there is no molding.

The material used is silicon which is soft and gentle on the sensitive skin of the nostrils. Thus, you won’t wake up with any wound marks when you wake up in the morning. It is transparent and resembles a nasal ring, which makes it inconspicuous. Above all, Silent Snore is effective in curing the problem of snoring.

The criteria on which Silent Snore has the most positive reviews are effectiveness, easy-to-use and clean model, durability, and price.

Final Verdict

As far as anti-snoring devices go, Silent Snore seems to be the favorite among all its peers. Although the possibility that some people may need to get used to it before using it comfortably remains, it has a number of other perks that will outweigh the negatives. It is lightweight, inconspicuous, easy to use and clean, reusable and gentle on the skin. The biggest advantage is its effectiveness. Thus, if you are looking for a non-surgical cure for your snoring problem, getting a Silent Snore anti-snoring device for you seems like a worthy choice.

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