Njundu Drammeh

Recent happenings regarding ineptitude and malfeasance from the corridors of power confirm the verity of the immortal maxim “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”…

Citizens must always be on their guards, never to take things for granted, never to go to sleep at the gate, never to trust the State without verifying and questioning…. The State and its propaganda machinery, exhibited by the mischievous press releases from its chief spin master, is often out to pull the wool over the eyes of citizens, especially citizens who exhibit naivety or care free attitude towards the actions and inactions of the State.

The watchdog role cannot be delegated to political parties and political leaders alone. It is first and foremost the primary duty of a citizen, to hold the government accountable, to always insist on transparency, probity, due process, due diligence, good governance, rule of law. The citizen does not have to wait until his or her interests or that of blood are threatened or violated or curtailed. It is a duty to protect, to serve as another citizen’s keeper, to understand that when citizens give the State or government an inch, it takes a mile and go on to stifle, to arrogate to itself powers undeserved, seized from citizens.

The fight for good governance is an unending one. There is no respite, no resting on laurels, no brandishing of victory trophies….

“For freedom, as we know, is a thing that we have to conquer afresh for ourselves, every day, like love; and we are always losing freedom, just as we are always losing love, because, after each victory, we think we can now settle down and enjoy it without further struggle….. The battle of freedom is never done, and the field never quiet.” Henry W. Nevinson in “Essays in Freedom”

If I am going to sleep, I will sleep with my right eye wide open. And in my full combat gears. To trust the State or government fully, that it would always act in my best interest and that of my other citizens would not only be foolhardy on my part but naively dangerous for my rights and interest.

This is what majority of citizens don’t know especially when they say politics is over. Politics like life can never be over and if politics is over then life is over too.

It’s very worrying to see once again citizens religiously have such uncritical trust and confidence in elected officials and public servants just because one thinks they are leaders. We consume, hook, line and sinker whatever elected officials and public servants say without even a shred of doubt or demanding verification! Incredible! How can such people enjoy freedom and progress? They won’t!