How Can You Pay Through Bitcoin For Online And Offline Purchases?

Over time, the financial services sector has evolved. The days were in the past while people wondered about what bitcoin is and how to use it. Bitcoin, in general terms, is a currency not controlled by any central authority. It is a highly disruptive tool for carrying out modern time transactions. Potential users should know how to accept cryptocurrency if they ever use it for online and offline commerce to buy various products and settle their trades. Bitcoin is received to buy probably more things than you can ever expect. Online platforms have taken the lead in accepting bitcoin payment. So, I have laid out points for you to know how and where you can pay using bitcoins.

Peer To Peer Payment

Where can you buy using bitcoins?

Without any doubt, bitcoin is the most versatile cryptocurrency. Nowadays, you can shop almost anywhere by using bitcoins. Even if most of the customers don’t prefer bitcoin directly, you can use alternative bitcoin methods. Turn it into cash by availing the bitcoin’s debit card feature. No shopkeeper will refuse fiat currency, and thus bitcoin debit card is the most convenient and comfortable way for transactions. Today you can buy more than just a pizza slice using this magical technology. Bitcoin appears to be a tempting choice of people for shopping from local shops to online retailers.

Online Shopping Via Bitcoin

  • Online Shopping

For online shopping lovers, Overstock is the best bet. You can buy almost everything, from as expensive as electronics to cheap jewelry. Ethereum, another e-commerce retailer, allows customers to pay using cryptocurrency. Moreover, you can pay by just clicking a single button. To use this feature of a cryptocurrency, you only have to populate the information related to your preferred virtual currency, and all will be taken into account.

  • Travel arrangements

Bitcoin can be used for many purposes, other than shopping. Travel agencies like Expedia online allow people to book hotels going nowhere through bitcoins.

  • Dish TV

Since 2014, dish TV providers have been accepting payments through bitcoins. For the convenience of their customers, they provided them with the facility to pay by visiting

  • Microsoft

Among the technical giants, Microsoft is the first one to embrace payments via cryptocurrency. It is useful for movie and game lovers. They can easily buy games in Xbox and window stores by using Microsoft account as bitcoin.

Offline shopping via bitcoin

Despite the dramatic availability of bitcoins on online platforms, they have yet to make their bombastic entry in the local stores. The demand for bitcoins in stores is sparse. On the contrary, it does not reflect being of no use.

  • Food Beverage joints

Around the world, a chain of food and beverage joints has embraced the cryptocurrency. Burger bear in London, Pizza for coins in California, Pink cow in Tokyo, and many more dinner joints allow people to pay via bitcoins.

  • Taxi services

Taxi services have also accepted this technology worldwide, depending upon the location. Cooperativa RadioTxi 3570, one of the world’s largest taxi service providers in Italy, accepts bitcoins for the fare. Cab service in Budapest, Hungary, also granted permission to clients to pay the fare using bitcoins.

  • Tuition Fee

The University of Nicosia and the University of Cyprus are the first higher education institutes to accept the digital currency. For now, only students of Science postgraduate courses can avail of this opportunity.

How to pay using Bitcoin

Bitcoin has earned its place in both online and offline platforms. There’s no rocket science in learning how to buy and pay through them effectively.

Paying through a bitcoin debit card

Bitcoin provides the facility of converting it into fiat currency by using the bitcoin debit card feature. It is advised to users to avail bitcoin debit card facility only if the retailer doesn’t directly approve bitcoin.

  • Order a bitcoin debit card

These days several companies are offering bitcoin debit cards. Selecting the correct one for you to a great extent relies upon three factors: your residence/state, the currencies you use, and your willingness to pay for it.

  • Loading your card 

After getting yourself a card, the next step is to load it with bitcoin. Generally, cardholders’ criteria are to go to the card section, click on the load, and enter the amount of BTC you want.

  • Enter the details

Paying through bitcoin debit card is the same as using any other credit or debit card. For online shopping, you have to enter the details to proceed with the transaction. At the same time, operating in physical stores, tap or swap the card at POS.

Paying through bitcoin on a cash app

Crypto Wallets

Dealing with people and business has never been too easy. Paying through bitcoin wallet is a reliable choice to make when dealing with people who acknowledge bitcoin technology.

  • Order a bitcoin wallet

The first step to use a bitcoin wallet is to open a wallet. Open a wallet which is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as any browser. Make sure the wallet service you choose is secure and in compliance with the regulations. And that it provides services free of cost.

  • Load your wallet

Now that you have a wallet, you must load it. There are two ways of loading the bitcoin wallet. You can either transfer funds to your wallet or purchase some. So, if you aim to use bitcoin to buy something, you have to load it. And enjoy the fast delivery and less charge on the market.

  • Fill in the details of the receiver

No matter which cryptocurrency you use, the final and most vital step is to enter the receiver’s details. The details may be included through the manual method in your wallet or by scanning the QR code.

Safety and transparency

Bitcoins payments are transparent as the bitcoin network record every transaction through blockchain technology. Even though bitcoins are considered safe, they are not risk-free. You are taking a colossal risk while making transactions into someone’s account. Unlike fiat currency transactions, you don’t get a payment window while using bitcoins. An effective and immediate payment process, unlike the complex fiat currency transfer process, in which you can block or cancel the payment.

Before paying through bitcoin, check if the seller is legit or fake by digging extra information regarding the seller. Double-check if you have the right wallet address, or use QR code to ensure safer and fastest transactions. Lastly, check the service compatibility. It helps a lot if you and the seller use the same service.

Time for revolution

If you take a look at bitcoins’ overall benefits, you will get to know it’s actual worth. With its high compatibility, the demand for bitcoins is increasing at a fast pace. Because bitcoin is available in all the majority of online stores, people prefer it over fiat currency without having a second thought. Opt for bitcoins instead of any other cryptocurrency, as bitcoin is most likely to beat traditional money quickly

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