President Adama Barrow

I’ve read how Mr. Ceesay of University of the Gambia (UTG) criticized President Barrow as being “incompetent” and lacking the “intellectual capacity” to be President. If true, such remarks are ungentlemanly and insulting to say the least.

A persons IQ (intelligence quotient) can be accessed by widely used IQ tests. Some PhDs in Psychology with specialized training are said to be able to access accurately a persons IQ after a short interview.

I doubt Mr. Ceesay has this training, so his remarks are merely uninformed opinions. President Barrow could have said as much.

As I understand it, Mr. Ceesay’s remarks could land him in jail given the laws on the books here outlawing criticizing the President and the government. Perhaps Mr. Ceesay was trying to goad President Barrow to have him arrested for sedition, thereby giving Mr. Ceesay another opportunity for a self-promoting drama – like the time he jailed himself during an incident with the police over his right of free speech.

The police released him after an interview and Mr. Ceesay fought the release, according to the Police version of the incident. President Barrow could have noted he does not support these laws and explain that he is wise enough to deny Mr. Ceesay such a self serving opportunity, regardless of Mr. Ceesay’s mean spiritedness.

If Mr. Ceesay wants to share his expertise and offer the Barrow regime constructive suggestions for the development of The Gambia, it is a bad idea to begin the discussion with insults. Such behavior places Mr. Ceesay at the lower end of the scale that measures political savvy and people skills.

And finally, on the issue about a rule that a President must have a college/university diploma, President Barrow could have cautioned us about the background of those promoting such a rule. If you ask a ‘plumber man’, he will say you need your plumbing fixed.

If you ask a surgeon, he will say you need surgery. If you ask a professor, he will say you need more diplomas. After all, a college/university, competing with other educational institutions, is selling a product, which is a diploma, and possibly a quality education too. He might have landed one final blow, adding he is too smart to waste his time and money on obtaining a diploma given its questionable value for the money these days. Instead, he chose to educate himself about how to build a profitable business, much like billionaires Bill Gates (MicroSoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (FaceBook), both of whom happen to be self-taught computer programmers and college dropouts too.
Over and out,

(Professor Emeritus) Amet Ngallan