Bitcoin Trader Review

When we talk of trading cryptos, the first thing that comes to mind is the risk involved. Most people believe that the risk associated with trading, in general, is relatively high to get involved. So, most regular people stay away from trading when it comes to putting their hard-earned money in the market.

Even though the risk is high, trading has more advantages than investing. First, profits are higher. Second, when you invest, you’re trusting the volatile market, which can crash anytime. With trading, you’re getting short-term profits or leveraging the market volatility, so you can’t lose all your money at once.

Now, with online trading apps like Bitcoin Trader, it’s possible to trade and reduce the chances of suffering losses. We analyze the software in this review.

Bitcoin Trader

About Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is an online automated trading system that allows you to trade multiple cryptos such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and RippleCoin. It’s an automated software that does all the work for you. It scans the entire market and pulls out lucrative trading opportunities. Then, it proceeds to execute these potentially profitable trades and book profits on your behalf.

The trading app is reliable and consistent with its trading signals. It uses the ‘time-jump’ technology to get ahead of the crypto market by 0.01 seconds. It has an astonishing win rate of nearing 100%, so you can profit from each trade that’s executed.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

After you log in to your Bitcoin Trader account, you can navigate the account for selecting the manual trading or auto trading modes. But before the generation of trading signals, you’ve to select certain trade settings available on your account page. On clicking the settings tab, you will receive a system prompted option to select trading parameters. You’ve to choose the risk parameters according to your risk-taking capacities. Remember that the more risk you take, the chances of making more profits are bright. Then, select the amount of funds to be traded and the currency pairs.

The superfast software immediately scans the global markets for the profitable trades available as per your preset parameters. It then presents the profitable signals that are above 99% accurate on your account page. After getting the signals, you can trade manually on the exchange through this trading platform. But, if you’re a beginner or a part-time trader, you can choose the automated trading option to execute the profitable trades selected by you.

How to Use Bitcoin Trader?

Step I: Sign-up on the Bitcoin Trader Software

When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to the platform’s homepage. You’ll see a registration form there. Fill the sign-up form using your details, such as your full name, email ID, and mobile number. The software authenticates the information you provide, and once approved, you become the platform’s newest member. The registration procedure is simple and free. You can register within minutes.

Step II: Practice Account

You get access to a practice or demo account with Bitcoin Trader. The demo account is a simpler version of the original app and allows access to most of the software’s features. You can use all the features and services offered by the software. It helps you decide if the software is appropriate for your needs. You can learn innovative trading strategies and place virtual orders using the fake money in your demo account.

Step III: Deposit Funds in your Trading Account

You’ll need funds in your trading account to execute trade orders. Make sure you deposit funds in your account for this purpose. You can start by depositing $250. It allows beginner traders to place small trades initially. You can increase your investment gradually once the profits start rolling in.

The most advantageous aspect of the software is that traders don’t have to pay any transaction fee during deposits or withdrawals, so the money you deposit and withdraw is fully yours.

Step IV: Verification of Personal Information

The software checks the details you provide, i.e., personal and bank account information. The authentication of your details helps in preventing undesirable scams and frauds. Your account gets secured under a safe network and you can set a password only known to you.

Step V: Select Trading Method 

You’ve to select your preferred trading mode between automatic and manual modes. You must select the assistance mode if you’re a novice trader. In the auto mode, the software will do all work for you, starting from bringing lucrative trading opportunities to booking profits. You can change to manual mode at any stage. In this mode, you’ve to place trades on your own. You can use the trading signals provided by the software. The manual mode is ideal for professional traders.

Step VI: Modify Trading Preferences

The trading bot brings out potentially profitable trades for you based on your trading requirements. Some trading parameters include the risk percentage on each trade, stop-loss percentage, investment amount, and the time interval between trade orders. If you want to optimize your profits, make sure you modify these parameters regularly.

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Step VII: Obtain Trading Signals, Win, and Withdraw

Now, once all the requirements are fulfilled, you can dive right into live trading. The software will pull out trading opportunities based on your preferences. If you’ve chosen to trade in the assistance mode, the software will execute the trades and book profits for you. You can also utilize the auto-suggestions of the software if you’re executing trade orders on your own.

For withdrawals, fill a form on the ‘withdrawals’ page, providing information on the amount you wish to withdraw and the bank account you want it transferred. You’ll receive your winnings within a day or two.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Trader

High Accuracy Rate

The Bitcoin Trader software has an accuracy rate of nearing 100%. So, the trading signals it pulls out for you are profitable. You’ll be able to win from each trade that the software executes.

Monitor your Trades

Unlike other automated trading apps, Bitcoin Trader allows you to set your trading preferences. You can modify it as and when you want. Setting and adjusting trading parameters helps you be in control of your trades. Make sure that you’re tweaking them to your liking regularly.

