How To Stay Safe By Practicing Excellent Hygiene During COVID Isolation

No one would have ever imagined that in a twin year, 2020 that we all had imagined being a fresh beginning of our lives, was going to turn the world in a tipsy turvy in just a matter of few days, or let’s just say a few moments, isn’t it? Humans have always been on the receiving end when it comes to viruses. Even the most common form of flu, a cold as we generally term it is born out of a virus. Researchers and scientists have always been trying to analyze different viruses and find adequate remedies and vaccines for the same. However, Mother Earth keeps throwing many more undiscovered viruses at us, of which, the coronavirus, the COVID-19 is one such. The only difference is that the world had never witnessed a virus like this one before. What started in a small market city called Wuhan in China, has spread worldwide and there are almost a million being affected! Even the World Health Organization termed this addressed this virus as a novel coronavirus. And it doesn’t just end there, the United Nations also went ahead and termed the outbreak of this virus as a Global Health Emergency and the WHO termed it as a pandemic outbreak!

COVID Isolation

This outbreak has forced the entire world to stop and just stay at home! This is because the coronavirus has no cure yet! All that is known about this virus as of now is that it is an infectious disease that spreads from one individual to another in the form of small droplets that come out of the mouth or the nose when an infected person carrying the virus sneezes or coughs. And mostly or often this coronavirus causes respiratory infections. So far, the health experts, the researchers, the scientists, they all have been preaching just two things worldwide—one is to practice social distancing and staying at home, and the second is to practice good hygiene especially by washing your hands now and then. Staying safe and staying at home is the only way to break the chain of the coronavirus from spreading. Worldwide, all national leaders are seen encouraging their citizens to stay at home and adhere to these guidelines. So, whether you are rich or poor, whether you work in an MNC or a small coffee shop, every businessperson, every employee, every daily-wage worker—they are all home! All over the world, schools and other educational institutions have been shut. All office workspaces have been shut, factories are closed. No industry hasn’t been hit because of the lockdown. Everybody has been asked to stay home as a measure of home-quarantine. The isolation is been observed in every single country in the world. And while staying at home, there’s one thing that needs to be practiced in a hundred percent manner and that is good hygiene practices. Keeping and maintaining distance as well as proper hygienic practices is what will keep the coronavirus outbreak from spreading further. Here are a few things that are vital for all of us to know to maintain good hygiene and not fall prey to this novel virus. read on:

  1. Eating A Balanced Diet But A Varied Diet

We all know that the health experts are still cracking their heads out to find a cure to this novel epidemic that the world has got into. Having said that, frankly speaking, there are no records that tell us eating so and so food will help you fight against coronavirus, nevertheless, make it a point to eat a healthy, balanced, yet varied nutrition meal. And this ideally means a diet that includes loads of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, animal proteins, and plants—this is the best way to get all the essential vitamins and nutrients which are necessary for maintaining a good immune system which contributes to a healthy body! This whole isolation might make us lazy and we might not pay much heed to the food that we eat. This is wrong to do! We need to pay more attention to what we are eating in times like these. Especially, pay more attention to the food portions you are eating as your energy balance needs to meet. We are saying this because you are home and therefore, might require less energy to go through the day.

  1. Practicing Good Personal Hygiene

Since childhood we have been told that washing your hands and keeping yourself clean will keep all the germs away, isn’t it? This coronavirus outbreak has brought the focus back to this basic principle! If you still are wondering how to maintain good personal hygiene, please do keep the following points in mind:

  • Wash, wash, and wash your hands! Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has been stressing on this (1). Thoroughly and regularly clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Or if you choose to wash your hands with soap or a handwash, then do so for a minimum of 20 seconds at least. This will help kill the viruses that might have made its way to your hands through contact.
  • If you have a common cold or a common cough, you are advised to cover your mouth with a tissue or a handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Or at least, cover your elbow while doing so. And when you think you have a severe condition of cough or cold, or you think you are weak and fall prey to allergies easily, then, whenever you head out for any essential services or even at home, we recommend that you buy good quality and layered mask like the OxyBreath Pro Such type of masks has multiple filters within them, they are comfortable to wear and wash. Also, these kinds of masks will protect you from viruses, dust, and other pollutants present in the air but are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Also, please avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, and mouth. This is because our hands touch way too many surfaces and it acts as a carrier of the virus. And if you happen to touch any of these body parts, you might end up infecting yourself.
  • Avoid indulging in smoking as reports say that the virus becomes stronger in the bodies of those who have a weaker respiratory system. So, beware y’all and try not to smoke!
  1. Social Distancing

These two words translate to absolutely little to no contact between the people around and you. And this social distancing should be practiced everywhere, home, work, indoors and outdoors. Also, make it a point to not greet by shaking hands. Avoid all kinds of large gatherings as well.

  1. Stay At Home But Stay Active

If your government has asked you to stay at home and not head out, it doesn’t mean that you can turn into a lazy couch potato! Always remember, that an active lifestyle is a synonym for a healthy life. Therefore, always indulge in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every single day while you are at home. Even walking for just five minutes every single hour of the day is a good physical activity to start with.

  1. Remember To Get Good Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep will not just disturb your mind, it will also make an impact on the immune system of your body. And it is the immunity that will fight the viruses, isn’t it? Lead a disciplined sleeping routine. If you are an adult, then make sure you sleep for a minimum of seven hours. Don’t stress much about staying at home as it can harm your health.

Times like these are difficult for us. Every form of the news source, especially social media has news that we never wanted to know—it’s that scary and we get it! All this makes us anxious and panicky! But, remember that this lockdown is meant to put an end to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Invest in a good sanitizer and a mask like the Safe Mask, for these are few of the safety weapons we can have to combat the novel pandemic coronavirus situation that we find ourselves in right now. So, have you brought your mask yet? Stay safe and stay healthy people!

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