Just Eat Adds Bitcoin Payments For 15000 Restaurants In France

Though with gradual space, virtual currency bitcoin is spreading its wings. Recently one such news has attracted bitcoin users. Although Bitcoin is much popular in all cryptocurrencies yet at many points, people do not accept it. However, in France, the bitcoin users can have more scope to use this currency as a leading restaurant chain has started accepting the same.

Just Eat has now added Bitcoin payments for its France subsidiary. It is a major online food order and delivery platform that has a presence in nearly 13 countries. The Bitcoin payments will be processed through the cryptocurrency payment provider Bitpay that has a partnership with Just Eat. This is an indicator that more such businesses can accept it in the coming days, and this virtual currency may have better scope now.

Just Eat Adds Bitcoin

Users of Just Eat will now be able to make payment in BTC when they order food from across 15000 restaurants in France. Just Eat France was recently acquired by Takeaway.com, and this new process of accepting cryptocurrency payments was implemented after the acquisition. Takeaway.com has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2017 for various other platforms.

According to the details mentioned in the website of Just Eat France, the users will have to download an app and create a digital wallet before they can use cryptocurrency payment options. They have to link the digital wallet to the Just Eat application and then select the Bitcoin option when they want to checkout. After this, they will be redirected to the Bitpay payment portal where the transaction will be completed.

The good part about the deal is that there will be no transaction fees for making payments through cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the price of Bitcoin, it will be calculated based on the current price of BTC on Bitpay. In this way, users will be able to get the latest price of BTC, and this is a good advantage for many users.

As Just Eat deals with millions of orders in a month, there may be some cancellations of orders due to various reasons. However, when the users have made payment through BTC, they cannot expect a refund in BTC as such provisions are still not available in the system. On the other hand, refunds for such cancelled orders that were paid in Bitcoin will be made in Euros. The refund amount will be credited to the bank account of the user. Yet another point users should note is that the refund value will not depend on the real-time price of Bitcoin.

In this way, Just Eat will be protected from the price fluctuations of BTC in the market, and they can focus on their core task of delivering food across the city. Users will have many advantages in this system as they get to save lots of money spent on processing fees. Apart from that, the value of BTC will be considered in real-time when they are making payment for the food items ordered on Just Eat. in this way; they can realize the full potential of their digital assets during such transactions.

This is a welcome move, and it will definitely push cryptocurrencies to the mainstream, and many people will come forward to use such payment options soon. It is also a good option for tourists who do not want to exchange cash for their tours, and they can easily use BTC wherever they go in future. In this regard, cryptocurrencies have the potential to become international currencies in the long run.

Many other retail companies have also started attracting young traders with such options, and they can now use BTC for various other activities. Some retailers are even offering discounts for customers who pay through BTC in a move to promote the use of such cryptocurrencies. This can set a new trend in the market when the cryptocurrencies can go mainstream and attract other traditional investors. Once this happens, it will gain more credibility, and the liquidity concerns will also get resolved in the long run.

In some major tourist cities of the world, you can even get to see ATMs that allow you to withdraw Bitcoin and this is a game-changer for the tourism industry in the future. This can save travellers a lot of hassles associated with currency exchange, and they can conveniently withdraw the local fiat currency from the ATMs by using their digital wallet. If all the outlets or a local payment processor starts allowing such options to use Bitcoins for payments, it will definitely boost the demand for such cryptocurrencies in the long run.

Many countries are still not open to accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies due to various regulatory problems. As there is a threat that their investments are not secure due to local government restrictions, many investors are shying away from trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. In this situation, big names like Just Eat are doing a lot for promoting cryptocurrencies, and this can help the crypto exchanges to attract many new investors in the future.

It is very easy to open a digital wallet in Europe and other countries that favor cryptocurrencies. It is similar to opening a regular bank account, and you can convert your fiat currency to BTC and start trading when you have an account with a crypto exchange. This will help you to get the most out of your cryptocurrency investments, and you will be able to convert them back to fiat currency whenever you want to liquidate your digital assets.

When it comes to using them for making payments, you can consider them as a secure way to make payments. You will be able to use it in any location that allows you to use cryptocurrencies, and this is not bound by geographical restrictions. All investors, traders and lovers of this virtual currency hope that many other big players take inspiration from Just Eat and start accepting Bitcoin payments in future across the globe.

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