Precise Trading Signals

The trading signals or the auto-suggestions provided by the software are based on your trading parameters. These are precise signals and trading opportunities that match your requirements.

Low-Risk Percentage

Since the software boasts of an accuracy rate of nearing 100%, the chances of suffering losses reduce to almost zero. Mathematically, you’ll be able to win from 99 of 100 executed trades.

Minimal Deposit Amount

You can start by depositing $250 in your trading account. It allows you to begin with humble orders. As you start gaining trust in the software and seeing the profits roll in, you can cautiously raise your investment.

Practice Account

Another benefit of using the Bitcoin Trader app is its demo account. You can use the practice account to execute virtual orders and explore the software. It helps you analyze if the platform suits your requirements.

Pricing Policy

Bitcoin Trader is a free automated trading app. You don’t have to pay anything for signing up on the software or for withdrawals. The money you deposit and withdraw is yours fully. The developers, however, charge a small fee as a part of your profits. They deduct it from your daily profits. The developers use the fee to build better, newer, and updated versions of the trading app.

bitcoin trader review


Is it possible to stack assets on the Bitcoin Trader app?

No, it’s not possible to stack assets on the Bitcoin Trader app. It’s an automated trading software that allows you to trade various cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. Bitcoin and other cryptos are stacked in a Bitcoin wallet.

Does Bitcoin Trader follow trading guidelines?

Yes, the Bitcoin Trader app follows all necessary guidelines laid down by relevant financial institutions. It’s a legitimate trading app made for the beginner and master traders.

Can hackers access your trading account?

No, nobody will be able to access your trading account, except yourself. The software authenticates your details and verifies your trading account to ensure zero fraud and scams. Your account is then encrypted under a protected system, preventing crypto swindles that are extremely common in the crypto industry.

How much profit can you earn daily?

There’s no upper limit to the amount you can win on the software daily. The developers guarantee $1,200 in profits every day. But your profits are directly proportional to the amount you invest in each trade. So, as you raise your investment, your profits will increase automatically.

What are the payment options offered by the platform?

You can deposit money in your trading account through various methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin wallets, and PayPal.

Do you need to study the crypto market?

No, you don’t have to study the market and analyze its volatility. The software is built-in in multiple indicators that help it to predict future positions on the market accurately. The trading bot also places trade orders and book profits on your behalf. So, you can focus and develop other aspects of your life and let the software work its magic.

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  • Bitcoin Trader has an accuracy rate of nearing 100%. You can win from every trade that it executes.
  • It’s the most consistent and reliable trading app on the Internet.
  • It’s a web-based app. You can easily access your account if you’ve got a working Internet connection.
  • You can expect $1,200 in profits every day.
  • The automated software does all the work for you. You’ve to log in daily and collect your profits.
  • You can trade multiple cryptos on the software.
  • It’s safe and secure trading software. You can password protect your account.


  • You’ve to pay a minimal transaction fee.
  • You might lose some money.

Customer Testimonials

Very often, I can’t believe my eyes when I check my account balance at the end of the day. This is because I make an unbelievable amount of profit from cryptocurrency trading with the Bitcoin Trader every day. This pioneering trading software never sleeps, even when I’m enjoying my day with my friends, it keeps on booking profits for me. Thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I’ve left my job and am my own boss now. Simon, 45, London.

My girlfriend introduced me to Bitcoin Trader. I was a little apprehensive when she said that I can earn profits up to $1,300 per day by devoting only 15 minutes. Anyway, she convinced me and I registered on this free platform and started to trade from the same day. I found navigating on the website very easy and the knowledgeable customer service team replies to all my queries immediately. I made $250,000 in six months and bought my dream house. I don’t know how to thank this amazing trading platform. Mike, 27, South Africa.

I’m quite elated with the way things are working out for me on Bitcoin Trader. I signed up on the trading platform after my best friend insisted. A few months back when my family was going through a rough period, financially, I wanted to help in any way I could. I tried odd jobs but they weren’t profitable and adequate for the sustenance of my family. After registering on the platform, I’ve already made over $200,000 in profits! A big thanks to developers, all our financial problems are resolved. Natasha, 24, Singapore.


After analyzing the features offered by the Bitcoin Trader app, we can conclude that it’s the best trading software. As it does all the work on your behalf, you can focus on and develop other aspects of your life. You have only to adjust your trading requirements and withdraw your winnings.

Bitcoin Trader is the most trustworthy and reliable trading app. It’s an award-winning software, relied upon by thousands around the world. What are you waiting for? Start trading on the software now, register on Bitcoin Trader!

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