Eight Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

All of us face stress at one time or another. Stress is an emotional or physical feeling of suffrage which is developed due to some event or tragedy under which one feels low, depressed, and harmful. Stress consumes all the energy of an individual’s body, and thus the person feels low and lazy, which also causes depression. Stress can sometimes be hazardous as well.

Under stress, a person stays frustrated, angry, or sad, which directly affects the brain, and thus stress should be ignored as much as possible.

On the other hand, Yoga is the physical activity to get real peace, inner peace, and Yoga also helps to get to know about inner strengths and weaknesses. Yoga provides us a tool to cope up with the stress developed in the body by calming a person and providing him inner peace.

Inhaling, exhaling, and meditating helps quite a lot in the stress, and thus, performing yogic posture daily help to cope up with the stress and various disease of the body. Yoga also helps to maintain the body thoroughly and make an individual glow. 

Stress must be eliminated through Yoga. The following Yogic postures help quite a lot in the stress-related problems:

  1. Standing forward bend (Uttanasan)


The standing forward bend is performed as follows:

  • First of all, inhale, then with the help of front thigh muscle, bend the knee in such a way that it bends towards the hips.
  • Bend forward with your hands and head touching the floor
  • Similarly stretch your body, holding your body for 4-8 breaths
  • Raise your hands to get up.

Advantages of performing a standing forward bend

  • The forward bend not only helps to improve breathing habits but also helps to get rid of fat.
  • Standing and bend forward, mild depression and stress is relived
  • It also helps to get rid of problems such as shoulder or knee tension.
  1. Puppy Pose

puppy pose

Puppy Pose is performed in the following way:

  • Bring down on both the legs, as well as the hand in a posture of hips stacked over your knees and shoulder.
  • Slowing exhales your arms in a forward position and lies down peacefully on the mat.
  • Slowing move your legs in the forward direction as well, so that hip is high up in the air, and your shoulder blades into the back.
  • Relaxation to your neck is achieved by managing the breath peacefully for around 4-8 inhale and exhales.
  • Gently lift your neck up and your body backward in the original position

Advantages of performing puppy Pose:

  • The puppy Pose yogic form has a heart-opening effect
  • It also works very efficiently for stress-related problems.
  • Puppy Pose also removes stress and depression by giving stretch to the neck.
  1. Easy Pose

Easy Pose

The relaxed Easy Pose is performed in the following way:

  • Sit straight with your legs extended forward in a crossed position.
  • Place your knee on the edges of your folded legs in the yogic posture.
  • With each foot below the knee of adjacent foot and hand on your knee with palm down, sit straight.
  • Balance your weight evenly across the backbone and align the neck, head, and spine straightforwardly and graze forward with an eye open.
  • Breathe well and hold up for a minute or two, then change the position of crossed legs and perform the yogic posture again.

Advantages of performing Easy Pose:

  • The “Easy Pose” helps to provide inner calmness and peace.
  • The Easy Pose also helps to get rid of stress with the mediation being performed while performing the yogic posture.
  • It also helps to make the spine bone strong and supportive.
  • The Easy Pose helps to relieve anxiety and depression with inner peace.
  1. Eagle Pose (Garudasan)

Eagle Pose

How to perform the eagle Pose:

  • Start with standing at the side of one of the arms.
  • Bend the knees a bit and try to make balance on one leg with another leg wrapped around the first leg and balance till one breath.
  • Extend the hands in front and wrap the hands into one another by folding the elbow.
  • Bend a little bit with a square position of the hip and try to gaze at one of the thumbs into the front.
  • Hold the above procedure for one minute and try the same with another part of the body.

Advantages of performing eagle Pose:

  • Eagle Pose helps to improve the balance and focus of an individual, which further helps in study-related issues as well.
  • Eagle Pose also helps to release tension associated with legs, shoulder, and knees and stretches them gently.
  1. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Way to perform the bridge Pose yogic posture:

  • Lay down on your back, calmly breathing slowly.
  • Slide down your arms slowly with the palms facing downwards towards the legs as stretched as possible.
  • Press your feet down into the floor, and try to bend the knee and lift with the help of your back and hip.
  • Try to meet the hands with the bent legs and lift as high as possible.
  • Hold for around 4-8 breath and then release while exhaling air with the spine going down slowly.

Advantages of performing bridge Pose:

  • Helps to cope up with fatigue
  • Helps to render legs and knee-related problem by stretching them.
  • It helps to reduce headaches, insomnia, and anxiety, along with depression.
  • It helps to control the problem like high blood pressure.
  1. Legs up the Wall Pose

Legs up the Wall Pose

Legs up the wall Pose can be performed in the following way:

  • Sit along with the hip nearby a wall, and roll onto your back to stretch up your legs, along-side the wall.
  • Try to go up as high as you can by keeping the bottom of your body as high as possible.
  • Patients suffering from glaucoma should avoid this yogic posture. Try to bring the knee and toe to each other if the toe becomes tingly.

Advantages of performing leg up the wall Pose are as follows:

  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety out of the body.
  • It helps to renew the blood cells and lymph drainage back into the heart.
  1. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

The way to perform corpse Pose is as follows:

  • Lie down with the flat back with arms by their respective side of the body.
  • Keep the legs together but quiet apart so that they are not touching each other carefully.
  • Close your eyes, and keep the face relaxed. Keep breathing calmly.
  • Hold the position for about 4-5 minutes and then get up.

Advantages of performing corpse Pose are as follows:

  • It makes the body relaxed and puts the body in a position of extreme calmness.
  • Lowers the blood pressure of the body
  • Corpse Pose also helps to quiet the nervous system and also helps to improve the breathing problems as well.
  1. Cat Pose

cat pose

The way to perform the cat Pose efficiently, as stated below:

  • Come on all fours that are both hands and legs and start breathing for a few minutes.
  • Round back toward the ceiling
  • Keep your head in the downward position with the chin upwards, don’t apply any kind of force to maintain the position, and stay calm as much as possible.

Advantages of performing the cat Pose are as follows:

  • Cat Pose is effortless to perform and helps to stretch the body effectively.
  • Cat Pose also helps to relieve the excess stress and helps to reduce tension from the shoulder with helping the spine to become healthy.


Yoga is elementary to perform physical activity, which helps to not only to get rid of stress but have many other medicinal as well as physical properties. Yoga helps to get rid of fatigue and various other problems like blood pressure or muscle straining.

Apart from this, Yoga also helps to release stress and depression as well. Yoga originated in India is very useful and still performed by many people to get rid of their problems. Apart from this, Yoga is also helpful in increasing the immunity of the body, improve the functioning of the lungs, and staying away from various diseases.

Stress, as developed because of various reasons, causes mental as well as physical problems from high blood pressure to miscarriage, stress can provide great harm to the body, and thus, stress needs to be reduced. Apart from the Yoga mentioned above, there is various other Yoga, which is also helpful in stress release mechanism and various other advantages like extended triangle Pose, Child Pose, Dolphin Pose, cow Pose, etc.

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