Two girls, one body

Conjoined twins – you’re unlikely to see them.

Only a tiny number are born each year, the vast majority of which are stillborn or die soon after birth.

Marieme and Ndeye are the exceptions.

At two years and eight months, they live in Cardiff, having moved with their father, Ibrahima Ndiaye, 50, from their birth place of Senegal.

It’s been a journey of hardship, with the family swapping a prosperous existence for one of hostels and food banks.
The girls are now safe, but a shadow looms.

Marieme’s heart is weak – so weak, she may die.

If this happens, her stronger sister Ndeye will die with her.

At the moment, the twins grow each day and delight in life.

But in the coming years, an unimaginable choice may lie before Ibrahima.

Should he let surgeons attempt separation – risking the life of both girls, but particularly Marieme’s?

Or should he let both girls die together?

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