(Protesters have set fire on tyres on the road leading to the serrekunda market (phot credit Eye Africa TV)

Gambia’s Inspector General of Police is reaching out to a group of angry youths who have stormed a local police station to demand answers about the death of a local shop owner.

Ousman Darboe, is reported to have died shortly after his release from detention at the Police Anti Crime Unit in Serrekunda.

The youths who are calling for the Police Anti Crime Unit to disbanded have blocked the major busy road linking the country’s biggest town to Bakoteh and Sukuta

Darboe was arrested on 12th July 2019 in connection with handling stolen goods. His family said he was held for nine days and tortured resulting in his death shortly after his release.

However, police have denied the allegations and have assured the public that it will continue a probe into his demise and the outcome will be duly communicated to ascertain the cause of death.

Superintendent David Kujabi, spokesman of the Gambian police said Darboe name came up during investigations into a burglary incident that occurred at Kerr Serign on 11th July 2019.

He said suspects in the said case confessed selling items stolen from the Kerr Serign incident to Darboe.

“Investigators visited his shop at Serrekunda market where a flat screen television, part of the stolen items was recovered in his possession,” Superintendent Kujabi explained.

“On The 12th July 2019, he was arrested and charged with receiving of stolen properties contrary to the laws of the Gambia. On Monday the 15th of July 2019, he was granted bail within 72hours as specified by law and was subsequently reporting on bail.

“Ousman Darboe during his detention was said to be an Asthma patient as shown by medical papers tendered by his family which prompted his bail.”

Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report, a contingent of combined security services including the army is deployed to diffuse the situation.

Eye Africa, a private online medium has reported that the residents of Gorgi Mboob, head of the Anti-Crime Unit has been set ablaze by the youths, who have set up road blocks and set fire to car tyres on the road leading to the serrekunda market and areas near the anti crime headquarters.

It added that several youths have been arrested by police who have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.