Recent happening had made me to believe that the mind set of many Gambians didn’t digest or effect changes. Most of the comments on social media are based on political affiliation or tribal association but not national interest -The Gambia.

Just look at the recent passport scandals- Barrow supported are waiting to blame Darboe for the diplomatic passport scandals while Darboe supporters are happy that yet again the Barrow Government had made another mistake for the general public to blame them (Barrow’s Government) for their incompetency. When it is going to be Gambia first? When are we going to think or become aware that that the damage is affecting our national development?

The average people commenting on social media are youths who had their country been hijacked and her natural resources been share by the very people they trust to run the affair of the state. The very people you expected to have the skills, education and understanding to disassociate themselves from political or tribal theories that can divide a nation are the very ones that hell bent on given commentaries that only benefit a person interest politically or tribally. I’m not trying to deny anyone the freedom of association which is a fundamental qualified right.

Nevertheless, we can all come to conclusion that the Government of the day lack sense of direction. Barrow government lack the technical know-how to run the affair of the state. Most of Barrow ministers are either incapable, incompetence or corrupt. The likes of Amat Bah talk to people as if he is paying them to listen.

Barrow is the most indefensible President, no matter how much you love him and want him to succeed. So many people in high offices are demonstrating their dislike for Barrow been in-charge of the national wealth by showing his administrative blunders week after week. He is not also doing himself a favor as well, instead of Barrow surrounding himself with people who had the expert knowledge and Gambian interest at heart, he surrounded himself with people whom had the interest of their pockets at heart.

The President should appoint people based on merit and not political affiliations or tribes and this could help him if he wants to survive the political heat he will be facing ahead.

He should hire expert advisers in governance, he should concentrate on good governance for now until he got his house in order. People close to President Barrow should tell him how bad his performance is as President instead of telling him that he is doing a good work and the public are happy or love him.